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  1. Ive basically played everything early game now, Finding the claws druid fun but I just cant rp a nature lover. The cap'n america fire god monk was effective but bored me, might give a melee cipher a second shot, or, heaven forbid, a dps fighter.
  2. Such interesting replies, ty all. I think if i could make a macro that does my standard wiz melee spells at the start id play one, but microing for the same 2-4 buffs at the start would probably drive me insane. I wonder if a semi tanky melee shifter (druid) would do good dmg and be somewhat beefy on normal. Could probably even just play any race/form for RP sakes.
  3. Care to elaborate? Enemy A.I. was improved quite a bit, making enemies use more of their abilities more intelligently, and disengage more often to target your squishy characters; the addition of immunities increased the importance of weapons that deal more than one kind of damage and made things more varied; and of course some of the high-level abilities and spells added by the expansion are pretty cool (especially Barbarian's Dragon Leap and Monk's Dichotomous Soul.) My favorite melee class to play is still the Fighter, but I'm weird like that. Objectively, Monks have cooler abilities and Rogues can dish out more damage against targets with afflictions (you can have your Wizard and/or Cipher cause afflictions for your Rogue.) Tank fighter or melee dps? Why do you enjoy it? Great input everyone, thanks! Mobile monks are cool but I like mini teleports and leaps over passive runspeed buffs.
  4. What powers made the barb fun? Is it the most mobile melee class? How do the Melee Rangers play out now? besides a pet and dmg buffing abilities (ones that just make your autos better) what unique abilities do they bring? Care to elaborate? At first I thought a cipher would be the most interesting melee hybrid as I pictured Sorak from Dark Sun (shameless wizards of the coast novel plug here) but I felt so squishy. I think ill try the barb as I want to charge in not micro 5-6 buffs before I enter combat. Sigh, here we go again, reroll # 99999.
  5. So, I gre up to baldurs gate, I recall selling my consoles to a shadey smoke filled pc chop shop for a craptastic pc and a copy of all the old black ilse studio games and never looking back. But here's to problem, I'm older new, seen some things. Hardened and jaded to the lands of auto attacking and crit animations. I need more man! Ok, jokes aside, I prefer melee but in IE games I find it kind of dull. I want a juggernaut that has tons of actives, a mobile AF rogue or some melee wizzy with tons of cc and spike damage. Something flashy, why are all the ranged toons so flashy and fun meanwhile.... I have played 150hrs of this game and barely gotten to act 2! I have poured over all the builds here at http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=416939844 (props to some interesting stuff) but everything melee is either a glass cannon crit machine or a tank. Maybe I'm not seeing some cool class powers cause I never get past lvl 6 but I just haven't been wowed by any melee. I have made a dual saber rogue, A tank cap'n america style monk, a cat melee druid, and a squishy AF melee Cipher and many more. nothing catches me. I did the story, but I want to dig the combat too. Maybe its just me but I feel like melee should have either tons of close range cc or mobility alongside it's damage. Any thoughts on what I'm doing wrong? It's clear this game is caster biased but it cannot be that bad. Can it?
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