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  1. Sadly not. There are two (three in fact) inherent flaws with it. 1. There is now no way to act as mighty (meaning powerful in magic) mage in dialogs. Only as _physically mighty_ warrior. 2. I now can clearly see the game thinks my might stat is a physical feat. I can safely assume any NPC behavior towards me will be based on that and I will be perceived by NPCs as physically strong. This is something what irritates me most. Bonus 3. Your suggestion is nice but does not work in reality. A mere existence of such options for my char ruins my immersion. It's like saying we can forget a
  2. Dear Obsidian. I have nothing against your perception that "might" means simply power, regardless on if physical or sorcerous. In fact - I find it quite cool approach and especially as _intimidation stat_ it makes a lot of sense. Seeing an obviously mighty sorcerer/warlock/necromancer can be just as intimidating for the person (if not more) as seeing a huge warrior. BUT...! Just like in PoE1: a) Racially, I have to be _giant_ to have bonus to the power of my spells?! Ugh, what?! Sorry?! b) But even worse - far far worse in fact. The first dialog I hit with a "might" check
  3. Sadly, this game is nowhere near Bioware perfection in class/skill based dialogs. ( It took me only a few hours of play to get the following option: - "[Might 15] : Lift <NPC> off his feet" and when selected "<NPC> struggles in your arms." I play sorceress so it is completely inadequate. Might shares power for spell/muscles what is fine but the dialog options fail (as usually in 99% of sloppy made RPGs) to recognize class correctly. This ruins my immersion in RPGs immensely and is one of primary reasons why I love (only) Bioware games. I was hoping Obsidian got up to t
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