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  1. Copy pasting from a different thread as this one specifically addresses stuttering as opposed to screen tearing. Save included below. Metadata.dat SaveGame.dat
  2. Copy-pasting from the other thread, and I appreciate the response from SChin. Many devs do not take these issues seriously, and figure that because it's a small portion of their audience having the problem, it's not worth fixing. I hope that's not the case here. Anyway, here's my post: Having the same issues. I have G-Sync turned on and setup properly (as tested by Blur Busters -- in game V-Sync off, Nvidia control panel V-Sync on, G-Sync set for fullscreen only, etc.), I have the game running in exclusive fullscreen, I have the latest drivers, and I'm running an 8700K and 1080 Ti system with 16GB of RAM. Nothing is overheating, nothing is dangerously overclocked. Some other details that may or may not help the devs: The game is running on an SSD. Even when the game is set to fullscreen, I'm still able to quite easily alt-tab out and perform other actions, with the game still running and displayed on my first monitor. This seems to be somewhat abnormal behavior for fullscreen games, at least in my experience. Typically, alt-tabbing is quite an ordeal, and can risk crashing a game (or at least causing some annoying screen flickers). Is the game truly running in exclusive fullscreen? I have two monitors, both 144Hz, but only one (the one the game's running on) with G-Sync compatibility. I'm playing through the Xbox Game Pass for PC. I've completely uninstalled my drivers using Display Driver Uninstaller (performed properly -- I ran it in Safe Mode and as an Administrator), and then re-installed the latest ones. I do not have GeForce Experience. The only overlay tool I have is Rivatuner Statistics Server, for capping the FPS at 141. I've tried without that software as well. At 1080p with my current system, I see frequent FPS drops into the low 80s, and out in the wilds, it's usually well above 100. However, even at high framerates, the stuttering is constant. I'm not exaggerating. Every few seconds, stutter. Standing still but turning the camera, stutter. And yes, I've tried with G-Sync off, too, as well as with normal in-game V-Sync on (that just made things worse). I would be more than happy to record a clip of the stuttering in action, or provide any other details needed by the devs.
  3. Description: (Copy-pasted from the Steam community) I just bought this game, and while I'm having a lot of fun with it (Definitive Edition) it's caused me nothing but headaches since I started playing. First of all, I had troubles installing it - it's the only game in my library that went into a weird update loop. It would take 30 minutes to install, then finish, then say "update required," and basically reinstall itself. That was "fun" to deal with but I eventually worked it out. Had to reinstall it a few times. Now, I can't even load my saves. After I died in combat, I hit "load" and clicked to load one of my saves, and it just closed the save menu and took me back to the "you died" screen. Something similar is happening with main menu saves. I hit "continue" and it just goes to a black screen. I hit "load" and try to load one of my saves, and it just boots me back to the main menu as if I hit the escape button or something. That's not to mention the issues I have when I can actually get saves to even BEGIN loading - then, it sometimes just hangs and I have to force quit the game and retry. My graphics drivers are up-to-date, as that's the first thing I tried. The game is installed on my second SSD, and I bought it via Steam. I've already tried everything in this thread: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/73006-game-wont-load-my-saves/page-2 Steps to Reproduce the Issue: Simply start the game and load a save. It will either not work and just kick you back to the main menu, or it will have a black screen if you hit "continue," or it will work but then loading into new areas won't work so you're forced to restart the game, and then loading your save stops working again. Important Files: Can't think of any. Savegames Can't include it due to forum restrictions, so dropbox link here. https://www.dropbox.com/s/vmxxfn4yblyh7q4/9dc1598d644c411f92d3d86347452a35%207838476%20Valewood.rar?dl=0 Output Log Attached. System Specs GPU: GTX 1080 Ti Storage: Samsung 850 EVO 500GB SSD, Samsung 970 EVO 500GB SSD (one is PCIe), game is stored on the latter CPU: Intel i7 8700K RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 16GB Screenshots Wouldn't help in this case. output_log.txt
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