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  1. I do not get this Phoenix/Pittsburgh trade from the Pitt end. Z Michalek for 2 prospects and a 3rd round? Pitt must be planning a splash sometime on July 1. Parise? Don Maloney should be in prison. Getting Vermette for an injured AHL goalie and 2 late round picks, Klesla for 4 years for two free agent rent-a-players in Upshall and Lepisto. (Did I mention Scott Howson is an idiot?) Korpikoski for Enver Lisin. Now this. From Phoenix's end. I am very exited to have Z back. Love him. But Phoenix (not counting UFA's) has more NHL ready blueliners than season ticket holders (and maybe forwards for that matter). I am thinking Phoenix moves either Yandle or Klesla to get something back up front.
  2. Go Rangers/Devils. Going into the WCF I was thinking I would root for the winner. I generally like seeing teams win who have never won before. But I will projectile vomit if Brown touches the cup. Not sure how I feel about the series as a whole. The better team did win. The officiating was absolutely horrendous. Dustin Brown is a piece of garbage and Mike Smith is losing me as a fan with his antics. The ending sucked. I was hoping the last game would be at home, so we could give the Coyotes a proper sendoff. Instead they saluted the fans to a chorus of boos and the band wagoners known as Phoenix sports fans throwing garbage at the Kings and the officials. Embarrassing. It was an amazing season which I will have lots of good memories from, but if this is to be the end to the Phoenix Coyotes, the last couple minutes are not really worth remembering.
  3. Eight months ago I purchased a Roger Waters presale ticket for Tuesdays concert. It has to be picked up within a few hours of the event (to keep scalpers out of the presale). I have a ticket to WCF game 2 that same night. I can't make both and I can realistically only sell the ticket to the game. I am not sure which event I would rather attend. The heart says the WCF, but I have not had the opportunity to see The Wall live and likely never will again. I hate this. I have been stressing out over it for 2 days. Also, Rangers in 6, Kings in 7 (because picking the other team in 7 worked out so well last time.)
  4. The only one on the Coyotes is Ray Whitney
  5. Course, that smiley will jynx it all. I am not really enjoying these playoffs that much. I was enjoying going to Coyotes games more in December when the team was not doing well. Even as I spend more money on Coyotes stuff (playoff tickets, renewed season tickets, new jersey, etc) I am trying to emotionally detach myself from the team because I am expecting the worst. It all just feels like a numbing experience.
  6. Kings in 6. As much as this pains me to say, Preds in 7. Rangers in 6 Devils in 6. I don't trust Bryz at all. I have my final final exam tonight and am going to be late to the Jim Balsillie Memorial Cup. Darn NBC Sports Network moving up the start time.
  7. Western Conference Semifinals set. Los Angeles Kings & St. Louis Blues Nashville Predators & Phoenix Coyotes. - Eat your heart out Jim Balsillie.
  8. I am not sure what to make of this yet. I will know what to make of it when Malkin/Ovechkin/Neal/Hartnell give an elbow to the head, injure them, then get no more than 3 games. Things will be fine if the Torres suspension sets some sort of precedent. I completely expect the era of nothing suspensions to return in the next 72 hours though.
  9. Flyers/Pens series is stupidly brutally insane. As a Yotes fan I am laughing that Bryz's GAA is no better in the playoffs than when he was here and he is still 3-0. Games 1&2 of the Yotes/Hawks series have been the two best live sport events of my life. I am sure my cardiologists bank account will agree with that. Edit: A game involving the Pens had 148 penalty minutes, 0 of which belonged to Cooke. What planet am I on?
  10. You could root for the Coyotes, knowing that there is a good chance it is the last time Phoenix will see the NHL for a generation. Unless you are one of those people who believe that Phoenix does not deserve any playoff success, for whatever nonsense reason. Got my ticket book by USPS today. I am glad we get at least a couple more games. I am going to get to each one the moment the gates open and not leave until security kicks me out, talking with all the other season ticket holders in my section that I consider to be some of my best friends.
  11. About to leave to see what could be my team's last ever home game. Prediction: Coyotes lose 3-2 and are swept by the Blue Jackets. Yandle (most overrated defenseman in the league) makes a bad pass directly to Rick Nash who promptly puts one over Smitty's glove. At some point during the night, I cry.
  12. Ever since the first mission in Rome that is just a conversation, I have been unable to move the camera angle. Left mouse button works as normal, scroll wheel switches weapons as normal, right mouse button aims still, but I cant move the camera angle. I have tried the .ini tweaks used for camera stuttering, altered the mouse sensitivity, reinstalled the game, started a new game. The problem persists in saves made prior to this issue appearing. Any ideas. Also, I am using the steam version.
  13. Just got back from Glendale. Apparently tonight was the largest crowd in Coyotes history- I would have thought that would have been a playoff game a couple years ago. Heck of an effort by a Yotes squad without Smith, Aucoin, Hanzal and Gordon. Other than the opener against the Jets, I am not sure I have seen that kind of consistent effort by them this year. (Oddly enough those two games have been the two sellouts.) I would be happy with that effort against Boston, but after the last couple weeks, the Yotes need points badly. Then I came home just in time for the local sports news broadcast. Phoenix Suns highlights, College basketball, College Football. Coyotes passing mention without highlights before the "Good Night". Add to that the local newspaper that used the excuse of "We must save money to send people to the Summer Olympics" in response to questions about why the Coyotes beat writer never goes on road trips. Hell, the best media coverage of the team came from a morning DJ on a rock station, until he left for Philly last week. I hate Phoenix media.
  14. I am off to occupy Jobing.com arena. Opening day is like Christmas. Enjoying every game like it could be the last. Love my 'Yotes. Then I am coming home to study for midterms.
  15. Arclam


    Bought Coyotes season tickets today. To celebrate my mythical creature status, I hereby declare that Diet Dr. Pepper really does taste as good as the original!
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