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  1. Playing a sabre warcaller. Devoted/skald. But with a mod that gives skald a bit of a boost, as well as devoted. https://gyazo.com/9babf1b61b560e332c6cba719e41ae7d https://gyazo.com/66a890996bd89d6591cd23aa1cc32507 for reference. I find the shorter paralyze duration a pain, though my stat spread might be bad and im just getting started. H Orlan with BB 18 m, 10 con, 16 dex, 18 perc, 18 int, 10 resolve. I feel like I could have lowereed perc a bit and raised dex. And am worried I overvalued the paralyze and shouldn't use it as it's so damn short.
  2. Oh then awesome, ty. One of my wishlists 1) soul anihilation although a primary attack it seems not to proc the mob stance free attack on kill. Also I have heard somewhere that it does more damage being almost max as it also takes into factor the whip? This seems counter intuitive.
  3. Isn't this basically a wish list or a begging for modders to fix list since the last patch is done and out?
  4. Just started BoW and it is indeed really hard, I dont like my MC's dps in it NOR did I build Vatnir well for lvl 14/ my party. Story is hella cool so far but man I have the wrong crew. lol.
  5. lvl 14, nature godlike. Using: miscreant leather (10% recovery) 1 int + pl neck 2x overseeing ring (maybe a bad idea?) boots of speed Escape cloak (i feel squishy af, usually play bruisers) Accuracy gauntlets, girdle of protection Atlas puppy (1 perc bonus to ranged acc) Sashas singing scim (stat stick enchanted to max out phrases when empowered) Scordeo's trophy with opening barrage (stacking -5% recover for 30 sec, seem to usually sit around 25-30%) im curious about better gear, im about to do Beasts of Winter for the first time, (havent gone to magrans teeth yet in main story) any really big upgrades I've missed? Also about abilities, basically I mainly use so Singt, unless enemies have insane fort save, then lightning (upgraded) or worms (hate that spell, my exp is its resisted or immune a LOT). Any other invocations a +8 pl bellower should use frequently? Ill tell you what i didnt like, the ice one that goes in all directions, each projectile seems to stop at hitting once, AND the reticle is quite often incorrect so i miss a lot. Simular to casting long skinny aoes over stairs if you recall that annoyance. Worms is resisted a ton, or immune. But so singt is amazing so far. But i feel like im new to chanters and not using other abilities i should, any recommendations? Also for chants im pretty much always using the fire lash and recovery reload speed. Maia and myself do amazing gun dmg thanks to it (her gunhawk red hand build is amazing with this). Any tips would be great, super nub to chanters . ty kindly.
  6. It just seems like it should being that it'll do a lot more casting and gain focus from hitting deceived enemies with more deception. Do you think t8/9 is really worth it for a 2handed soul blade to not go multiclass? I really like the idea of coming into some really cool top tier powers in the end, I've played builds that bloom early (paladin/rogue multi'd with other classes) and it doesn't suit me. But if it's really not worth it I may do something like soul blade/devoted (even though it REALLY sucks that soul annihilation doesn't proc mob stance when you kill with it. bs imo).
  7. Being that soul annihilation is a primary attack and not a full attack I'd prefer 2 hander. My goal was to experience a single class cipher. Ascendant looked good on paper but I found you don't get enough casts off while ascended. The mechanic didn't feel pleasing to me. Beguiler looks very good but the lack of guides and need to go ranged made me want to try soul blade first. I want to experience tier 8 and 9 abilities and hope that a few of them work well with soul blade. My fear is having base con and tanked resilience would make me useless. So stat spread is in question. As is full build really (items. Abilities at each level etc) has anyone made this work and had fun with it? Any tips would be lovely. Thanks kindly
  8. I know mods for first playthrough are sometimes a nono but theres a few that really improve the game without imbalancing it. The one with the new wizard subclasses (no lockouts, and better more original subclass feeling, also more spells for single class wizzies) really improved the game for me. Just a thought.
  9. I've been thinking of a different mode/playthrough and this challange seems fun, Magrans Challange AI settings and all party members on auto and you only control yourself. Would feel like a very different game. Might do for second playthrough as I want to exp companion stories first, or maybe Ill edit the companions stats and classes (you can still do that with mods right?)
  10. I'll start with one of my fav's, as you astral project into the corrupted Adra pillar "I got an itch. Can someone scratch my elbow? I left it with my body."
  11. I wouldn't say its a step back per say but they def dropped the ball with animations (martial especially). Even Tyranny had better "rule of Cool" animations. Monks should have had martial arts looking attacks with melee and quarterstaff for example. The free attack with movement abilities from ranger and rogue could have had ANY kind of animation etc etc. I also would have liked some small to epic scripted conflicts (book and skill check style dictating the difficulty of the up and coming ambush (combat) randomly happening on rest in scary dungeons so people can't spam rests without repercussions.
  12. I'd imagine soul blade would also work as it goes well with paladin. As do all the martials. Thematically I'd love to see a drug addled Monk+ Evil Paladin play out. But these themes always work better in PnP and don't add the mechanical flavour needed to Deadfire.
  13. Glad you're enjoying it, I have analysis paralysis for my second playthrough (1st for all the dlc). Think I might go seer and do takedown/disintegrate
  14. Ah my bad read stacking and i thought you meant the hunters claw mechanic. How is this for level progression? Ghost Heart/no subclass elf. 1- Eye Strike/Marked Prey 2- whispers of treason 3- Iron Will 4- Biting Whip/2 handed Style 5- recall agony 6- phantom foes 7- hammering thoughts/ marked for the hunt 8- protective companion 9- take-down 10- take-down combo/penetrating vision 11- stalkers link 12- concussive shot 13- Driving Flight/ Detonate 14- Borrowed instinct 15- ringleader or puppet master depending on focus issues (30/50) 16- disintegrate/concussive tranq 17- 18- 19- 20- Any glaring mistakes?
  15. How hard is it to gain brilliance? What method do you use? I've never played a tactician but it seems (in TB anyway) you don't actually interrupt enemies that often.
  16. Opting out of beta did it, ty, someone else told me I needed to keep it on but that makes sense.
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