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  1. Copy pasting from a different thread as this one specifically addresses stuttering as opposed to screen tearing. Save included below. Metadata.dat SaveGame.dat
  2. Copy-pasting from the other thread, and I appreciate the response from SChin. Many devs do not take these issues seriously, and figure that because it's a small portion of their audience having the problem, it's not worth fixing. I hope that's not the case here. Anyway, here's my post: Having the same issues. I have G-Sync turned on and setup properly (as tested by Blur Busters -- in game V-Sync off, Nvidia control panel V-Sync on, G-Sync set for fullscreen only, etc.), I have the game running in exclusive fullscreen, I have the latest drivers, and I'm running an 8700K and 1080 Ti s
  3. Description: (Copy-pasted from the Steam community) I just bought this game, and while I'm having a lot of fun with it (Definitive Edition) it's caused me nothing but headaches since I started playing. First of all, I had troubles installing it - it's the only game in my library that went into a weird update loop. It would take 30 minutes to install, then finish, then say "update required," and basically reinstall itself. That was "fun" to deal with but I eventually worked it out. Had to reinstall it a few times. Now, I can't even load my saves. After I died in combat, I hit "load" a
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