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  1. Sure I can. I want your old avatar back Darque
  2. More people are killed by donkeys each year than killed in plane crashes.
  3. In Las Vegas you may bet on any College Football/Basketball team, except for the University of Nevada at Las Vegas. It is against the law to do so.
  4. Older Video Cards? It is either an ATI driver problem or something with the "restored movies". This weekend i'll get along to testing.
  5. This happens to me too, did not happen till I updated my ATI drivers. It also happens to me when I am opening the game up and you see the LA and Obsidian Intros. (Though not always.) And the movies before the restoration zone have always run like that, its not a bug. 3 second movie, 3 second load, 3 second movie, 3 second load, 3 second movie.
  6. There is a difference between incomplete and shallow. KOTOR's story was fairly obvious (and fairly unoriginal) and was less intersting to play though again than KOTOR II was.
  7. KOTOR had one of the most shallow stories I have heard of outside the NWN OC and Terry Brooks novels. KOTOR II had a deeper story, which suffered because the ending fell off a cliff and what was left took some thinking to understand. (Which is why many people complain, not all like to think a lot while playing games, personally I liked it.) It was like the author died as he was 75% the way through writing it. Both games left some things to be desired in terms of the story. Gameplay wise, KOTOR II improved over much of what KOTOR had and added a few, though only semi-sucessful things of its own. Though both were way, way, way to easy. IMO KOTOR II was slightly better. Unfotunatly it had G0-T0 as well.
  8. Yes, all items that are not quest based are random. There is no surefire way to get a certain item. You will eventually find, in one game or another, what you are looking for.
  9. Does Atari even pay for support patches? I thought I read that Bioware paid for most/all of the NWN patches themselves? That is something I am not sure Obsidian has the capital to do yet. As for the quality stuff, I was not expecting greatness from the movies, nor did I really care about the moves. I've seen them, I don't really care if I see them again in higher quality. I am happy about the music, it needed a fix. My ears bled listening to what, composition wise, is a superior soundtrack to K1 in such low quality. Griskey's work deserved more respect than it originally recieved.
  10. I thought that CS source thing was an april fools joke.
  11. I don't understand how he thinks that he can bring suit against a company for not stopping the mod community from making the game "pornographic." When the content is not in the box than he has no legal beef. I don't see how he will beat EA over a mod for the Sims 2 that Maxis never made but then again I thought the odds in his case against Take Two were against him. When it came to GTA I had a greater problem with killing cops than with "hot coffee". I dont get how realistic and extreme violence against innocents is ok in video games but it is wrong to have content about sex or even just a nude human body.
  12. Genghis Kahn beats all. For SW Thrawn would win.
  13. It does depend on luck it seems. KOTOR II runs better on my machine as KOTOR did frame rate wise, without the crashing like the original had. NWN only runs slightly better on my XP 3000 and 9600 xt than it did when I had a 1 ghz duron and a TNT2, and it crashes more now. I've always blamed all my problems on Bioware's less than stable engines and code. I think NWN2, with all the code rewriting, is going to be a test for Obsidian.
  14. This thread was made before the forums were reorganized a few months back, thats why the warnings are not there. Props to the author. Very good and in-depth read.
  15. But after the contract expires they can say whatever they want? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yes, but I highly doubt they would say anything, especially in an official statement or some sort of interview that represents the company. If a developer ever says something that undermines or badmouths a publisher they would have a hard time ever finding a publisher again. It all comes down to game developing being a business, and the publisher is the boss.
  16. They would. They are under contract with Lucasarts. Their official statements can only state what lucasarts wants them to say until the time that the contract expires. Otherwise they get sued for breach of contract.
  17. The company is called Infogrames, they just call themselves Atari now because they bought the name and it gains a better response.
  18. Mus_area_slehey is one of my favorites as well. I just wish it had a little more exposure in the game. Out of the ones in the poll I enjoyed the dantooine plains music the best.
  19. Hey, I don't know how old you are or if English is your second language, but you might want to use punctuation and stuff the next time you post something. I seriously had no idea what that post was about. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> English is his first language. People who speak it as a second language generally put American internet users to shame. I propose he is of highschool age, and lives somewhere in the US. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I never did understand why punctuation is butchered so badly on the internet. I can understand improper punctuation (ie. using a comma in the wrong place, etc) since I am guilty of that a lot when I'm in a rush, but to have one long run on sentence without even a period in there....I dunno what's wrong with the youth of today. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> It is all true, I see it everyday. I am ashamed of my agegroup.
  20. In that case I am going to get started making a role playing FPS on the Aurora engine.
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