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  1. About atton's death scene. To explain why he looks normal, I don't think there is a character model for him being tortured, that was my impression anyway.
  2. You spoiled the fact that the game spoils the "plot twist" for you. I have to agree with Visc here, I cant call Kreia's a plot twist. It is obvious as soon as you get off Peragus (As soon as you learn anything about Kreia) what will happen. There are no attemps made keep the player in the dark.
  3. I think they are all decendents of Major League baseball players, complete with sterioid implants at birth. I thought they were a cultural group. THough since star wars was "a long, long time ago" maybe baseball players are mandalorians.
  4. Leave it to Visc for the colorful opinions. Something tells me that a race of rapists would not be something Lucas would like.
  5. No, it's not a bug. The script clearly makes a check to see if Visas is equipped with clothes only. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> And why would the script be set to that then. It sounds a little odd not to be a bug.
  6. If you can get them to stay still long enough for a toss and are far enough away from them adhesive grenades work wonders.
  7. A "KotOR II: Gold Edition" somewhere down the line is the awesomest idea I have yet heard bandied about, among credible solutions which might see unimplemented content released. Good thinking. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Credible? How many do you think would pay for it a second time? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Nobody, if the user made mods see the light of day. Unless they make it for Xbox, that might sell. The reason I don't see a content patch is two things: 1. It would mean that Lucasarts is admitting to the charges that we know to be true. They rush games for the money. 2. They can't add the content in the Xbox version. It would get all the Xbox fans upset.
  8. I get it in one of my games, When I switch to another character it is gone.
  9. Did he just say go the Morrowind route. Was that a joke? Im gonna be sick.
  10. Parry, have you tried the 4.11's. They were the best for KOTOR. (K1 and K2 appear to suffer from the same frame rate problem in open areas in later drivers)
  11. One of the problems is that 4.12 catylysts introduced a shader problem in KOTOR1 that dropped frame rated in open areas to a frame every 2-3 seconds. According to reports, this also happens in K2. (I can't confirm, I get K2 today.) If this does happen to you, use the 4.11's. THe random crashes and character movement problems seem to occur in most setups, NVIDIA or ATI. I pray there is a patch to this.
  12. I'd reccomend using the 4.11's at this point. They are the latest not to have the massive frame rate problems that K1 and now K2 seem to suffer from.
  13. Aparently this game suffers the same problem that K1 does with the 4.12 and later cataylysts. Use the 4.11's, they did not have the frame problem in open areas like dantooine.
  14. One of the few good corparate names is Bank One Ballpark. In Phoenix we all love BoB. The skydome change raks up there with Petco Park.
  15. Some of the HOTU stuff was fine. NWN and SOU, like their oc's, were poor to mediocre at best.
  16. I've really lost interest in the NFL over the past few years. Heck, all professional sports are getting to me. Too much money, no heart. I prefer college, though in 10 years it will be as bad as the NFL is now. Beyond that, GO EAGLES. Always go against the team that has won the most recently.
  17. He will be greatly missed. He shaped television in a way that I doubt anyone else ever could.
  18. I'd be willing to bet the ad is correct. It has to go through LA to get approval. The release date GS put up is wishful thinking. Gamespy has the same release date as the ad.
  19. I have no clue about any european dates. Just the ad has changed from coming soon to Feb 15.
  20. The adversisement on gamespot said coming to PC Feb. 15. Hopefully iy comes out for the Europeans at the same date.
  21. the north american release alongside europe or just n.a? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> it never said.
  22. I saw an add on gamespot and it said " Coming to PC on February 15." At least I think that is what it said. :cool: Edit: Yes, that is what the ad said. And to talk anout the hardware side of things, I disliked playing KOTOR on a 9600xt, I loved the battle animation but seeing them at 15 frames did them no justice. I could not stand trying them on a Geforce 2,
  23. I am a weather nut, and I just happened to notice that this page says Ivan struck Florida. Its official landfall was in Alabama. Notice how the thing says "estimated path" and Ivan hit a bush state.
  24. Conspiracy? THere is losts more of this type of stuff about 9-11, I am not going to look for URLs, Google it. It is sad that all hundereds of people died but I find all of this stuff odd.
  25. I've been in school for 2 weeks now. I love the Arizona Multiple building schools where we get to walk around in 110 degree heat to get anywhere. (That is about 43C for thoese of you in other parts of the world.) I also love AP English where we go home and read 40 pages of John Adams Biography and write an essay every night for homework.
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