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  1. Adam, What about those people who want to get into the graphics and animation of the game industry? Does that person have to learn a ton of programming also? What does an interviewer look for when a game company wishes to hire someone to be part of their graphics and animation team? Yes, college and the desire shown by the individual, but what else? What is that extra bump that gets one person the job and the other… ”Don’t call us we’ll call you”? Tsel
  2. Hi-ya and welcome. I pop in and out sporadically and I don't post much, but all here make me feel welcome. Yes, even Baley. The alts are pretty funny too. And no I'm not Baley's alt. Tsel
  3. (chuckle) YAHWEH is often called "God" in many English Bibles, but YAHWEH is NEVER referred to by a word that is pronounced "God" (Gawd) in the Hebrew text. The most common Hebrew title that is translated as "God" is the Hebrew word "Elohim." Many might say that even though this Hebrew word "Elohim" is not PRONOUNCED "God", it MEANS "God." It is true that in our MODERN ENGLISH "God" has much the same meaning as the Hebrew word "Elohim" however, the point was that "God" and "Yahweh" are two different beings ACCORDING TO THE HEBREW SCRIPTURES. And, all will admit that the Old Covenant was O
  4. “For my ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is. Life creates it, makes it grow. Its energy surrounds us and binds us. Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter. You must feel the Force around you; here, between you, me, the tree, the rock, everywhere, yes; even between the land and the ship." On a more serious note: I can and do believe in both beliefs existing hand in hand simultaneously. For those who do believe in the Judaic / Christian G-D isn’t HE like an all powerful Force? If you re-read you will note that each time G-D Himself appears it is always as some energy
  5. I didn’t care for T3 neither. I do concede it had a lot of hope and prospect to be one awesome movie, but it lacked Cameron’s insidious micromanaging storyline character development and it showed on film. T3 had lots of action and spectacular effects and it was a literal roller coaster ride, but it all seemed superficial. The storyline depth contained in capturing the viewers emotions was missing. Tsel
  6. Good Grief! This is as bad as Stallone doing another Rocky & Rambo. If James Cameron isn’t involved in T4 then expect it to be a Box Office stinkeroo. " Tsel
  7. I forgot who it was specifically, Brian maybe Sawyer, but I read somewhere in the NWN2 forum that they alluded to creating expansions for NWN2 depending on its success. Tsel
  8. Always remember that Gabs hails from “The State of Cynicism” . Tsel :D
  9. :D Nope, he died in the Ravenloft module back when it was first published. Tsel
  10. Nothing major in my first post neither. Tsel
  11. It’s funny you speak of the Fireball enema. One of my friends playing a 1st level Fighter Dwarf using 1st Ed rules couldn’t hit a Kobold for nothing because he was rolling so many one’s and two’s. Finally in utter frustration he yells to our DM. What the ****!? I’d have better success, if I shoved a torch up my ars and gyrated my hips around! <_< So the DM made him roll for success and he did it! He hit Kobolds doing 1D4 Bludgeoning damage plus 1D6 fire damage! (w00t) Oh, the Good Ol' Days :D Tsel
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