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  1. Fable, Star Wars , Obsidian??? Servant of Eru had the right reasons, he gets a cookie.
  2. Well, if KOTOR got on there than II deserves it as well. The reason that I don't care is that about half the list were released in the last 8 months. And KOTOR II was beaten out by the likes of Doom III and a buch of those silly annual sports game releases. Yout definition catch is amusing though.
  3. I enjoyed the game. It had more depth than the first and was most likely the best RPG ive played since BG2.
  4. A couple of buisness days. Weekends don't count.
  5. The characters in the first KOTOR were not written or acted terribly well. None of them, with the exception of Jolee and HK, were interesting at all. The quests that some of the KOTOR characters had fleshed them out slightly, but not as well as the dialague did in KOTOR 2. THe only characters in the second I got bored of were Visas, who did not seem to have much worthwhile to say, and G0 T0. With the exception of Bastila and Carth I can't find this "purpose" that you talk about for the being of the characters. Mission, Zaalbar, Jolee and Juhani all seemed to be there to be there. Granted, with the cut endings of KOTOR 2 the purpose of most characters in that game is not quite explained either. By sidequests I meant quests not pertaining to the main plot. And the dialogue in KOTOR II is so much better written than that in the first game. It is way more professional and novel like. A lot of it, while extensive, is more interesting than in the first game. I will admit though that when I played the game that Obsidian might have failed with the dialogue in the aspect that it would alienate the casual gamer that played the first. Some conversations were geared more toward the hardcore player than the first game was. Sorry for any grammar mistakes, its late.
  6. Content wise, even with the missing endings, it is so much better than the first. This game is at least halfway fun to replay, the original has no replay value at all. The characters are better, the inventory is better, the sidequests are better, the upgrade system is much better, the voice acting is better, the quality of the composition of the music is better (not the compression), and the story until the last 2 hours of the game is better. Edit: And for me, somehow, even with an ATI card, the framerate is better and crashes are fewer. And I blame any problems with framerate and crashes on Bioware's horrid engines. The Aurora (NWN) and the Odyssey (KOTOR) engines are pieces of crud stability wise.
  7. I am not exactly sure about anything with Aurora and the crew but logic tells me that a few people doing a project this big on their own free time will take awhile. I think you all need to slow down and give them time to work.
  8. Ill be willing to bet it will be a week before we see the movie/music fix.
  9. And the contract that Obsidian has with Lucasarts.
  10. I can't believe #1, especially on the part of Obsidian. If they knew the patch was not going to come out then why have the announcement on the home page. # 2 I can believe, knowing the stability of Bioware's engines.
  11. And you know this how? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Because they haven't released the patch in over 2 months. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> No, not valueing their customers would be not making a patch at all, the fact that one is being worked on should make people happy. Like I said, Obsidian's biggest problem other than the contract they are in has been announcing a patch in the first place. Think of how much less yelling would be going on if a patch had not been announced. If they wanted to do a patch they should have kept quiet until release its release.
  12. Wow, I have seen some stupid people in the months I have lurked here, but MacLeod, you take the entire bakery full of cake. Editing 20 of your posts to look like less of an imbicile. <_< Anyone want to lock/delete this?
  13. Thanks for starting a new thread with the exact same post you made in the " Rush the Patch, Not the Game" thread. I appriciate it. <_< Edit: And every other thread on this page. I am sure if anyone somehow missed your message in the other threads they are now crying. And it is flawed. not flaud.
  14. And the point of that was? <_< Thanks for letting me know the new ones were out. Unfortunatly it is too late to test them out. The release notes do say that the massive 1 frame per 5 second drops in places like Dantooine should be gone since those also happened in KOTOR 2, there are a few known issues they had from the last release that apparently they have not fixed though.
  15. I think Obsidian's biggest mistake, other than the poor contract they are in has been announcing the patch in the first place. They should have just worked on it and let it be released, not announced it. They announced it hoping to please the fans, instead they have caught nothing but feces.
  16. About this Carth Redemption Mod I keep hearing about, can anyone point me to it?
  17. Visc, slap yourself. Or slap me. Tell me I am not having a stroke. Wow. I can't wait to see your opinion in 2 weeks.
  18. Story was more immersive and complicated in 2. I can't stand playing the first one again, the converstions were boring and the story was painfully obvious and not fun to run through again. I also seem to run the second game better, the only planet I ran without massive frame rate drops in the first was Tattoine. In the second it is only a few areas of Nar Shadda, Peragus and Goto's Yacht that I have frame rate problems in.
  19. And since some people are talking about Carth, I heard there was a mod that put a new ending involving a romance with Carth in the game. Anyone know where I can find it? I also liked killing that guy surrounded by droids. It was hilarious.
  20. Can this be locked already. Geez, this is only gettin worse.
  21. I am very sure you wont get the whole truth for quite awhile. I'd bet that Obsidian's contract states that they may not say anything that could damage the reputation of Lucasarts or hurt the sales of their games. Id bet that this contract lasts for awhile.
  22. It means that you gained both LS and DS points. The one with the net gain is the one you gained the most of.
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