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  1. Hello, please do we have any actual data, where you can compare difficulties? For example, in Veteran difficulty monsters get +12 accuracy and +20 percent life total against Normal difficulty. Something like that. I am interested in such a numbers.
  2. I can say, that this build is VERY strong and it is by far the most funny build I ever played. I wasnt playing on potd (but on hard difficulty), so to be honest I didnt use Battle Forge (it was activated maybe few times during the entire game). So I would recommend everyone not playing PotD - pick something else. Maybe Nature Godlike for healing, or anything else just for helmet. This Monk can survive anything. Monks in Abbey, Cragholdt Bluff, Dragons....everything was killed very easily. With constitution 30+ even disengagement attacks from dragons didnt do anything to him No micromanagement needed, very simple game
  3. This multiclassing is very good news. To be honest I found it confusing in IWDII where DND 3.5 edition was applied. Second edition is better, more simple and maybe also easier to understand. However, if I understand, you cannot have three classes on one character, only two, right?
  4. When I played solo rogue, I always used dual sabres - Resolution (can be obtained early) and Purgatory (in Twin Elms). Focusing on Drawn in Spring is harder, it comes later. Also Unlabored Blade, but it comes even later. Personally I like to have my weapons ready very fast, not after 2/3 of the game Never played with Bittercut...I miss 0.5 crit dmg multiplier
  5. About faction quests: 1. Go to Dozens, take their quest and retrieve armor for them. After this, you can use their shop. 2. Go to Crucible Keep, take their quest and rescue one animancer for them. After this, you can use their shop. 3. Go to Doemenels, steal jewelry for them. After this, you can use their shop. Then go to the second floor and take quest from Bricanta(?) Doemenel (lady in the back of the second floor). This is kinda "subquest" you can take from this faction even before you decide for them. So, do these first quests for each of them, shop what you want. And then decide which faction you choose. You will receive one final quest from this chosen faction. This is the best way to do all the quests you can. Crucible Knights - good guys, something like Radiant(?) Heart in BGII Temple District Doemenels - thieves, bad guys Dozens - graverobbers, adventurers, something between those two^^ Also, when you select Crucible Knights for your faction, you can murder everyone in Doemenels Manor and in Expedition Hall - there are no "bad" cosequencies for you. Just a lot of usefull gold and items (also very good bow in Expedition Hall). When you select Doemenels for your faction you can murder everyone in Expedition Hall. I dont kill Crucible Knights, never did, dont know if it has some impact in the city, like if those Justiciars wouldnt attack you then?
  6. Hello, I am looking for some help and advice for my SOLO rogue. I played for him few times, but not in 3+ patch. I want to have dual wield - sabres or daggers. Early game (you can have all of these items VERY soon): Weapon 1: Azureith's Stiletto Weapon 2: Oidhreacht Head: Hermits hat +2 int Armor: Jack of wide waters Gloves: Rotfinger Gloves Belt: Blunting Belt/Girdle of Maegfolc Might +3 might Feet: Shod-in-faith Ring 1: Ring of deflection +9 Ring 2: Ring of Wonder +1con/mig/res Cloak: Lilith's Shawl +3 per Mid game (pretty much beginning of WM 1): Weapon 1: Resolution Weapon 2: Purgatory Head: WM 1 Garodh's Chorus +3 might Armor: WM 1 Wayfarer's Hide Gloves: Rotfinger Gloves Belt: WM 1 Girdle of Eotun Constitution +3 con Feet: Shod-in-faith Ring 1: Ring of deflection +9/Ring of protection +9 Ring 2: Ring of thorns +3 dex Cloak: Lilith's Shawl +3 per Late game: Weapon 1: Purgatory/The Unlabored Blade Weapon 2: Purgatory (with Helwax Mold)/Drawn in Spring Head: WM 2 Maegfolc Skull +4 might Armor: Wayfarer's Hide Gloves: WM 2 Siegebreaker Gauntlets +4 res Belt: WM 2 Looped Rope Feet: Shod-in-faith Ring 1: WM 2 Gwyn's Band of Union +4 int Ring 2: WM 2 Iron Circle +4 con (enchant armor with +2 dex to compensate ring of thorns) Cloak: WM 2 Mantle of the Excavator +4 per Quick slots: 2x Figurines, llengrath potion +25 def/+20 reflex, purple healing potion. So, this is how I imagine his gear. However I have few questions. 1/2. Weapons. After this Sabre nerf, what would be better/more powerfull? a - double Purgatory b - double Drawn in Spring c - Drawn in Spring + Unlabored Blade d - Which "lash" is the best? I suppose I should use two different ones. e - Against which type of monsters should I enchant sabres/daggers? Again, should be two different ones. I dont want to wait for Legendary enchatment to weapon, its really late game, which means I could use it like for another 5 hours. No thanks. I have never played with daggers, so I dont know how strong DiS is. I think big plus is that I could have +4 accuracy for daggers with Flick of wrists. 2. If I decide for double Purgatory, I suppose I should have enough healing, so I could switch boots for those +4 dexterity. What do you think? 3. Head. What ability should I choose for Garodhs helmet? Retaliation or Preservation? 4. Gloves. Rotfinger are great, do you think Siegebreakers are better? I do, but I didnt test it. 5. I would like to use Cape of the Master Mystic however I dont want lo lose +3/+4 perception bonus - I dont think there are any rings for at least +2 perception. Skills: Athletics - 0 Stealth - 0 (at the beginning its nice to sneak close to enemies, but in WM1+2 I feel it isnt working properly and also I think its better to initiate fight from some distance) Lore - ? Survival - ? Mechanics - around 11/12 should be ok Strategy as I played it before WM 2: After maybe 1/3 of the game I should have enough coins to eat Dragon meat dish before every "medium difficulty" encounter, also +3 DR drink from WM1 is great. As soon as I see creatures, I cast figurine, then drink llengrats potion and kill everything Worked well before, hope it will work now
  7. I always play on Hard difficulty, however, to be honest, in full party, it is still pretty easy. I dont use food, potions, or sleeping bonuses. Just going through. So I would like to try PotD. Is there huge difference between those two? About number of enemies - it should be the same amount, right? Just their stats are modified.
  8. Thank you. And do you have any info about those "Major options" ? Which are those?
  9. I have question about dispositions/reputation. My main is Paladin. Are there any "disposition/reputation tables"? I mean, how much time I have to use Honest option in Dialogue to increase Honest reputation by one? Are there any top limit of these? I remember, that year ago when I played for Paladin, I had Honest on 5 and Diplomatic on 5. So is lvl 5 limit?
  10. I think it could go out in 2017. There were 25 months between BG1 and BG2, so it would be similar And between them, Icewind Dale came out (here it could be Tyranny) They could recycle lots of objects from PoE1, but I hope at least buildings will stay unique, just like now. Now, there isnt same house in Defiance Bay, unlike Baldurs Gate, where you can find lots of exactly same buildings, with exactly same interier. I would be ok with PoE 2 crowdfunded through Kickstarter and released in second half of 2017. And bigger than PoE ? No need, it is very long game now.
  11. Hello, I just noticed, that Dungeon Delver skill adds +1 to stealth and mechanics. Was it always like this, even before patch 3.00 ? Because I remember it only adds +0,1 crit. dmg...
  12. I dont understand why there shoudnt be a sequel. I mean, there would be a lot of people who would buy it, right? Or they can do kickstarter campaign and raise a lot and then do it.
  13. Well, I always do the ruins as last one, and I am pretty sure most people do it this way. Those other two are right there next to you, so...
  14. Eder for me. I dont like Durance and Mother "quests". They should have something normaln, not endless dialogs which counts as quests.
  15. Gloves are random item, as well as other items, but since Mechanics is the best and must-have mechanic, they are really popular +2 is a lot, can save a lot of points )
  16. Yes, without. 11 base is enough. +2 from gloves are fine, but you dont really need it, you will use it maybe 10-15 times through the entire game. And of course, you can rest for another +2 and then open all the locks and disarm traps - for example in Cragholdt Bluffs - there are maybe 5 difficult chest with traps.
  17. Ok, I like 3.01+ patch a lot. Great changes, battles now are really fun, some of them are pretty hard. But I also hate that I dont see every ability - this should be customizable.
  18. And its different if you have your rogue solo or in party. If solo, I would use: Shod-in-faith boots Rotfinger Gloves And I prefer armor Wayfarers Hide from Russetwood cave over Gwisk Glass. Second chance is useless during solo...my opinion.
  19. 1. When Aloth is speaking between other characters, he "skips" first several words and starts from the middle of the sentence. However I can see the entire on-screen text, so I can read it all. This happens ONLY with Aloth. Other characters speaks as they should, all the lines. 2. I completed that new quest which was added in WM part II - that one with Field of Yenwood - I killed the army and that bad Lord who tried to steal my Caed Nua. Quest completed. I did this quest pretty early, in first 15-20 hours of my gameplay. However, now when I have "attacking" stronghold event - when for example group of Dozens is attacking Caed Nua, I go there and I solve it manually, after this fight, a group of people appears in front of Caed Nua keep together with that guy who helped me assemble the army. All discuss options are grey, because I talked with him earlier when I completed the quest. Obviously. But now he is just standing there with bunch of people. I cannot get rid of him (them). They shouldnt be there, because quest has been done. So I cannot solve these "attacking events" manually, because I dont want to "break the game" or what. I do auto-resolve on attacks. In that case, that event with those people will not trigger.
  20. Wow, a long discussion, only read first page. My opinion: Now its much better. Wizards were OP. I could cast 6 or 7 fireballs every battle. Without resting. It was just...crazy. My wizard had almost 40% of all kills, I played on Hard. I mean, it wasnt even fun after few hours of such playing. People who complain probably didnt play old IE games, or they want to have game much easier. Lower your difficulty. But about this possibility of having 1 spell per encounter...I think its not so big deal for wizard, its basically like if he choosed talent for +1 spell on first level. I would rather choose some other ability, even from Utility section. I dont need this per encounter thing.
  21. I can confirm that there are grammar issues for example during loading screens - those tips&tricks are in different fonts.
  22. Yes, me too. I couldnt pick up loot in one new map and now in Ondra`s Gift. Had to Save the game - End game to windows - Run the game - Ok, I was able to pick up the loot now.
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