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  1. 1. Skip the fight, I say. Or bring along an assassin/bleak walker MC (max Might and Perception) with an arquebus. From stealth, weapon modal on, that one can one-shot most mobs on the street and re-stealth.
  2. Hm. Okay! Now we have "ASAP", "Soon!(tm)" and "soon." it should be possible to triangulate the position of the upcoming patch in time and space! Gentleman! Keep up scanning the esoteric spaces of that exotic mediums that are not the official forums (they are so last century!), nail that basterd!
  3. Hm. If it's the "Soon!" I know, then we are into a long wait. Glacier movement magnitude long. It's trade marked for a reason.
  4. The eye is used to remind the barkeep in port Maje about the proudest day in his life. He gets so sad if it's lost...
  5. C'mon Boeroer, it's German after all, the right term should be: "Benutztfäkelspracheumseinenunmutauszudrückenobwohlereinfachnurnocheinetütehättequarzenmüssendamitihmallesegalwäre".
  6. I speculate that all able bodies at Obsidian are shifted to the work of finishing Outer Worlds. Or the two and a half dudes still responsible for Deadfire are on a holiday. =)
  7. That's the culprit. See, Deadfire follows a complete opposite design philosophy from the "grind for new gear every X levels", which comes from the MMO games, where one has to be engaged in the grind for years, and ARPG's. There the grind is the game, and the gear, often times, substitutes for the build. So, yeah, in Deadfire your first favored sword might carry you through all the game, no problem. A unique "low level" brigandine stays relevant at any level. Is it universally no fun? No way. Does the booty suck? Nope. It's just not your thing.
  8. That ramp near Torkar is weird, it has kinda reversed LoS, one can't see and shoot down from above. On the Digsight, to the other hand, one can see and shoot the boars, and they can't see and engage you.
  9. Yo, I see no reason for a fight here. Deadfire is cool and awesome, speaking volumes for a good balance, were there is no clear "best" option and one can do as one likes and be efficient at that. BG is old. Game mechanics design went a long way from there. And tangents are the flesh and blood of these forums! The most epic stuff! =)
  10. Well, that is play-style dependent, obviously. One could arm a wizard with a bow and ignore his casting completely. On PoTD. Solo. I guess... Yet, if one does the buffing routine, – the script is a godsend. The same goes for the priest (and if there is no need for the priest buffs, there simply is no need for a priest in the party).
  11. Self-buffing the wizards with all their buffs is better done with a script, or the tedium would be unbearable. It's ~6 same casts every combat... A workaround would be to give the character an affliction, or inspiration, that nobody else in the party has. And than target the buff at that character. For example, with a monk, one can scrip to use swift strikes whenever not under an dexterity inspiration. And script Xoti to target the buff at the ally with the dexterity inspiration.
  12. It's the general interaction of 1 turn duration – get's applied at turn 1, wears off at end of turn 2. Correct me if I'm wrong, please. And, even if it'd wear off at the start of turn 2, what would stop one from doing the disengagement trick on turn 1 (with the "end turn after action" option disabled)? And that trick is doable in RTwP, no?
  13. This. I mean, there is big talk about how the "turns" are implemented wrong, and it all has to be changed. If it gets changed as proposed, all slugs with their 3 Dex + Heavy Armor are going to be screwed. My drunk and high orlan corps-eater/bellower will definitely be screwed. Have to wait.
  14. It goes like that: - to be an AoE attack the ammo has to explosive - the warrior, in slow-mo, Max Payne style, tumbles between the smucks and sticks the ammo onto (into?) them - than with a single (!) well aimed shot that warrior causes an explosive chain reaction - BOOM!!! Edit: best class – none. To much context dependency to develop some relevant ranking, I say.
  15. King is very uneven of an author, that's true. I like the first three books of the Dark Tower opus magnum, and it's fun for me to find traces of the stuff in other King's works. Definitely worth a try, I say.
  16. Erm. In a TT RPG one can be whatever one wants to be, and can literally do whatever one wants to do, imagination the only limitation. Railroading is like vampires. It sucks.
  17. One use per round for every individual free action might be the right thing.
  18. 1. Realism. Why do we have stats? Well, back in the time the guys who wanted to play their TT wargames wanted to express IRL soldier squads in the rules. So they gave them squad stats. Than demilich Gygax came and sad "Let's make this stuff personal!" Ditched the squads for individual combatants. Those individual combatants had stats that expressed IRL fighting capabilities AND the their capabilities to do magic stuff, and it was playable as TT game. Chainmail was born, we had our OG RPG. So the legend goes. All praise Gary Gygax! Point is – RPG character stats try to simulate reality
  19. Noticed that the upgraded knockdown (mulekick) adds flanked status. Completely removing movement points or cutting them in half would be a useful feature though. You know what's good? Fighter stance which knockdown enemies on engagement ending Thier turn. Should only work while armed with a polearm, I assume? =)
  20. Actually, it's in the description. "Might contributes to blah-blah-blah. It represents a character's *physical* and spiritual strength, *brute force* as well as their ability to channel powerful magic". It doesn't mean simply power. So, dump Might. Go control-freak route. Be a powerful caster, be physical weak.
  21. What you are writing about (as I understand it) are penalties for insufficient strength. After some point, when you are able to manipulate the weapon no problem, more strength won't help your accuracy as much. And it seems that even the weakest kith in Eora at 2 MIG and 3 CON are tough and strong enough to wear Full Plate Armor and a Zweihänder with ease.
  22. This. The story is OK, ends abruptly thou. I did like my playthrough, but culdn't force myself for a second one. And the game is kinda meant to be played more than once.
  23. Some debuff to the defence(s) of a prone target and consuming movement to get up sounds right.
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