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  1. Hey Aarik ! Speaking of Early Access... hum, soon ? We're not quite there yet! However, we will absolutely make an announcement when we get closer to the beta stage of development!
  2. A new dev blog by the one and only Flounder is now up on the website. Also check out our new tutorial that goes over a play through of a scenario! http://forums.obsidian.net/blog/8/entry-204-pathfinder-adventures-rise-of-the-goblins/
  3. You know, we do have an RP Chat already existing on discord with a dice rolling bot for DnDish purposes. Welcome to the Sleeping Llama! Best tavern around!
  4. Rise of the Goblins We are proud to announce that we have new content coming to Pathfinder Adventures in the form of a new campaign, Rise of the Goblins. In our push to bring some quality of life features to Pathfinder Adventures AND release this for desktop it has been a severe content drought. When you have comments like, "Is this game even supported anymore?" and, "I wish the wait for new content was only as long as the wait from deck 3 to 4..." you know it has been too long. This campaign has some of the same events as Rise of the Runelords e
  5. You would say the ska-chanter would have to.... pick it up, pick it up, pick it up!
  6. Hey Alkatrazshock, Could you please post your username #xxxx so we can take a look into your account? Thanks a bunch!
  7. Thanks for letting us know Slatanic, we are currently looking into it now!
  8. Hail Adventurers! We've been getting a lot of great feedback from you all, so we patched out some of the top issues you all may have been experiencing. Achievements will retroactively be applied and properly display for those that were previously completed. Reduced the time it would take for Dice to appear properly in user's collection. As always, thank you all for your amazing support and feedback!
  9. Hail Adventurers! We've been getting a lot of feedback and questions from you all, so we drafted up this FAQ to help address a majority of those questions! Q: How long do I have to enroll in the Pathfinder Ambassador Program? A: The window to enroll in the Pathfinder Ambassador Program will close on on August 1st, 2017 at 12:00AM PDT. Q: When does the 10% Steam Coupon Expire? A: The 10% off coupon expires on July 31st, 2017 at 12:00 AM PDT. Q: Will there be future opportunities for me to upgrade my account to the Obsidian Edition? A: We are considering this, but at this time
  10. Great news adventurers! The Pathfinder Adventures Ambassador Program is now live! Our blog gives you step-by-steps on how to sign up! http://forums.obsidian.net/blog/8/entry-203-pathfinder-adventures-ambassador-program-now-live/ Thank you all for your patience!
  11. Greetings, Ambassadors! Obsidian is pleased to announce that the Pathfinder Ambassador Program is up and running, and that qualified players of Pathfinder Adventures are eligible to join as of this moment! What is the Ambassador Program? For an in-depth discussion of the details of the Pathfinder Ambassador Program, you can visit this post. However, if you'd prefer to stay here, the short version is this: if you have spent $25 USD or more on the mobile version of Pathfinder Adventures, or you own the Rise of the Runelords bundle on either or both of those platforms, you will receive a free O
  12. Hey Loupdinour! That does seem odd. Could you please post your Username ID and number so we can take a look at your account? Thanks a bunch!
  13. Hey guys! Sorry about the progression break you are experiencing. Could you please tell us who you had in your party, what difficulty you are playing on and what cards were involved? Also please include your Username (e.i. SkaIsAwesome #2342) and we can check it out. Thanks a bunch!
  14. New Looking for what will be new in patch 1.2.6? You can check it out here! Pathfinder Adventures will be available for PC and Mac on June 15th! Here is what you can except when the game is released. Please note that PlayFab servers will be down for a brief moment while game goes live and is being updated for few hours. So if you come across and issues while updating the game on your mobile devices, please try again in a few hours. PC versions can be purchased through Steam and GoG. Mac versions can be purchased through Steam and the Mac Store. Account Merging With the release of
  15. Greetings Adventurers! We apologize for not updating you guys on the game as often as we would like, but things were crazy busy here and we've been hard at work. But good news! Flounder is coming atcha with the latest in Pathfinder Development! Read all about it here!
  16. Get the skinny from the latest Dev Blog from Flounder! Adding more fuel for questions to be asked!
  17. It's been quite some time since I've given an update on Pathfinder Adventures and for that, I am deeply sorry. In that time, the team has had some changes in both priorities and members. In the end, though, we have continued to work on making Pathfinder Adventures more accessible to existing users and to hopefully expose a new group of gamers to the world of Golarion and the iconic characters that travel within. Some of you might be saying, "Hey, why did we have to wait so long for a patch?" and, "Why didn't you update us more often?" We wanted to give the p
  18. Great questions Nilius2k! We will be having a Dev Q&A stream this Wednesday! Feel free to ask your questions there!
  19. Greetings Adventurers! I hope you are excited about the PC release as we are! This Wednesday we are having a Q&A Stream with the Devs of Pathfinder Adventures! Feel free to post your questions here so we can answer them on the stream!
  20. Hey guys! We are proud and happy to announce that Pathfinder Adventures is coming to PC on June 15th! Check out the trailer and be on the look out for a Dev Q&A Stream and Dev Blog in the next coming week!
  21. Hey Brevver! Welcome to the forums! Unfortunately the Steam Cloud functionality doesn't work on cross-platforms for our game. You will have to manually transfer your saves from you MacBook to you Windows PC via google drive, email, or usb drive and move the saves directly to the save folder. You can find the save folders for both computers here. Thanks and hope that helps! -Aarik
  22. Hey El_Diabolic! Back during the Kickstarter campaign for Pillars of Eternity, users who received a physical dvd copy of the game, also received a digital key for Steam or GOG. Unfortunately since you purchased the game from Amazon, it will not be accompanied by a digital key, so you will have to repurchase the game if you want to get the DLC content. You always have the option for backing Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire and get the Complete Pillars Bundle on the Backer Portal, where you can get Pillars 1 and The White March DLC, along with Pillars II when it is released. Sorry I
  23. Ahoy you bastards! After having a good chat with the great Captain Fluffe, I wanted to give you all some guidelines to help you guys out on deciding what type of item you guys want and input you will have when this item is being created. What item to choose (the hardest part). What the item will look like? (Once you guys decide on on the item, the person speaking on behalf of the BIB will be able to select from a large number of preexisting meshes (there are a ton)).A melee weapon made of obsidian is definitely doable. Ideas for history of the item (Lore) Where the item will be pla
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