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  1. Hi, I received this crash repeatedly when leaving trying to leave the temple of weal (don't really remember the name but it's a maze a door puzzle). 2019-02-12_114420.zip
  2. Mostly I'm hoping to find another party composition that is reasonably function and does not include the people I described above. I feel stuck with, for example, Xoti as a healer...
  3. I've started the game about three times (usually I make it until the second time you speak with Eothas) around level 12-13. I always end up with the same party Eder - Tank, Xoti - Priest Aloth - Wizard Tekehu - Druid / Chanter Can someone recommend a different party make up? Ideally I'd like to change up on my current playthrough. Although I'm not really opposed to starting over a fourth time if the MC is fun enough. Previous, aborted, runs the MC was a Fate Testerossa monk/druid build, Herald, and Beguiler (current run when I'm losing steam).
  4. Cipher/barbarian seconded. Ascendant (or Beguiler) / Furyshaper. Play it ranged, pistol early/mid, dual handmortar late game for AoE when you unlock Heart of fury (jump in an pack and see you graphic card burn). Ton of buff/debuff, you shoot like a machinegun (speed boost from frenzy + frenzy ward stack, not additive tough) Playing with pistols in deadfire also open some heavy RP, and it look good (and few build use them effectively) When people on the forum say handmortar, do they mean blunderbusses in general, the specific blunderbuss that Serafen has, or something else entir
  5. In my view, the time for buffing and nerfing was during the beta. Once the game is out and I've paid for a game, they shouldn't be radically changing the gameplay. Changing the power level of different classes fundamentally changes the game. Maybe I want a game where I can be an OP druid or whatever) and smash everything. I do my research and find and POE2 provides that. I buy the game and then Druids are nerfed. The developers have, after the fact, taken away the reason that I bought the game. As another (ridiculous) example, if I buy a computer chess game, and afterward the deve
  6. Would you say the same thing if something is underpowered? OP and UP are relative, instead of ignoring these things that are too good and too bad, people in this thread is making solid recommendation to make the game better. I don't know. I'll let you know when they substantially buff something, or, alternatively, when people start posting threads entitled the big buff list.
  7. How about instead of nerfing everything into the ground, you exert a little self control and not use things you think are broken. Not everyone wants to have to separately pull individual enemies.
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