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  1. And possibly a list of those that get hugely buffed in TB like the free action buffs from wiz and attacks from ranger/fighter/rogue. Example: Bad: Escape breaks stealth in TB Smoke Veil is a full action so can't be used as a combo (very well) Prone's do almost nothing bedsides interrupt spell casts Fast weapons are poop as you cannot attack more then once a round no matter what initiative passives and attack speed buffs like duel wielding should be skipped for the same reason. PS: Anyone know if tanking Dex reduces your base Stride now?
  2. I kinda feel like Rangers should be able to weapon swap as a free action in tb too. Just because how so many of their abilities are split between being clearly made for melee and others for ranged. Or maybe give it to those that take arms bearer but they can't use it more then once every 3-4 turns? IDK.
  3. I found that out while playing a wildly sub-optimal Debonaire/Tactician on my 1st play. I still think Rogues have a ton of fun shenanigans. Not for me, ruins the stealth aspect of em
  4. Keep in mind rn rogues "Escape" breaks stealth, at least in TB. This alone turned me off the class entirely. Not to mention the Vanish power (I forget its name) is a full turn action.
  5. Confirmed, really silly oversight considering we complained and waited months back in the day for this QOL change on rogues.
  6. Can someone else test that I'm right on this? really poopy regressive bug back to when rogues were yucky, but I'm not sure if it's something else.
  7. Does not trigger, ever. (might be a turned based mode thing)
  8. "Per round per round" https://gyazo.com/9738c4135c51838762be317c07194d37 How many rounds now?
  9. Not caught up on this thread so pre apology if this has been answered. Is the equipment buff significant? Any really strong mid game equipment that helps? Do monk+shifter fists stack? Thinking if a shifter Monk or Shifter Barb would be an effective skirmisher in turned based. Though its supe tempting to just play some devoted/____ 2 hander class (devoted greatsword kind wayfinder was so strong i needed no healer).
  10. Is it just me or is turned based WAY too easy (I usually only play on veteran but im not good at the RTWP games). I feel like the enemy AI is just too derpy. Sometimes not moving much, skipping turnes, not doing aoes or abilities, just autoing a lot. I'm not far in but some fights i find hard usually are hella easy rn.
  11. I think it wont feel balanced or even moderately fleshed out till faster characters can attack more then once per round. Sad, really wanted to get into things right away. Also the empty box symbol, cast time always takes 2 rounds to cast? Or would it be better if I had really high dex?
  12. How is attack speed done? If you have high dex do you get more actions/attacks in one round?
  13. im just sad ive seen ZERO builds with the new subclasses yet, not one good one. Maybe somekinda Fighter/Blood Mage for constant recovery but meh.
  14. I do not think interrupting an auto or a reload does. Is it just spells and abilities? Wondering how often it would come into play (Thinking Tactful Debonair).
  15. Haven't much exp with them or their usefulness but this would be cool to see. Rated based on identity, does the subclass do something original, efficacy, how useful is the class in its designed roll compared to other sub classes, multi classing potential. I feel like Tactician will be top of the list.
  16. So, which of the new subclasses aren't bugged, not working as we thought etc. Besides tactician multiclassing for the ability spamming (not sure if i wanna play the mini game of avoiding engagement and flanking everyone.
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