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  1. For some reason my game is still in ver 4. something, https://gyazo.com/7daf4a8a1705e2e7267898dc421c859a any idea how to force an update? Already verified files in steam and made sure im opted into beta patches, nothing.
  2. Opted into beta patches (https://gyazo.com/33af14951ab5a970b8120e4cb9312507), verified all files on steam, game says this; https://gyazo.com/7daf4a8a1705e2e7267898dc421c859a still.
  3. I'm kinda shocked that this is happening and wondering if its just me, cause if it's not this bug completely kills MANY if not most martial builds in TB. When I use greatsword in turned based against pierce resistant monsters it still calculates damage of pierce not slash. This happened with the great maul or whatever its called too. I want to know if this is just me or not as I am less interested in RTwP and now cant play TB at all. Super frustrating.
  4. I'm also slightly triggered that theres no cool animation for the attack dmg just shows up. Found this very off putting.
  5. You must be the lucky one that didn't run into 10+ builds in a row that are garbo for this mode, finally hone in on a few builds you like only to realize bugs make them unplayable too, then have to wait for beta to end. I WANT TB to be fun, it seems it will be once its ready.
  6. I'm also noticing my great swords are doing piercing damage instead of slashing to piercing resistant and even immune creatures, this seems related.
  7. It's def not an estoc, my fear is its one of my mods so I'm gonna stick to asking around for now and ill test it with mods off.
  8. I've been noticing this in TB since it came out, anyone else? Making the dig site near impossible for G Sword users.
  9. I've been noticing this in TB since it came out, anyone else? Making the dig site near impossible for G Sword users.
  10. For me Con's; Super short, much more broken magical system that turns everything into the same playstyle Pro's: Very interesting story Finally some good martial animations and gap closers Verdict, a fun distraction but ends like someone died mid writing.
  11. Looking at this mod, seemed a little OP for evoker and turns it into a very one trick class (though wasnt it already); https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/298?tab=description but I am curious if spell shaping plus this mod (in TB) could turn into something interesting. Like a baseline con/might low res transmuter for aoe CC and dmg. Questions; 1) how well does spell shaping work? does it really add a lot of depth to the class, ive never used it and the tooltip is vague 2) with the above info and the extra initiative, casts and power levels what non evoker would you build and how would you play it?
  12. Yes please. Also wondering if anyone's made a good martial build around reposte, opportunity attacks, cleave, mob stance etc to get more then one attack per round. I tried carnage and even with a mod that increases its size accuracy and damage its crap cause its based off of weapon base damage.
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