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  1. Well I play with Deadly Deadfire Mod which makes it a lot less easy Eg: even with 20 perception fighters and fine weapons I have a lower acc than all mobs till after Nekataka.
  2. Much rp flavour, I respect it heavily. For "Fair Favor" from Serafen did you need to follow the Pirate faction to get second level loyalty with him?
  3. When I spirit shift and back if I'm using weapon set #2, especially if id has a "copy" of an item from set 1, it de-equips that item. Does anyone else experience this? Had an idea for a slippery druid/assassin support MC but cant use it cause of this sadly.
  4. Is shifting really something you want, also magic? Are you hard stuck on that combo? If you are going for a Master Of Creatures feel Ranger/Chanter is probably better. If you go shifter/stalker you could be very in the thick of things though, that could be fun.
  5. I almost always feel the need to ensure that Insight is up there, secondly but not as high, diplomacy. Just fits how I imagine a watcher travelling to a new land enlisting help would be.
  6. Which of these made you feel the most badass? Race: Oddly enough human, with scarred face, shaved sides and braided hair, and a lovely beard. Because it just looked amazing. Ability: I haven't played past lvl 12 cause balancing, altitus and build testing but so far Druid Storms. Passive Skill: tied between insight and diplomacy. They seem the most useful in the early game and letting me pick interesting conversation bits. Active Skill: Besides Alchemy Druid Bug, and the power of drugs/potions fully buffed... stealth. Not all ninjas are rogues. I would have thought explosions, and I really thought with explosives and sleight of hand you could plant bombs in enemies pockets. Item: Watchers blade, as I afforded to get it to legendary, and that amazing glow, not to mention I found it totally by accident. Animation: Leap. I have a feeling when I get there heart of fury will take its place. Now you?
  7. The deadfire teaks mod handled this very well, giving a small speed bonus to the shield and weapon perk. And an ac bonus to the medium shield modal. A NERF to two handed with no talent (making it normal speed instead of whatever innate bonus it is) and a buff to two handed with talent. https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/72 I really like this mod for many (not all) of its options. Made Ranger and Cipher much better, Carnage better, Druid/Priest slightly better. And highly improved 2handed sword modal.
  8. I don't think so. When I was on an island near a crazy tree that was slogged, before combat, this wasn't the case. Both my Island Amaua and the NPC druid walked faster than everyone else. Out of combat.
  9. I'm probably dumb for not seeing it but does anyone know how to have health bars show in combat always without having to hold down the tab button?
  10. Not a bad idea Dune, however was curious about level 3+ as well. but ty. The mod I use has shadowing cost 2 guile so I am considering having shadowing upgraded as well as smoke veil. he also lowered the toxic strikes to 2, should be a fun test on POTD w/ DeadlyDeadfire.
  11. I have never upgraded it, I am wondering if doing so makes you loose access to Veil as it seems like the upgrades don't put you back into stealth?
  12. I was REALLY hoping that monk skills would change some weapon animations, I know its too much to ask for. but Long Pain/Instruments + Daggers = throwing daggers would have been lovely. quaterstaff animations that actually look like kung fu, and a back flip kicking Werebeast (shifter) would have made me drool.
  13. I was thoroughly impressed with a few mods so I wanted to show you guys what I was able to do, picking the right mods REALLY made my game a lot better (and harder) and balanced out some of the meh classes/abilities/weapons. Warning: Video is raw as I was just on stream telling a few people about what I found.
  14. Aye, figured. My other question was gonna be "Best Early Bloomer" and "Coolest early abilities" but all the answers would be Rogue right now.
  15. 1) Most Useful for your party 2) Coolest Looking animation Thoughts? I haven't seen any cause I haven't gotten past lvl 12 without rerolling.
  16. I'm just overwhelmed at this guys Ranger/Cipher/Priest and some other balancing changes, very impressive . Excited to try it with Deadly Deadfire.
  17. If you really dislike it look to the Deadfire Tweaks mod, he puts it at .35 per intimidation instead of .25.
  18. Ah yeah my bad, didn't realize that armor did that. He has a TON of pretty good balance changes in here (avoid the reposte/carnage/moon goodlike +PL, rogue rebalancing, dual weilding buff, but the rest is fantastic). I beleive these plus deadly deadfire could make for a much better game.
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