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  1. Yeah, I am not going waste my time on a person who has already demonstrated numerous times complete intellectual dishonesty. I mean lol... just look at the padantic crap you are grasping at in your last post, so you can kindly piss off. I'm very simple to please when it comes to loot. As long as the numbers keep going up and I keep getting better and better loot every few hours, I am happy. PoE2 fails at that miserably, since I was getting better and better loot only 1/3 of the game. Once I reached max level, I only managed to find an occasional item here and there that improved my
  2. Utter nonsense! Every single sentence you wrote, other than recognizing the name of that shielf. Not going to even bother debunking that piece of factually incorrect logically fallcious debauchery this time around. And no, PoE1 has much better loot. Billion times better in fact! Nonsense! I've been playing RPGs even before they appeared on computers. And even if you don't count all those, I can count at least a 100 computer roleplaying games that I played and finished, not to mention those that I played only half way through. Hell, just my list of favorite video game RPGs counts at leas
  3. I'm really bad with remembering names, so I'm afraid I can't just give you that information. But I was very thorough. It took me 180 hours to finish the game and I left no stone unturned. I visited all the islands and did pretty much all the quests. Either way, I had 4 or 5 rows of unique weapons in my inventory stash, so you can do the math yourself. I think it's fair to say that I found pretty much every unique weapon and armor in the game. Of course, since I don't follow any guides, I might have missed a few. I do remember someone mentioning Voidwheel as beeing this amazing super weapon
  4. Well, if that was Sawyer's reasoning, then no wonder the loot feels so crappy. 1. If you can't find a rapier that is half as good as the axe, then the solution is to create a rapier that is good as the axe or at least close to it. The solution is not to create conditionals on pretty much every item and thus multiplying "Oh ****, I am not a paldin" moments. Case and point, finding a shield in PoE2 that is great only if you have a high athletics skill, thus creating "Oh ****, I don't have a high athletics skill" moment and forcing you to respec, which I already explained why is anthithetical to
  5. Exactly how PoE2 loot system made me feel. I'd also like to add that the whole metagameplay, testing and tinkering seems to be completely at odds with a roleplaying game as a concept. Namely, if I had to narrow down the core principles of the RPG genre (although this is debatable), I would say that they are the characters, choices and consequences. Now whether you agree with this classification or not, you still have to ask yourself where are your characters when you can just throw some gold to the innkeeper and magically transform your nerdy alchemist to an athletic jock? Where are the choice
  6. Very nice post. Actually I think you are stretching it a bit. Namely, as I said multiple times I do love the game, so I really fail to see how you reached the conclusion that the game is not for me. I genuinly think it's one of the best RPGs I ever played. There are huge issues however in regards to loot and unbalanced difficulty, since the game is generally waaaaaaay too easy. I also think that you gain levels way too fast and I really don't like the new floaty mechanics in combat where both the enemies and your own allies can push your characters away just by running into you - thus scr
  7. 1. Your criticism was not constructive. Read your inital post - it's right there. It's cursory, hyperbolic, provokative and presents false examples. And surely you attacked the devs. They guy/gal who designed the loot and according to you should step away from it? Remember that one? She/he's a dev, too. 2. You did start with insults. And you keep insulting. Where I compared my mom to a headless chicken (but only when it comes to driving a car) just to give an example that doing something for a long time doesn't make you an expert, you choose to call me Berpissor. Which is not only quite un
  8. 1. I wasn't slinging **** at the devs. I said that I am generally positively inclined towards the game. Read my initial post - it's right there. Why some of you are reading your own fabrications into my text is really not my problem, you know? What is happening here is that you and a few others are acting like a bunch of fanboys who cant handle constructive criticism and are doing everything in your power to derail the conversation. I actually find it genuinly funny. 2. I didn't start with insults. It's Berpissor or what's his name that started with the insults by calling me a headless chicke
  9. Well, obviously you are not...? Don't know. If I look at the likes of every post (don't have another indicator other than the several posts that call you out) it seems that most people who read this thread didn't really get it. Nananana *plugs ears like a five year old* - you mean like that? I wonder why I don't write about farts. I guess I left my anal phase without noticing... like 40 years ago... Those are analogies, not metaphors. You have to interpret them accordingly. Reading the manual translates to testing out the loot. Not reading the manual does not translate to not
  10. Exactly! In your example we would have a guy who has 20 years of experience with guns (we can't know if he was good at it because he didn't say. He just said that he was shooting with guns for 20 years - maybe he shot himself in the foot several times, maybe he's a master marksman - we don't know) but then he picked up a new gun named "The Deadfirerer" with has a new kind of optic - looks all slick - but he can't hit the target with it. Instead of asking around like "Do you guys also have problems with this Deadfirerer gun? I can't hit anything with it. What's the matter?" (which would
  11. Actually you did. Quite explicitly. Here is your direct quote: "That comparison was made to show that doing X for and extended amount of time doesn't necessarily mean that you are good at the game or understood how it works." Again... I never claimed that I was good at the game. I certainly am more than willing to admit that unlike you, I don't have every single name and number memorized in my brain or an excel sheet. I was only claiming that my RPG experience alone is enough to show that I wasn't completely incompetent to be worthy of the comparisson to a headless chicken that is jumping t
  12. 1. I wasn't making an argument that I am good at the game to begin with nor did I say that I understand how every item works, so thanks for proving that you missed the point yet again! 2. Since your headless chicken comparison is completely off the mark, I don't see any other reason for its inclusion here other than to berate me. And just because you are sneakily hiding your insults behind weasily constructed analogies, doesn't mean that I don't see what you're doing. 3. The reason why even brought up my RPG experience into the argument in the first place, was because you accused me of jumpi
  13. So, the guy can call me a headless chicken and I'm supposed to just take it, because you happen to agree with his opinion? How about you guys stop smelling each other's farts?
  14. You seem to be completely missing the point. I am well aware that the game has numerous stuff with which you can create some crazy combinations. Hell, I've seen players beat world bosses on PotD naked. However being able to do some crazy **** with crappy gear does not refute my points in the slightest. I'm sure there are people who can beat Durodugan while at L1 with a toothpick on PotD, but that wouldn't make the said toothpick a good weapon, nor would such an attempt be a fun experience, now would it? Also your mom analogy is completely stupid. I did finish the game and steamrolled prett
  15. Valid point. I think that might have played into why I felt the loot was so weak. I also got a death-knight's heavy plate armor early on that I used for the rest of the game. Every other armor felt incredibly weak in comparison. I also repaired my old sword from Caed Nua early on and used it for the vast majority of the game. Only Aeldy's sword was better, but I got that in the last 10-20 hours. So basically, my character was pretty much decked out early on. Imagine going through 100 hours of content and only finding 1 sword that is only marginally better than what you already have. That sucks
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