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  1. thats true but i dont think ill graze that much in the first place so that 20% graze->hit isnt really that useful either I have seperate save for my solo rogue and i am using the items u mentioned on it but in this thread im talking about a rogue with a party. but id lose out on 4 perception ;_; and i dont really like using backstab at all since im playing potd it doesnt really have that much of an impact one would hope
  2. yeah i wasnt exactly sure if +5 acc or 15% atk spd would result in better dps. guess this settles that issue ive already enchanted my gear with the durgans steel and legendary enchants + i have dungeon delver and merciless hand. About the helm: i think that my rogue just NEEDS those resistances to not get dominated and what not that much. While 0.1 crit mod sounds awesome i think its just too low of an increase in dmg as it is additive bonus. I havent really looked into the multiclass talents cos i was under the impression that they are pretty weak. I do have paladin multiclass aura just to get that sexy acc bonus to my party tho. But yeah should def look into the INT and think about the outlanders frenzy and mark.
  3. So im a huge min-maxer and ive been trying to optimize my rogue as much as i can but i feel like my setup aint just optimal yet. So heres my gear: Sabers: resolution and purgatory Waist:looping rope Hands:5 accuracy Chest: gwisk glass that second chance is just way too good to pass and with durgan it has no recovery penalty Cloak:4 perception cloak Boots:4 dex boots Head: helmet with might on kb and cc resists as passive Rings: deflection and will/reflex/fortitude So what do u think? Is there anything that isnt optimal? Ive dumped my int and i feel like i dont need it at al
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