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  1. Wait.... that Blue's News link says it is an MMO? Sounds like an authors error.... I hope. Nothing in the press release about it.
  2. Hmm. You remove silent letters here as well?
  3. 122.10%????? Wow. This forum uses percentage calculation unlike any I have seen before. Anyone care to share the formula?
  4. I liked the Mole. It's gone though. I liked the first few seasons of the Amazing Race, it has gotten stale though. The American Idol/Dancing with the Stars/other "talent" based shows all suck.
  5. Country: USA Problem: Parents Parents these days never seem to teach their kids right from wrong. They don't care how they do in school. They never say no to their kids. They never give their kids a beating. They defend them when they do something stupid. I am a high school senior, a few days ago I watched a kid tell her teacher to "Shut the f**k up," when the teacher told her to sit down. The teacher did not say anything to to student/send her to the office, etc. I asked why, and was told that the girl's parents are hostile to the school when they try and disipline the girl. They threaten lawsuits, call lawyers, etc. The teacher said it was just not worth it. My dad is an Elementary School Principal. One day, a first grader fell of the monkey bars and broke her arm. The mother was enraged and sued the school, claiming that the school did not have enough supervision, even though my dad, and about 6 teachers were in the fairly small playground area. A few weeks later, when the school district decided to remove some playground equipment, including the monkey bars, the mother was the first in line to threaten a lawsuit. And then there are the parents who know their kids are brats, but don't do anything about them. They seem to think the kids are somebody else's problem, and seek alternate explanations for their behavior. And the doctors and lawyers, seeing a chance at money, tell them what they want to hear Your kids do not have ADHD. Your kids were not corruped by evil video games. You are horrible parents. Also: Public Education sucks. I wish that I could say that getting a high school diploma is an achievement that I can be proud of, but it is not. I feel like I have wasted countless hours of time in high school learning really pointless things, or, more often, relearning things that I already knew. The people in public schools who have intelligence and common sense are neglected in favor of the idiots who don't care and never will care. Nobody wins. I spent much of my time in high school sleeping. I skipped alot of assignments that I found to be pointless or redundant. The only classes I apply myself fully in are my AP and honors classes. I am suffering for it GPA-wise. I am not even in the top 20% of my class. It will likely bite me in the ass later, but I don't think I would go back and redo it even if I could.
  6. The character you had the casting call for, I presume? Interesting. Keep up the good work.
  7. Yeah. That is what is happening. They save the most popular (alpine skiing, speed & figure skating, anyting the U.S medals in) stuff for primetime. And everything else (curling, hockey, cross-country skiing, and what they can't show of the others) on the cable networks on a 6-14 hour time delay. The earliest I get coverage here is 6 in the morning. An 8 hour difference from Italy. Of course the local news has medal results before they show them on air. "Change the channel if you don't want to be spoiled. But remember to return in 60 seconds." Bah. Hell, I don't even think much of the Salt Lake stuff was live, and I am in the same time zone. Damn television corporations.
  8. I am an idiot. I have to read this thread while I am watching the recording of the match during the tenth end. :angry:
  9. I like curling. I don't know why. Heck, I'll watch most of it. Except cross country skiing. Women's Hockey this morning was interesting to watch. I agree that NHL is better than Olympic Hockey. Can't watch the local stuff here though. Coyotes Hockey is now all about the "Operation Slapshot" fallout. The local media did not give a rat's arse bout the Coyotes till the betting scandal. It's been the top story for 5 straight days. <_<
  10. DoD and DoD:Source are the only multiplayer shooters that I have ever played on a regular basis. Heck, with the exeption of NWN they are the only multiplayer games at all that I have played on a regular basis. DoD
  11. No yelling this time. Just let it be locked. Always remember to use the search function. A topic like KOTOR 3 undoubtedly has dozens of (locked) threads where all the rumor submissions have already been posted.
  12. What happened? Did you meet a man in a werewolf costume?
  13. I know that KOTOR/KOTOR 2 have problems (doesn't run, or is not playable) on Dual Core CPU's. I am not sure if any drivers or fixes have fixed it though. Anyone else know? I have not heard complaints about other items you listed. http://forums.obsidianent.com/index.php?showtopic=38821&hl=
  14. Sorry, should have quoted, that was directed at Skywalker.
  15. I agree with the more character classes, but multiplayer, especially massive multiplayer online is a no-no. Good thing there is almost no way it would happen.
  16. I have not seen rain since mid-October. Last year we were swimming in rain. Had 2 tornado warnings last January, that was odd. Never seen that in Phoenix, Arizona. It is not bad though. I am silently dreading the 4 straight months of 105-120 (40-49) degree heat coming this spring/summer, in which rain is even less likely.
  17. I was referring to the story. The combat was just as easy and the game itself was about as linear was the first.
  18. Gorth got this one right. People who preferred K1 liked it because it was easy to understand and had an interesting, if unoriginal story. People who like K2 prefer it because of it was more complex and the fact that the story did not seem like a star wars movie + previous bioware game ripoff as the first did.
  19. And you are still not answering to any question. Note that I made the word just in bold. If you want a game without being a jedi,why don't you try to mod the games? Or have someone trying to mod the game for you. You could also try playing Kotor I and use KSE to get you to level 20 in Kotor I? Ever tried that? Happy new year...... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> What is so wrong with wanting the option of playing a non-jedi. If the do make a 3rd game it would be something that should be added. It would give more choices in character options and replay value. You are acting like people have demanded that force-users be cut from any future Star Wars RPG, they just want the option of something different.
  20. You are kidding. Its Star Wars. They don't want an M rating. And it is an KOTOR, not Grand Theft Speederbike.
  21. They should post the sticky about KOTOR 3 discussion that is in the KOTOR 2 forums here and in the computer and console forums. Go here to discuss your KOTOR 3 wishes, ideas, etc.
  22. And I was trying so hard not to buy BF2, at least until I can get it dirt cheap. And now you make me buy the expansion too? *grumble* Edit: Mistakes. There are likely more but I can't type.
  23. Yeah. Those were great. He was working/still does work at Bio or is under contract with Bio. Chances are if the third is ever finished it will be a premium module.
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