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  1. This is a very confusing topic! What are the Rakata then?.. If they built an empire like 25000 years ago (that spanned hundreds of worlds including korriban and most of the worlds form the movies) mainly by wielding the dark side of the force and actually developing technology that is based on it, and pre-dating all "sith" references.. wouldn
  2. Kotor 2, a WAY better game?.. Nope. Well, thats just my opinion of course! " I find TSL it
  3. Oh, OK! Well.. that same discussion with the exile could arise in an earlier time, and still define the outcome of the fight.. But I guess THAT would be complicating things for the guys at the TSLRP. And It doesn't really matter much, I will be grateful for the additional content either way! ^_^
  4. About the Visas vs. Handmaiden fight.. Why should that be defined by influence? The exile is right there at the scene, isn't he? (If he's not supposed to be at that scene.. disregard the rest of this post! ..and sorry) I don't know if that would be more difficult to do, but can't it be defined by a player dialog choice? They could ask the exile to make a choice between them as they both love him.. and the rejected one gets angry and attack the other. That could be shown as a cutscene if the exile only watches them fight.. or the rejected one turns "enemy" and you fight her along with your chosen girl. You could also get the choice to say that you're not going to choose, or that you don't love either one. Wich would get them both enraged and attack the exile ..or maybe just make tem forget the issue? ..Whatever.
  5. This thread is being seduced by the dark side.. Come on, hate is not the path.
  6. I Know the Random Loot Generator is winning as the most annoying.. but I never minded that much. I believe it gives the game more replayability. Although It DO think it needed to be more balanced. The Items Should have been classified by importance, and where you find an item of some "level" or "rate" you should only find that kind of item every time. It sucks that you may find a Thermal Detonator, a Jedi Armor and a Focusing Cristal on a crate one time, and if you reload to a previous game, you get.. 25 CREDITS?! As to the poll.. The game had so many annoying little things that I can't make my mind. Most things that bothered me had to do with the unpolished appearance of the game. Not that I didn't enjoy the game as a whole.
  7. Things that went wrong with this game ..that made it just "NOT AS GOOD" as KOTOR I.. (To take in account for a secuel!): I
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