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  1. Hello, please do we have any actual data, where you can compare difficulties? For example, in Veteran difficulty monsters get +12 accuracy and +20 percent life total against Normal difficulty. Something like that. I am interested in such a numbers.
  2. I can say, that this build is VERY strong and it is by far the most funny build I ever played. I wasnt playing on potd (but on hard difficulty), so to be honest I didnt use Battle Forge (it was activated maybe few times during the entire game). So I would recommend everyone not playing PotD - pick something else. Maybe Nature Godlike for healing, or anything else just for helmet. This Monk can survive anything. Monks in Abbey, Cragholdt Bluff, Dragons....everything was killed very easily. With constitution 30+ even disengagement attacks from dragons didnt do anything to him No mi
  3. This multiclassing is very good news. To be honest I found it confusing in IWDII where DND 3.5 edition was applied. Second edition is better, more simple and maybe also easier to understand. However, if I understand, you cannot have three classes on one character, only two, right?
  4. When I played solo rogue, I always used dual sabres - Resolution (can be obtained early) and Purgatory (in Twin Elms). Focusing on Drawn in Spring is harder, it comes later. Also Unlabored Blade, but it comes even later. Personally I like to have my weapons ready very fast, not after 2/3 of the game Never played with Bittercut...I miss 0.5 crit dmg multiplier
  5. About faction quests: 1. Go to Dozens, take their quest and retrieve armor for them. After this, you can use their shop. 2. Go to Crucible Keep, take their quest and rescue one animancer for them. After this, you can use their shop. 3. Go to Doemenels, steal jewelry for them. After this, you can use their shop. Then go to the second floor and take quest from Bricanta(?) Doemenel (lady in the back of the second floor). This is kinda "subquest" you can take from this faction even before you decide for them. So, do these first quests for each of them, shop what you want. And t
  6. Hello, I am looking for some help and advice for my SOLO rogue. I played for him few times, but not in 3+ patch. I want to have dual wield - sabres or daggers. Early game (you can have all of these items VERY soon): Weapon 1: Azureith's Stiletto Weapon 2: Oidhreacht Head: Hermits hat +2 int Armor: Jack of wide waters Gloves: Rotfinger Gloves Belt: Blunting Belt/Girdle of Maegfolc Might +3 might Feet: Shod-in-faith Ring 1: Ring of deflection +9 Ring 2: Ring of Wonder +1con/mig/res Cloak: Lilith's Shawl +3 per Mid game (pretty much beginning of WM 1): Weapon 1: Reso
  7. I always play on Hard difficulty, however, to be honest, in full party, it is still pretty easy. I dont use food, potions, or sleeping bonuses. Just going through. So I would like to try PotD. Is there huge difference between those two? About number of enemies - it should be the same amount, right? Just their stats are modified.
  8. Thank you. And do you have any info about those "Major options" ? Which are those?
  9. I have question about dispositions/reputation. My main is Paladin. Are there any "disposition/reputation tables"? I mean, how much time I have to use Honest option in Dialogue to increase Honest reputation by one? Are there any top limit of these? I remember, that year ago when I played for Paladin, I had Honest on 5 and Diplomatic on 5. So is lvl 5 limit?
  10. I think it could go out in 2017. There were 25 months between BG1 and BG2, so it would be similar And between them, Icewind Dale came out (here it could be Tyranny) They could recycle lots of objects from PoE1, but I hope at least buildings will stay unique, just like now. Now, there isnt same house in Defiance Bay, unlike Baldurs Gate, where you can find lots of exactly same buildings, with exactly same interier. I would be ok with PoE 2 crowdfunded through Kickstarter and released in second half of 2017. And bigger than PoE ? No need, it is very long game now.
  11. Hello, I just noticed, that Dungeon Delver skill adds +1 to stealth and mechanics. Was it always like this, even before patch 3.00 ? Because I remember it only adds +0,1 crit. dmg...
  12. I dont understand why there shoudnt be a sequel. I mean, there would be a lot of people who would buy it, right? Or they can do kickstarter campaign and raise a lot and then do it.
  13. Well, I always do the ruins as last one, and I am pretty sure most people do it this way. Those other two are right there next to you, so...
  14. Eder for me. I dont like Durance and Mother "quests". They should have something normaln, not endless dialogs which counts as quests.
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