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  1. Hey everyone! Apologies for the inconveniences, there were some issues with the keys, but we're fixing the problem as we speak. Ultimate Fig Edition will receive the the Explorer's Pack. Premium Fig Edition will receive the 2 in-game items, (Cosmo and the Tricorn hat) I hope that clears that up.
  2. Greetings Watchers! This Wednesday at 4PM PDT, we're be showing off a new area in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire on our twitch channel!
  3. Hello Watchers and Critters alike! Yesterday we announced Obsidian's partnership with Critical Role for Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire. Fans of both series have been trying to create parties with Vox Machina characters since the release of the original Pillars of Eternity... so we're excited to announce that now you can do it with their voices, too! But that's not all the cast of Critical Role is doing in Deadfire. Along with the return of Matthew Mercer, all the cast members will be voicing major characters in Pillars II. Today we're very happy to share who the cast will be voicing and tell you a bit about those characters. Enjoy! Edér and Aloth – Matthew Mercer Edér - A farmer and veteran of the Saint's War, Edér fought alongside the Watcher in the Dyrwood and now accompanies his old ally to the Deadfire Archipelago. His easygoing manner and dry wit belie a strong sense of responsibility and commitment. Eothas' return into the world raises questions for Edér about the god he once worshipped and later fought against. If he can help restore the Watcher's soul, then just maybe he can get some answers of his own, too. Aloth - Aloth is a wizard from Aedyr and an old ally from the Watcher's journeys in the Dyrwood. Meticulous, thoughtful, and pragmatic, his experiences in the years since meeting the Watcher have shaped him. They've also brought him to the Deadfire on a mission of his own. With the Watcher's help, he hopes to uncover the truth behind one of the oldest and most secretive organizations in Eora. Maia Rua – Marisha Ray Maia is an elite sharpshooter serving a tour of duty for the Royal Deadfire Company. With the help of her bird of prey companion, Ishiza, Maia can scout environments both in and out of combat. Reassigned from her mission and sent to assist the Watcher, she and Ishiza are grateful for the chance to sail the treacherous waters of the Deadfire for some adventure and target practice. Serafen – Liam O’Brien As a shiphunter of the Príncipi sen Patrena, Serafen uses his psychic abilities to guide pirates to merchant vessels ripe for plunder. Serafen's captain offers the furry blue pirate's expertise to the Watcher, and Serafen brings with him his unique perspective on the politics and cultures of the Deadfire - as well as a long history of wronged rivals, lovers, and adversaries. A self-proclaimed expert in all things involving his tongue, Serafen's bawdy humor, felonious tendencies, and strained relationship with the truth don't always endear him to his fellow travelers. Tekēhu – Travis Willingham Tekēhu is a marine godlike and accomplished watershaper. While others would harness his talents to intimidate enemy ships and enrich Huana culture, Tekēhu wishes to spearhead an artistic revival and bring change on his own terms. His people have a very rigid idea what it means to be born of a god, so he delights in paddling against the current and defying the wishes of those who seek to control him. Xoti – Laura Bailey Xoti is a half meadow, half savannah folk priestess who believes it is her divine duty to shepherd lost souls through the Beyond. As a worshipper of Gaun, the aspect of Eothas associated with harvests and the death side of the cycle of rebirth, Xoti wields a sickle and a lantern in order to reap souls for her god. When she was a young girl, she was one of thousands of Readcerans who came to Deadfire fleeing the devastation that followed the vorlas blight and the Saint's War. Her family, like many others, established themselves as farmers, and it was then that Xoti claims Gaun began to speak to her through prophetic nightmares. Xoti is eager to chase down the manifestation of her god so that she might better understand and aid his mission on Eora. Rekke – Sam Riegel Rekke is the sole survivor of a shipwreck. When the Watcher finds him, he speaks a language none among the party have ever heard before - not that it stops him from speaking his mind. In the Watcher's company, he quickly proves himself to be a capable fighter and easy-going traveling companion. The youngest member of the party, he amuses himself by playing pranks on his newly found friends. Ydwin – Ashley Johnson An expert in the metaphysics of Eora and a skilled practitioner of animancy - the wildly controversial science of the soul - Ydwin holds as deep an interest in the Watcher's abilities as in the living god wading across the Deadfire. Analytical, courteous, and possessed of a rapier wit, she seems the ideal compatriot - assuming you don't object to her dangerous avenues of scientific inquiry. Eothas – Taliesin Jaffe Eothas is the god of light, redemption, and rebirth. A generation ago, he manifested his power in a farmer named Waidwen to lead what became known as The Saint's War. After the armies of the Dyrwood destroyed St. Waidwen, Eothas disappeared from Eora. He was not heard from again until he restored and animated the statue beneath the castle of Caed Nua. Destroying the castle, drawing the souls out of its residents, and leaving the Watcher of Caed Nua for dead, Eothas then marched into the ocean and made his way for the Deadfire Archipelago. His motives are unknown. You can pre-order Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire through Critical Role via our publisher, Versus Evil. We will be updating that page up until launch so we can highlight the characters, the cast, and more!
  4. Greetings fellow Watchers and Critters! If you missed out on the announcement for the partnership between Critical Role and Obsidian, you can read all about it here: http://eternity.obsidian.net/news/critical-role-and-obsidian-entertainment-announce-partnership-for-pillars-of-eternity-ii-deadfire Pre-Order the game now! http://versusevil.com/games/pillars-of-eternity-ii-deadfire_c-r/ We've also been getting a ton of questions from you all, so we've prepared a small FAQ! When will the Vox Machina voice sets be released?On May 8th, when Deadfire launches! How do I obtain the Vox Machina voice set DLC?It's free! You just need to own the game. Are the voice sets edition specific? (Standard, Deluxe, Obsidian Edition)All editions will include the free Vox Machina voice sets! I am a Fig backer, will I get voice sets?Yes! Will the DLC be available for the console version of the game?Yes! The DLC will be free with the PS4, XBOX, and Switch versions of the game. Is there a difference if I pre-order the game from the Versus Evil website, GOG, or Steam?There is no difference, each platform will grant you the same rewards, including the pre-order items. If there are any more questions, please feel free to ask away in the comments and we'll update the FAQ accordingly!
  5. We're still here working away! And the Backer Update is coming! SUPER SOON!
  6. Try logging out of GameCenter and log back in, that should do the trick.
  7. Hey Dunesparrow! As the blog mentions, we really aren't sure. It's up to our partnering publishers if they want to do something.
  8. Hail and well met Adventurers! Today we will be releasing Update 1.2.9 Rise of the Goblins Deck 2! Here are the update notes and what to expect once the update goes live. If you'd like to know more information on the Update and some Pathfinder News, please head over to our blog by Producer Flounder himself! The Goblin Cannibal Upon returning to the tribe after successfully launching an attack on Sandpoint the Anti-heroes find that the tribe is being subverted by a traitor. The source of these evil words will lead the group to new locations, treasures, and eventually to a legendary Goblin witch. Rise of the Goblins Deck 2 - The Goblin Cannibal contains: New Goblin Character: Tup the Terrible 5 New Scenarios 20+ new cards **Requires Goblin Deck 1 "Burn Everythings!" to be owned and completed on Normal Difficulty to be played** Bug Fixes So, here are the things that we took to fixing since Progression Breaks Lock layouts so that the player cannot open the discard/character decks on top of the examine tray Fixed Reporting of multiple game session ends when a user quits or forfeits Force a state change to the current state (start turn) after survivalist character power ends Fixed an event was declaring stateful then not advancing the state because it became invalid during the cycle Fixed an issue where the game sometimes crashed when evaluating a card filter (oddly not 100% reproducible) Post act events were sometimes stuck in the roll state because the state was not advanced Licktoad camp map intro was sometimes crashing due to a missing audio source reference Card filter serialization error was breaking some old save games UI/VFX Moved power description mask to the left a little to keep edge from appearing faded. Moved copied vfx to work better in both 4:3 and 16:9, all lined up Added tooltip for locations (e.g. Temple) Shortened the difficulty vfx poof, pops in faster and fades out sooner Fixed Unicode characters from not saving correctly Fixed continue button in offline mode Fixed Unicode characters from not saving correctly Fixed some sorting errors in the enemies 'win', slash is on top with a new added bokeh effect Updated poison vfx to run more efficiently and look smoother More blunt vfx updates for hitting the enemy Updated blunt weapon effects for melee/ranged (player taking damage) Realigned 'Continue' button on Villain fanfare (moved up too high) Fitted the roles text in the box vertically as well as horizontally Added an informational popup when a scenario power fires at the start of a turn and shades the screen Enlarged scenario helper text for mobile Fixed some difficulty panel sorting issues on phone (sorted forward a little) Location power cure: no longer play any heal animations when there are no cards to heal Refreshed the roster panel on the party creation screen, when characters were in the party at startup Added pips to the scenario list items displayed on the adventure screen On the adventure screen, lock all adventure buttons on phones when the scenario panel is down Increased blessing icon art from 25% to 36% to see it better in that tiny circle on the card decoration Hooked up a long forgotten custom hilite for the scenario power button on phones Improved card layout examine tray animations Removed dice label fade during refresh because it caused blinking text Added tutorial commands to expand/collapse the location panel (used on phones during tutorial #3) Added a decoration to cards which copy blessings; moved the "copy blessings" button Fixed characters not showing up due to not removing deleted characters Properly display character nickname on character sheets Force the ios/android keyboard into secure mode during the asmodee password login We now account for unicode characters when auto-generating nicknames during conflicts Vault/Gallery/Stash Vault character nickname data is now written as unicode bytes Game Play Zuvuzeg now grants an extra explore after the player has used one explore After closing the examine layout sometimes a card back was displayed in the explore position A card power which modified difficulty sometimes "lost" the card so it was never processed into a deck after play Added the magic trait when summoning a monster via Summon Monster boon Fixed recharge/discard character powers not being marked as active so it was never disabled Map move ignoring move restrictions only worked when multiple targets were involved Before act damage which skipped the player had dice applied twice (double damage) Fixed issues with damage reduction effects not being applied during global damage iterators Fixed an issue with card power effect boost not deactivating so the effect was never removed when canceling a card When boosting a combat check, sometimes the dice/check was not refreshed Summon monster card disposed itself without invoking the card's OnPlayed event Added combat state power condition to Merisiel's "Trinket Hunter" character powers Orb of Storms is now buried after failing recharge check Damage state now accounts for cards already discarded (by other characters)
  9. Hail and well met! A few months ago we set up a few options for additional content for Pathfinder Adventures that would leverage more of the Rise of the Runelords campaign. We had a few choices available. It could have been another "Tale" to follow up what we were doing with Valeros (I believe the unofficial poll had Ezren in the lead to be the next adventure), a side quest hub (really popular idea internally especially since I suggested it), and a follow up Goblin Deck to Burn Everythings! The team actually put in the infrastructure for the side quests which would have supported 25-30 one-shot missions that would have been a great retention feature BUT that opened up a new can of worms. Some examples of things that needed to be properly fleshed out were about leveling up, randomly assigning rewards, skill ups, creating those rewards, etc. The list got long but it was filled with a bunch of cool ideas. Having just released A Fighter's Tale: Valeros we were hyped about how many more of the backgrounds we could flesh out for the Iconics with more Tales and at the same time add additional characters to be used in Rise of the Runelords. Before we started production, we looked back and saw this entire other campaign from a few months before that we put a lot of work into making its own thing. Doing two newer things didn't make sense when we could add content to a framework that was due for more. Goblin Deck 2 was decided upon and we figured that future production would be something like Gob Deck 2 > Hub > Tale 2 > Gob Deck 3 > More Hub > Tale 3... and so forth until the Goblin campaign got wrapped up and we ran out of Iconic characters. You'll also be able to find the update notes here Here are some screenshots from Rise of the Goblins Deck 2! You may have noticed I didn't mention another box set like Skull & Shackles, Wrath of the Righteous, or Mummy's Mask. Rise of the Runelords pretty much handles only content created for it and if we tried to implement Ships, higher power levels, or even curses, it would very likely bring the whole thing down. Not to mention RotR is getting to be a pretty large game that is taking up more and more memory. Adding 20-30 cards per deck is a small increment compared to adding a thousand more cards from a new boxed set. It would have had to be a sequel with all the different ways that we currently present things and going through our wish list while making a solid foundation would have taken a better part of a year. Other features we wanted to expand on was a better use for gold which included more gold exclusive boons as well as a Stash size increases but we also had a metric ton of bugs that we had to fix. I definitely owe the awesome fan-base and folks familiar with Pathfinder Adventures for helping to explain how things work and how to deal with known issues. So, a big "Thank you!" from the team. However, I don't want to just talk about all the things we were working on. I think it is only fair to share what we are working on next and the answer is a very vague, "We don't know." There were plans in place to potentially even work on a Switch version that would be standalone and not require any interaction with PlayFab. It would have basically been a straight port of all of Rise of the Runelords without any of the special content we created, then we could have done DLC packs (or whatever) with the additional treasure cards and scenarios. Imagine seeing Seelah in a Princess Peach skin. (/faints) *Note: This wasn't approved to be done by anyone, this is just me typing some crazy possibilities -F* Alas, we couldn't get the timing to work out so as not to clash with other Obsidian releases, and most of the Pathfinder team was farmed out to help with other projects while that was being determined. The danger of that is that often teams that get split up don't often reform back on their previous project because they have become essential to their current project. Luckily for Pathfinder, we kind of broke that tradition and got the band back together for Goblin Deck 2, but we still don't know what the future holds. There are still talks going on with the publisher as to what they want us to work on but nothing concrete at this time. Finally, if you guys had awesome customer support (besides just Aarik) it was because the actual Pathfinder team members were working to help you guys directly. We are still going to be working on some of the more serious issues directly but overall that will be transitioning to Asmodee. Take it easy on them, they know not what they asked for and aren't as familiar with PlayFab yet. Thanks again! We aren't gone yet. -Flounder (aka OES), MrBishop, and Rrodriguez By proxy: Andre, Hannah, and KSmith (and of course Nathan!)
  10. Hey owie! The pre-order version of the game does not include the beta. The backer beta is only available to those who help crowdfund the game during our Fig and Slacker Backer campaign. Apologies for the confusion!
  11. Hey everyone, We want to update our backers on Korean-language support for Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire. As promised, backers will receive a Steam or GOG key directly from Obsidian (through the Backer Portal) for the Korean language version of the game. We expect that this translation will be available either on release day, or shortly thereafter. Retail purchasers of the Korean version of Pillars II can get it directly from our Korean-language partners, H2 Interactive. Apologies for taking so long to respond to you guys.
  12. (EDIT) Updated this post with Systems Changes, Known Issues, and fixed formatting Ahoy Backers and Watchers! Get ready to set sail and venture into glory! We're happy to announce that we have a big update happening for the Backer Beta! We are now introducing Ship Combat, Crew Members, Items, and Enchanting/Crafting into the beta! As always, we would really appreciate on getting as much feedback as possible and have fun! Please note that older saves will not work on the latest patch! Apologies for the inconvenience. NEW CONTENT Ship Crew - Crewmembers specific to Ships and Ship Combats have been added to the Backer Beta! Ship Crew will manage your ship and man specific roles during ship combat, so they're essential to your seafaring adventure. Proper crew management is the key to an effective crew. Ship crew is accessed through the Ship Management [H] Menu. Ship Items - Items to aid you in combat such as cannons have been added to the Backer Beta as well. This includes components to the ship, as well as Food, Equipment, and Cargo. Ship Items are also accessed via the Ship Management [H] Menu. Ship Combat - Ship Combat has been added to the Backer Beta. Ships will now sail around on the world map and can attack or be attacked by your ship. Clicking on any ship will allow the player to engage in Ship Combat in our unique Ship Combat system. We would love feedback on this! Enchanting/Crafting - Enchanting and Crafting system has been added! You can access Crafting from the Inventory Menu, and with the correct recipes will be able to craft specific items to aid you in game. Enchanting will be possible with unique weapons, and Right-Clicking on any item that is able to be Enchanted will display a button that will give access to the possible enchants available Inventory on World Map - A quality of life change we hope you all will enjoy, Inventory is now accessible when on the world map. This is something we feel will benefit the player greatly as you travel on land or sea! SYSTEMS CHANGES General Changes: Very Fast, Fast, Average, and Slow Recovery times have been increased by 1s each Slow and Very Slow Cast Times have been reduced by 1s each Dual Recovery bonus has been reduced from -50% to -30% Recovery Armor Recovery Penalty changed across all three armor types Heavy Armor changed from 67% to -38% Medium Armor changed from -82% to -45% Light Armor changed from -50% to -30% KNOWN ISSUES Ship management 'Voyager' Ship Name is a Missing String Veen combat has multiple NPCs without equipment (happens after boarding them) Helmsman is not placed correctly on the ship deck Healing the Boars in the encounter can be attempted by all character with incorrect abilities BUG FIXES Thanks to all you wonderful gamers providing tons of feedback/bugs. We have been able to address those tons of bugs over the past month; here are some of the highlights. Be aware that the following list contains possible spoilers to some Backer Beta content for Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. General Issues: (FIXED) Quicksaving and Loading on the World Map causes Character Portrait to change (FIXED) Gains 3 levels per multiclass rather than 2 (FIXED) Chat Scroll bar is reversed (FIXED) Interacting with the Windswept Shrine (FIXED) Monk Shattered Pillar's Wound ability is not clear to the player (FIXED) Desert Wurm Hatchling active effect displays twice in Character Sheet (FIXED) Desert Wurm Hatchling has the incorrect icon (FIXED) Killing Broodmother and Himuihi triggers a Quest Failed pop up (FIXED) Vektor has multiple duplicate barks after completing Poko Kohara (FIXED) Post level up skills are incorrect from what character spent in level up (FIXED) Battle Axe modal has temp descriptions in status bar (FIXED) Blunderbuss modal has temp description in status bar (FIXED) Godlike Body time has Temp description in Character Creation (FIXED) The Edit Grimoire button has been changed to View Grimoire (FIXED) Resting on a mat in Tikawara shows an inn cutscene (FIXED) Rod's Blast Weapon modal does not grant any bonus Class Specific: (FIXED) Ghostheart subclass has some abilities that don’t work on level up (FIXED) Corpse Eater and Flesh Communion now state that the barbarian must consume "deceased" corpses, unconscious does not suffice (FIXED) Chanter Troubadour ability has missing strings (FIXED) Druid shapeshift forms have incorrect attack icons (FIXED) Multiclass characters can spend their additional point on one class (FIXED) Trickster subclass does not learn Dazzling Lights inherently (FIXED) It is possible to avoid the Devoted subclass penalty (FIXED) Druid's Storm Rage ability is missing Penetration bonus from Fury Subclass (FIXED) Nature's Resolve buff does not show the correct icon (FIXED) Get Over Here's ability has [TEMP] text in Character Creation (FIXED) Ascendant's Soul Whip does less damage when not at max focus UI: (FIXED) Portrait and Voice set integers are very dark on the Character UI (FIXED) Characters can appear extremely large in the UI. It is hilarious (FIXED) Character Creation portraits are misaligned for the first row (FIXED) General Companions have a Wants to Talk icon that does not fire any dialogue Spells and Abilities: (FIXED) Essential Phantom is casting an empty character model or bugged character (FIXED) Reflexive Mirror trigger can duplicate pets (FIXED) Arcane Veil causes weapon model to go missing (FIXED) Living Surge is not clear to user (FIXED) Reverse Pickpocket has no difficulty Combat: (FIXED) Concelhauts staff uses modal damage. (FIXED) Summoned Weapons appear to be missing some bonuses for weapon types (FIXED) Dual wielding Pistols does not reload as intended (FIXED) Corrosive damage is calculating incorrectly (FIXED) Swapping Modal allows for ranged weapons to have no recovery reload time (FIXED) Skeletal Sorcerers are attacking themselves in Engwithan Station (FIXED) Concelhaut's Parasitic Staff model disappears in combat (FIXED) Skeletal Enemies are not weak to Crush damage (FIXED) Engwithan Titan has very low deflection. Linux: (FIXED) LINUX - Character Creation appears when loading or re-entering Tikawara (FIXED) LINUX - Encounters do not disappear macOS: (FIXED) MAC - Game will no longer crash on launch
  13. Backer items and Pre-order items are separate. So Backers will be getting Fig rewards as well as the pre-order items! For those who are only purchasing by pre-order will only get those 3 items.
  14. Hail Watchers! We just wanted to inform you all that we will be closing off the Backer Portal to new pledges on January 24th, 2018 at 11:59 PM PST. If you haven't redeemed your Fig pledge, no need to worry, you can still finalize your order! We'd like to thank you all so much for the support you have given us, this game wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for your passion and generosity. We look forward to seeing you guys in Deadfire!
  15. Hey n19htz, Unfortunately the Steam cloud does not work cross-platform for Pillars. If you still have access to your Windows PC, you can manually transfer the saves over via email, online storage, or thumb drive. Hope that helps!
  16. Hey Dracco, Typically when save files goes missing, its due to a anti-malware software preventing the game from reading the sames. Just disable or update your software and that should work. But if you save files are going complete missing (C:\Users\username\Saved Games\Pillars of Eternity) Then we have never heard or seen that before. Do you recall doing anything to your computer during the time you last played and the time you booted up the game that could have caused this? Thanks.
  17. Hail MrH! Could you please post up your computer specs and your output log? Have you tried verifying your game files by any chance? Thanks a bunch!
  18. Hey Julius and amazingxmovil! It looks like your game is running of the intergrated graphics card. Please make sure that your graphics cards are updated and run your PC Performance on High Performance to ensure you are using your Nvidia card. Hope that helps!
  19. Hail Sumerset! Since you have deleted all previous saves, the only way to get out of the pit would be to use console cheat commands. Open up the console and type "iroll20s" without the quotations and then hit F11 and you can teleport out of the pit. Then open up the console again and type ReactivateStronghold to regain assess to the stronghold, since it was disabled going down the pit. Hope that helps!
  20. Wow, you guys are absolutely amazing! Love everything I'm seeing here! Keep it up!
  21. Greetings friends! We absolutely love what you guys are doing with creating your own watercolor portraits and we want to help out! Our amazing and talented Matt Hansen created a PSD doc with instructions on how to create a watercolor portrait to match the style of the game! We've also included the texture as a separate file in you aren't using Photoshop. Enjoy! WatercolorTemplate.zip
  22. Correct, it typically takes a few days for GOG.
  23. Hail Watchers! The Beta Branch has been pushed to the live branch and is now live on Steam with the fixes above! Cheers!
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