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  1. Um, lol, so non answers. Guess if they say it's short or something pinned down it could hurt sales.
  2. So I backed Deadfire, the package that gets me the game and all DLCs, Will I have to log into fig again or something to get a key for tomorrows DLC?
  3. Big fan of mods so if that's not your thing this probably isn't for you, and I respect that, this is one of my favs as I can pick and choose and the buffs seem great for potd/Deadly Deadfire. https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/72?tab=description The cipher buffs in question buff cast time on most spells to 1.5 and ascendant damage to 30% on biting whip 15% on the other. Using monastic unarmed, biting whip, both pen buffs and dual weapon and going pure ascendant (human laborer from the deadfire) M 15 C 13 D 15 P 16 I 11 R 13 Open with a single pistol, swap to fisticuffs till ascended. then spam cipher spells. Little slow on the focus gain, probably could have gone the other whip but I liked doing decent auto damage. RP him as the guy who took some time to meditate and work with his hands to expand his mind, needs only his fists and his mind, not some ungodly monk but a force to be reckoned with nonetheless. I like to focus on sleight of hands and stealth, stealing is fun in this game (for me) and it kinda makes sense for a mind bender brawler ( and have Eder do my mechanics ) and Bluff/Insight or some of my fav RP skills. (I know diplomatic is more useful but I see this dude as more of a manipulator then someone who calms people down). Its of course not a full build but I like it, gear wise focus on con and acc.
  4. It's a good addition. I like the extra choices mods like this and the one that unlocks all the companion sub classes.
  5. So this new mod by GravitonGamer showed up in my perusal today, as its relatively new I am going to test it, but if it does as it says Wizard lovers should be very happy as it adds 4 new subclasses that do not limit spells yet show a (better) way to specialize in your casting https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/135 Martialist: Buffs melee and summoned weapons and self buffs nerfs range of spells https://gyazo.com/83a6924d3e3d1b7e9a53831abe644147 Demolistionist: Buffs AOE size, Damage and has a party auro to buff defense vs AOE nerfs wizzie buff times https://gyazo.com/53ac0332a4681f38b3ad7d508be8bdc9 SpellSlinger: Buffs Range, Casting speed, pen, nerfs AOE size. https://gyazo.com/9fc814f1b6efa4f0eb576a5703bb4f2f Hexer: Buffs Acc, speed of wiz summoned creatures (tbh idk what spells this would include), removes 10% neg affects from self and increases 10% of em on enemies. https://gyazo.com/9982193a4b1360bf24d3d61ca71bdfaa Apologies for short gif duration, using free software and too lazy to make better screenies.
  6. Its probably just the overtuned mod, deadly deadfire, for example makes Gorecci mobs have +24 deflect bonus on potd. And I wasnt using natures mark, which is my own dumb fault.
  7. Been playing Fury/Bleak Walker and its ability to elemental nuke and melee is pretty fun. Some notes: whispers is such low damage now its not worth, sadly. Also if you queue up a FOD before casting firebrand it call not do the FOD for some reason. Its really annoying. This alone ALMOST had me not play the class as I like to shift click my starting spells (few sunbeams, and sworn enemies, then firebrand and FOD). PS also the build doesnt have the acc needed for deadly deadfire mod, unfortunately. Just my opinion.
  8. Get the unity console mod, turn on upscale all, get to an early boss fight (or right before) then hire whatever you want and test)
  9. No, its not the same bonus applied twice, FOD has an inherent bonus, and the ring gives bonuses to fire spells which Firebrand is.
  10. I wonder if you could make an interesting melee sorcerer (thats druid+ wiz right?) using this sword and the buff to Arduous Delay of Motion. Sidenote, the overnerf to Alchemy and Rooting pain just put the nail in my Nalzpaca. Sadface.
  11. I feel like the Alchemy nerf was very needed but too overnerfed. Just started a fun Death Godlike Nalpazca/Barb and coupled with the overuse of enemies using the spell arcane dampener and how it affects drug crashes this subclass is dead to me.
  12. Gotta be some interesting stuff about to emerge now that non armor/weapon stats apply in form. Can't wait to see what people come up with, mainly excited to see Shifter/Barb mixes, some Lycanthrope body consuming monster should be fun.
  13. Anyone know if this talent still speeds up wounds if you only gain them from being high(Nalpazca)? Thinking of doing a more updated variation of this build: Death Godlike, Nalpazca/No subclass (since i will be fisting and no helm) Barb.
  14. Death Godlike marauder's have some pretty fun stuff going on too. I kinda wish two handed had more impact(just visually)/speed.
  15. You could try the Deadfire Tweaks Mod, his Ranger tweaks are reasonable and he add's some fun new actives which I think they sorely need: https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/72 Reduced Bond cost by 1 across the board Improved Thorns Damage (normal and upgraded) and now they are AoE as per Beta Patch 1.1 Improved Wounding Shot Raw damage from 20% to 40% per 3.0 sec Reduced Casting and Recovery times for Pet Heals and Thorns Improved Evasive Roll and Fire duration to 20 seconds Improved Concussive Shot and its upgrade by adding Penetration (Both) and Damage bonus (Upgrade only) Resilient Companion scales +1/8 Levels and +2 Health/Level Vicious Companions scales damage +5%/5 Levels and +1 Penetration at level 13 Changed Pet Attack Recovery to Fast (3.0 seconds) and "Attack Speed" to Fast (0.5 seconds). Changed Pet damages to: Bird: 8-12 damage with 7 Penetration (Slash Damage unaltered) Bear: 18-24 with 6 Penetration (Slash/Piece) and Attack Recovery 4.5 seconds Wolf: 13-19 with 6 Penetration (Slash/Piece) Other pets: 10-14 with 6 Penetration (Slash/Piece) Ranger Rebalance Spells: Lesser Insect Swarm: 3 Raw Damage / 3.0 Sec and Immunity to Concentration for 30 Sec. 1.5m Radius Nature's Heal: 1.5m AoE 20 Health Points Minor Moon's Light: 8.0 Health every 3.0 Sec for 12.0 Sec Writhing Tentacles: Summon 3 Writhing Tentacles Explosive Arrow: +5 Acc Ranged Primary Attack + 1.5m Burn AoE 25-40 Damage on Impact Double Shot: Lesser version of Twinned Shot at Power Level 5 with -25% Damage Ranger Sharpshooter: Bonus Hit to Crit conversion when attacking targets greater than 4m away. Bonus Penetration when attacking targets greater than 4m away. Reduced the deflection penalty to -5. Added a +3 Ranged Accuracy bonus. Added a -3 Melee Accuracy bonus. Added a +10% Ranged Damage bonus. Improved the range of all ranged weapons (+20% range). He has some good weapon's modal changes too. I like this mod + deadly deadfire a lot, esp cause you can pick which ones you think are balanced (some are a bit much imo)
  16. Just curious, which enhancement did you chose for Min's Fortune? The crit dmg or random affliction? and would you go back and change your mind if you could? Edit: just for anyones info, I have horrid altitus and have a LOT of playtime and no game past lvl 12, this is the first character that feels sufficiently dynamic enough and has the stats for the RP I would normally like to do to identify with. Will probably be the first full playthrough.
  17. Neat combo, didnt get to try it cause the pull part has yet to land for me. but I wouldnt blame the build, I use deadly deadfire so my acc isnt as OP as it would be in the stock game.
  18. The only downside I see here is you're basically an auto-attacker till mid-late game. For me that's a little meh, but conceptually I love it and late game the not-so-used abilities are pretty cool.
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