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  1. wait what? where could you sacrifice her? i took her with me didn't get anything like that. also i don't think that the devs dislike her, if anything they gave her a lot of lines in this dlc because the players liked her a lot.
  2. The naked rat-person that is your profile-pic makes me VERY angry. This is an absolutely idiotic choice. Having nude pics was idiotic to begin with, but having a profile-pic surprise-flash you when you're visiting the forum is orders of magnitude worse.
  3. Deadfire would be like at least 50% better if they just made all sidekicks companions and all companions sidekicks.
  4. Please replay Pillars 1. Apart from the 2 Avellone-companions no companion has more than 5 3 minutes of dialoge and and 1 shallow quest. While I really dislike the Deadfire-companions on a character-level, they certainly don't have less content than the ones from P1. Which doesn't mean it's much either.
  5. That's just absurd. Companions are the main appeal of party-based RPG's. It doesn't matter how much they cost, any Pillars game without "full" companions would be a stillbirth.
  6. I feel like people(fans) would go mad if after adding 3 companions in Pillars 1 DLC, Obsidian would go on to not add a single one in Pillars 2 DLC's. And if they add any, it might as well be him.
  7. Oh my, i hope they don't write him against type, as some super nice and sensitive guy to subvert expectations. I'm sick off all the good aligned companions in this game. (let's hope he even is a companions and not just a sidekick.)
  8. Yes, indeed a very tough question if a roleplaying-game should focus on roleplaying or on tactics. /s
  9. Maybe a forum isn't the best place for you if you think that someone disagreeing and wanting to argue with you about your "own perspective" is "antagonistic".
  10. Yes your point is that we should just ignore flaws instead of criticizing them because there are other games with the same flaw.
  11. Wait, didn't you want to defend the story? I didn't mind Breath of the Wild's story. It basically allowed you to do things at your own pace. Yes and so does minecraft, nonexistent things can't get in the way of anything.
  12. Maybe i missed it because of bugs, but i couldn't find any romance in the game. I tried to romance Xioti, flirted with her and eventually got the fade to black, but that's not a romance, that's the prelude for a romance. After that i got the "We need to break up"-dialogue-option and an ending-card that referenced the supposed relationship and that's it. Even the last companion-dialoge after entering Ukaizo didn't acknowledged it in any way. Maybe I'm in the minority here, but to me a romance-option should include some level of doing things together, like the small dates in the Citadel-DLC from
  13. In all seriousness, though, the scene that comes to mind when I think of the over-display of violence in Witcher 3 is when you kill that one monster for a contract and cut his head of. There is absolutely no need for that whatsoever. It doesn't impact the plot, the character in question is defined entirely by being killed, etc. It's just an excuse to have a bunch of violence and cut of heads, IMHO.
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