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  1. Phoenix, Arizona, USA, North America. AKA: Northern Mexico(No Offence anyone), Hell.
  2. I don't think it would to much. WHy do you want to upgrade anyway? A 9800 is still a good card. I'd at least wait till a price drop on the X800.
  3. http://www.vr-zone.com/?i=1012&s=1 This is the only review I have found so far. It does not do much better than a 9600. Also, Ill have to double check but I think your Mobo will be obselete when BTX comes out anyway...either way ATX will be in heavy use for the next 5 years.
  4. I don't remember Casper being like that. I always used to love going there. ( Lived about 70 miles away in Gillette.) I was planning on a return to Wyoming. Maybe I will try Laramie instead. By the way, if you want hell, try the Westside of the Phoenix, Arizona Area.
  5. Actually, Robot Wars continues, though it is not on as much. Tech Live is also gone. They have fired all the techtv staff, and are only rehiring around 75 (and forcing them to move to LA). Most of the hosts, Leo, Patrick, Jessica and Chris, for example, will not be seen on the new network, unless they come for a guest appearance.
  6. I also am dissapointed to see what has happened to techtv. TechTV was a great network with everything about tech in it. The new network, G4techtv is almost all reruns of 6 month old gaming shows and E3 reruns. The G4 shows have a lower prodution value and horrible hosts. There is more talant on WB's Superstar, and CSpan is more entertaining than G4.
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