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  1. You know, we do have an RP Chat already existing on discord with a dice rolling bot for DnDish purposes. Welcome to the Sleeping Llama! Best tavern around!
  2. Rise of the Goblins We are proud to announce that we have new content coming to Pathfinder Adventures in the form of a new campaign, Rise of the Goblins. In our push to bring some quality of life features to Pathfinder Adventures AND release this for desktop it has been a severe content drought. When you have comments like, "Is this game even supported anymore?" and, "I wish the wait for new content was only as long as the wait from deck 3 to 4..." you know it has been too long. This campaign has some of the same events as Rise of the Runelords except that it is coming from the point of view of the dastardly goblins. It's right there in the name and longtime fans of the physical Pathfinder games will hopefully have the same passion for this version. We took a lot of inspiration from We Be Goblins for the first few scenarios. After that, we just wanted to mess with the Iconics! When playing through Rise of the Runelords players got familiar with the Iconic characters and the stories that would unfold as they went from the coastal town of Sandpoint all the way to the ruined city of Xin-Shalast. For Rise of the Goblins we are introducing two new characters to choose from, Ranzak (from Skull & Shackles) and Poog (from Goblin Burn! Deck). Both have new roles with unique powers that differentiate themselves from the Iconic Pathfinder characters. Since Rise of the Goblins is for goblins only and some players wish to have parties larger than two, we've included all (11) of the Iconic characters in goblin form and they all come with a new power. It should be noted that while Rise of the Goblins is only for those with the goblin trait (it wouldn't be right for the good guys to be doing these bad things anyway) the users can use the goblins in the existing Rise of the Runelords campaign. The first adventure deck for Rise of the Goblins contains five scenarios that starts in Sandpoint and because of the actions of the goblins it sets off the events that lead into the RotR's Attack on Sandpoint. The setting works out quite well in interweaving the stories between Iconics and the goblins because they are each other's antagonist. To help hit home the different side of the story we've made some additional changes to some of the cards that will be available in the goblin deck. Boons for the Iconics would be banes for the Goblins and allies would be enemies. Unlike the goblins themselves, these changed cards are not going to be fed back into the Rise of the Runelords box because it wouldn't make sense to have Ripnugget the Ally card be used again Ripnuggest the villain. Plus, we aren't playing around in the Mirror Mirror universe. Finally, we are also including a new set of goblin themed dice. These dice are our first asymmetrical dice created for Pathfinder Adventures and we hope they help pave the way for new unique shapes of dice in the future. Personally, I think we need more skulls but I could see some of other forms appear. We would have to have new code to deal with a d30 or a d100 that if you roll it too hard it just rolls off the virtual table. The Future The next content after our goblin deck is still being designed (and possibly named something else) but it is currently being called a Side Quest and is going to be character specific. Meaning you can do them with different sized parties but it requires the character of focus to be in the party. While this is subject to change, we plan on opening up with a series of five scenarios that explore some events that befall Valeros (he does have an interesting backstory) and culminate in unique rewards and a new character added to the roster. Who that character is has been currently narrowed down to one of two choices but they will be coming from the Fighter Class Deck and it isn't another version of Valeros, so that's your hint. Hmmm, maybe we'll open it up to a popularity vote or something in the future. No promises though! -- We did get some players interested in Pathfinder recently and when you do a key-word search on reviews one word comes up more than any other. "Complicated" probably followed by, "as F*&K" and you know, that is pretty accurate. To help ease some folks into our CasF game, Aarik went and generated a series of very well done videos narrated by DanDizz (Twitch streamer extraordinaire) that will help explain some of the basics of the game and then into more of the nuanced parts. We'll have links for them in-game soon but the first two of the series are available now. -- Things we really, really want, still. Some day. Maybe. Magic dice. What's that? Dunno, but I think it would be pretty cool if you had some dice that if they rolled a 1 you could burn a charge and reroll. Kind of like Pathfinder Mexicali. Larger Stash. We got a lot guff for even adding the stash, now we are getting "requests" to have a larger stash. We're looking into doing just that! "See how that works?" -Ash Williams, Housewares Cheers, -F
  3. You would say the ska-chanter would have to.... pick it up, pick it up, pick it up!
  4. Hey Alkatrazshock, Could you please post your username #xxxx so we can take a look into your account? Thanks a bunch!
  5. Thanks for letting us know Slatanic, we are currently looking into it now!
  6. Hail Adventurers! We've been getting a lot of great feedback from you all, so we patched out some of the top issues you all may have been experiencing. Achievements will retroactively be applied and properly display for those that were previously completed. Reduced the time it would take for Dice to appear properly in user's collection. As always, thank you all for your amazing support and feedback!
  7. Hail Adventurers! We've been getting a lot of feedback and questions from you all, so we drafted up this FAQ to help address a majority of those questions! Q: How long do I have to enroll in the Pathfinder Ambassador Program? A: The window to enroll in the Pathfinder Ambassador Program will close on on August 1st, 2017 at 12:00AM PDT. Q: When does the 10% Steam Coupon Expire? A: The 10% off coupon expires on July 31st, 2017 at 12:00 AM PDT. Q: Will there be future opportunities for me to upgrade my account to the Obsidian Edition? A: We are considering this, but at this time we have no immediate plans for an upgrade beyond the Ambassador Program. If you qualify for the Ambassador Program and want to acquire Pathfinder Adventures on Steam, we encourage you to act before August 1st, 2017. Q: I can’t see all of the dice I’m supposed to have. What can I do? A: Relaunch the game. We have an auditing process that is triggered every time the game is launched with the player logged in. When it comes to the DLC a lot of calls were being made to the PlayFab servers to grant the licenses for all the cards, alts, dice, etc. If the internet connection is spotty or interrupted, the PlayFab server were overwhelmed, or any other reason why the content wasn't completed the audit process would find it and grant it. To keep from timing out the PlayFab servers we limited the number of calls and it could take a few relaunching attempts to get all the content. We have a patch coming out in the near future that will grant the licenses faster and not require relaunching of the app multiple times but until comes out this is the surest way to make sure your content is streamed in. Q: How many dice am I supposed to get from this promo? A: You get a total of 6 sets of dice. 6x Fiery Core 6x Gaudian Blue 6x Typhoon 6x Edge of Sunset 6x Edge of Sunrise 6x Edge of Midnight Q: I can’t see the Pillars of Eternity promo cards. Where are they? A: They are there but you will likely see them in your Unclaimed tab in your Deck Management screen. Simply move them to your stash and you will be able to use them immediately. There is an issue, that will soon be addressed, where Promo cards are not showing up in the Collection screen. They are available for use in your decks immediately. Q: I see the Pillars of Eternity cards in my stash / unclaimed, but not in my collection. Why? A: We need to flag Promo cards as visible whether you own the Promo. It will let people know where they come from and not be an invisible card in your collection. Q: Where are the 8 runes and 21 charms I was supposed to get in the Obsidian Edition? A: Runes/Charms are one of the first things granted from the DLC. If a relaunching of the app still does not show the content (listed below) as present, please send us your PFID (found at the bottom of the Options>Settings menu) to support@obsidian.net. There could be a failure from the servers and we will manually make sure you get your content. Rune Starter Pack Rune of Wealth (24 h) x 1 Rune of Savagery (12 h) x 2 Rune of Wonder (25 Chests) x 1 Rune of Shielding (12 h) x 2 Rune of Pilfering (12 h) x 2 Charm Starter Pack Soul Soap X 1 Spyglass X 5 Scroll of Guidance X 5 Scroll of Aid X 4 Prayer Beads X 3 Holy Candle X 1 Scroll of Cure X 2 Q: I created an Asmodee account and when I log in, all of my data is gone. What should I do? A: The Asmodee login associates itself to a PFID. If an issue arises while it is linking to a PFID it can associate itself with a new PFID which is considered a new account and it would appear that all your content is gone (it isn't). If you are not logged in to Asmodee all of your content could appear like normal. Being logged into Asmodee is not a requirement to have access to your content nor to play Pathfinder Adventures. Rather, it is a cross-promotion account so that you have access to other Asmodee games and those other games can be pointed towards Pathfinder. If for some reason you are forced to login to Asmodee and never have access to the proper PlayFab account, we can unlink the account from your PFID, then the next time you log in you will automatically load in like normal and if you with to associate your Asmodee account with the proper PFID you can do it then. Q: I’m trying to link my PFID by following your instructions, but it doesn’t appear. What’s going on? A: We have noticed that if you're unable to login via Steam that the Steam client may be out of date. All you need to do is force close and restart Steam, then launch the game again. You should be able to login and see your PFID. Q: I linked my Steam account and now my collection is gone, what gives? A: The process of merging multiple devices may have been interrupted. This could have been on the server side, a poor connection, or even a loss of power. If you have relaunched the game and there is still no collection please contact support with your PFID (found at the bottom of the OPTIONS>SETTINGS menu) and we will look into the account.
  8. Great news adventurers! The Pathfinder Adventures Ambassador Program is now live! Our blog gives you step-by-steps on how to sign up! http://forums.obsidian.net/blog/8/entry-203-pathfinder-adventures-ambassador-program-now-live/ Thank you all for your patience!
  9. Greetings, Ambassadors! Obsidian is pleased to announce that the Pathfinder Ambassador Program is up and running, and that qualified players of Pathfinder Adventures are eligible to join as of this moment! What is the Ambassador Program? For an in-depth discussion of the details of the Pathfinder Ambassador Program, you can visit this post. However, if you'd prefer to stay here, the short version is this: if you have spent $25 USD or more on the mobile version of Pathfinder Adventures, or you own the Rise of the Runelords bundle on either or both of those platforms, you will receive a free Obsidian Edition upgrade for Pathfinder Adventures on Steam! The Obsidian Edition is the ultimate version of Pathfinder Adventures, and contains all the treasure cards, character alts, and upcoming goblin alts, as well as a whole bunch of other rewards like legendary dice, a bunch of in-game gold, and the exclusive Obsidian cards: Eder and Pallegina from our upcoming RPG Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire that you can't get anywhere else! What if I didn't spend that much/don't own Rise of the Runelords? Even if you don’t qualify for the Pathfinder Ambassador Program, we still want to thank you for being a fan of Pathfinder Adventures. If you register on Obsidian.net, we'll give you a coupon for 10% off the game (and yes, it stacks with any ongoing sales!), as well as the exclusive Obsidian cards, and 1000 gold. That coupon is only good for a very limited time, so don't wait! Is GOG available for the Pathfinder Ambassador Program? Unfortunately, no. The GOG version of the game is still in development and will not be able to participate in the program at this time. How do I redeem my rewards? Now to the fun part! Follow the instructions below to create an Obsidian.net account (or sign in if you already have one), to redeem your rewards. 1. The first step is logging in to your Obsidian.net account , or creating a new account , if you don't have one. 2. Once you have signed into your Obsidian.net account, visit the Pathfinder Adventures Steam Promotion page . The Pathfinder Adventures Steam Promotion page will explain a little more about the Steam promotions and Pathfinder Ambassador Program. Please read the information carefully. 3. Press the “Continue to Account Verification” button to start the process of redeeming your rewards. 4. On the next page you will be prompted to verify your Steam account. 5. To verify your Steam account, press the “ SIGN IN THROUGH STEAM ” button. This will take you to Steam’s website so you can log in securely. 6. Enter in your Steam account’s credentials to link the Steam account to your Obsidian.net account. Linking this account allows Obsidian to unlock additional future content in Steam for Obsidian games. For example, there may be special content for Pathfinder Adventures owners in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire , you never know! 7. After you link your Steam account you will be prompted to enter in your Pathfinder ID (PFID). You can find this ID by pressing "Options" then "Settings" in Pathfinder Adventures on your mobile device. Once you have found your PFID, you will need to enter it in the textbox at the top of the page and press the “Submit” button. NOTE: You may skip this step, but if your PFID is not verified, you will not qualify for the Obsidian Edition upgrade DLC. To get the upgrade DLC you MUST enter in the PFID of the account that has spent $25 dollars or owns the Rise of the Runelords bundle. 8. After your account has been verified you will be given keys for your rewards. These rewards are redeemable through the Steam application. If you would like more information about redeeming your DLC and coupons, click on the “How do I activate a product on Steam?” link. 9. At this point, the process is complete and you can start redeeming your rewards on Steam. If you ever need to reference your keys again, you can visit (the "My Products" page on your Obsidian.net account). Just click on the Upgrade or Coupon entries to expand those sections and find your keys. Once again, Obsidian would like to thank you for supporting Pathfinder over the past year. Now to take down the Runelords!
  10. Hey Loupdinour! That does seem odd. Could you please post your Username ID and number so we can take a look at your account? Thanks a bunch!
  11. Hey guys! Sorry about the progression break you are experiencing. Could you please tell us who you had in your party, what difficulty you are playing on and what cards were involved? Also please include your Username (e.i. SkaIsAwesome #2342) and we can check it out. Thanks a bunch!
  12. New Looking for what will be new in patch 1.2.6? You can check it out here! Pathfinder Adventures will be available for PC and Mac on June 15th! Here is what you can except when the game is released. Please note that PlayFab servers will be down for a brief moment while game goes live and is being updated for few hours. So if you come across and issues while updating the game on your mobile devices, please try again in a few hours. PC versions can be purchased through Steam and GoG. Mac versions can be purchased through Steam and the Mac Store. Account Merging With the release of the computer versions of Pathfinder Adventures we know that many players will want to retain their progress from the mobile versions. You will now be able to merge your accounts together and progress on one will be shared with the other and vice versa. (may require restarting app to allow download of saves/characters/etc.) Runes Runes are items that can be purchased with gold that provide small bonuses in game. Runes can be purchased either in the store or the scenario selection screen. Timed runes can only be activated on the scenario selection screen. Most runes have timers. Purchasing and activating multiple runes will add to the timer. For example, if you buy and activate 2 of the same runes with one hour timers you will have that effect for 2 hours. Currently, the runes in game are: Rune of Wealth (4 hours/12 hours)Doubles gold acquisition for a set amount of tim Rune of Savagery (1 hour/4 hours/12 hours)Adds a +1 bonus to combat checks for a set amount of time Rune of Shielding (1 hour/4 hours/12 hours)Reduces damage by 1 for a set amount of time Rune of Pilfering (1 hour/4 hours/12 hours)Adds a +1 bonus to checks for acquiring boons for a set amount of time Rune of Wonder (5 Runes/10 Runes/25 Runes)Doubles the chance of finding Rare, Epic or Legendary items from chests, consumes 1 rune per chest opening Charms Charms are one-off bonuses that you can purchase and are activated while in a scenario Charms are not actually consumed until the action is confirmed. All Charm usage can be cancelled using the cancel button. Charms can be purchased in-game on the fly or from the store. The maximum amount of charms you can have at a time is 99. Charms cannot be used offline. Only icons of charms that can currently be used will be lit up in the new charms panel. Charms currently in game are: Soul SoapAllows the player to bypass the closing check on a location if the check difficulty is 15 or les SpyglassAllows the player to Examine a card on top of a specific deck Scroll of GuidanceAdds a +2 bonus to the current check that is performed by the player Scroll of AidAdds a 1d4 to the current check Prayer BeadsAdds a die to the current check Holy CandleAdds 1d6 blessings to the blessings desk Scroll of CureReshuffles 1d4 cards from discard to the character’s deck. Probability Calculator We have included a probability calculator whenever you have a check in game to help display if you need a little extra dice action to add to your rolls! Tutorial Revamp Our tutorial has been remade from a single tutorial to a 5-part tutorial. It is designed to help ease new players to our UI and systems. Now provides rewards that can be used after completing the tutorial. Stash and Unclaimed panels Runes are items that can be purchased that provide small bonuses New Cards Here are all the cards that are available for purchase with in game gold only: Mountain Pattern: Recharge this card to reduce Combat damage dealt to you by 3. Banish this card to reduce all damage dealt to you to 0; if proficient with heavy armors, bury it instead. Gray Gardener: Recharge this card and reveal a weapon to add 1d6+1 to your Charisma or Diplomacy check against a monster or an ally. If the top card of the blessings discard pile has the Norgorber trait, recharge this card to add 2 dice to your check to acquire a boon. Discard this card to explore your location. Improved Find Traps: Discard this card to add 2 dice to any check to defeat a barrier. If the barrier has the Trap trait, add another die. After playing this card, if you do not have the Divine skill, banish it; otherwise you may succeed at a Divine 12 check to recharge this card instead of discarding it. Volcanic Shield: If you played a weapon with the 2-Handed trait on this check, you may not play this card. Reveal this card to reduce Combat or Fire damage dealt to you by 2. If proficient with light armors, you may play another armor. Discard this card to add 1d6 and the Fire trait to a combat check by a character at your location. If proficient with light armors, you may recharge this card when you reset your hand. Fervor: Discard this card to explore your location. During this exploration, add 1d6 to your checks. After playing this card, if you do not have the Divine skill, banish it; otherwise, you may succeed at a Divine 16 check to recharge this card instead of discarding it. Blessing of Achaekek: Discard this card to add 1 die to any check. Discard this card to add 2 dice to any check to defeat a villain or henchman. Discard this card to explore your location. After you play this card, if the top card of the blessings discard pile has the Achaekek trait, recharge this card instead of discarding it. Amulet of Colossal Fists: Reveal this card to add 1d8+5 and the Magic trait to your combat check; you may not play a spell that has the Attack trait or a weapon on this check. We have some familiar faces from Pillars of Eternity making an appearance and welcome in Pathfinder Adventures as well! Edér and Pallegina can only be purchased through the Obsidian Edition on Steam, GOG, and the Mac App Store. Quest Mode As mentioned here in a developer blog from Flounder, we are sad to announce that Quest Mode will be removed from the game. But we have not forgotten the fallen! There is a reward system for those who have invested a great deal of time into Quest Mode. The rewards is as follows: Gold All Levels 125 Gold per Level5,000 Gold at Level 40. Level 40Additional 1,000 Gold DiceLevel 25+Nathan's Tribute (New set of dice) CardsAll LevelsElemental Body Card Chests Level 1 - 102 Chests Level 11 - 204 Chests Level 21 - 306 Chests Level 31 - 398 Chests Level 4010 Chests Bug Fixes Here's the list of other fixes we've addressed in this patch, broken down by type! Progression Breaks Shimmering Veils of Pride: A number of issues including some possible progression breaks involving Villains at the Shimmering Veils of Pride have been resolved. Spyglass: Resolved a possible progression break that could occur if using Spyglass Ghlorofaex: Fixed a possible progression break if a character encountered Ghlorofaex. Staff of Vision: Fixed a progression break that could occur if you used Staff of Vision Offline: Fixed various progression breaks while playing the game online. Mending: Fixed a progression break when using Mending between 2 different characters. Assault on the Pinnacle: Fixed a progression break when encountering a bane that examined the location deck during Assault on the Pinnacle. Staff of Hungry Shadows: Fixed a progression break when using the Staff of Hungering Shadows against banes with multiple checks Attack on Sandpoint: Fixed a progression break keeping players from being able to complete the scenario. Cards Falling Bell: No longer incorrectly retains the difficulty reduction if encountered multiple times in the same turn Simulacrum of Vraxeris: No longer incorrectly recharges hand when succeeding the Before You Act check at the Shimmering Veils of Pride, and also no longer recharges displayed cards when failing the Before You Act check. Summon Monster: Can now be recharged on characters with Arcane/Divine. Swipe: Resolved an issue where Swipe would function incorrectly when used vs items Token of Remembrance: Can now properly be cancelled when played. This should help some users work around a progression break when you can't interact with cards in the examine tray. Velociraptor: Now can correctly be discarded prior to your first exploration of the turn. Character Character Alts: Fixed a bug that would lock up the UI when attempting to purchase a character alt in game. Locations Shimmering Veils of Pride: Now forces a recharge when characters with auto success recharge powers fire. Scenarios Thassilonian Sins: Players are no longer forced to move after cornering and defeating the final villain UI Victory Screen: Fixed various issues with the UI in the new Victory Screen. Treasure Chests: Fixed a bug that was keeping players from being able to open Treasure Chests Tutorial: Fixed a bug that led the player to a black screen when completing a Tutorial Card Dragging: Fixed a bug that would cause a card to get stuck on screen when dragging it Vault/Gallery As always we'll be checking the technical support forums on release of the patch for any and all feedback you all provide. Thank you all for making the launch of Pathfinder Adventures be an awesome one and we look forward to bringing you more content as soon as we can!
  13. Greetings Adventurers! We apologize for not updating you guys on the game as often as we would like, but things were crazy busy here and we've been hard at work. But good news! Flounder is coming atcha with the latest in Pathfinder Development! Read all about it here!
  14. Get the skinny from the latest Dev Blog from Flounder! Adding more fuel for questions to be asked!
  15. It's been quite some time since I've given an update on Pathfinder Adventures and for that, I am deeply sorry. In that time, the team has had some changes in both priorities and members. In the end, though, we have continued to work on making Pathfinder Adventures more accessible to existing users and to hopefully expose a new group of gamers to the world of Golarion and the iconic characters that travel within. Some of you might be saying, "Hey, why did we have to wait so long for a patch?" and, "Why didn't you update us more often?" We wanted to give the players the best PC experience with Pathfinder Adventures. To keep this from being considered just a mobile port was an enormous amount of work and required us to focus a majority of energy and attention for it to become a reality. It's not a super awesome answer but it is the truth. I think when I have burned my last bridge and finished writing my book (I was thinking of calling it Production: How The Sausage Is Made And Other Stuff And Things With Lots Of Capital Letters But No Commas) I will be able to explain the twists and turns the last few months have had. The one constant that remains is the dedication the team has for the project and making awesomeness. "Flounder, enough! We only want to know two things: What's in patch 1.2.6 and how did you get your cool name?" Let's get started! 1.2.6 - Features PC & Mac The interface has been PC-ified. This was no small feat. If we had released a straight port of the mobile version we would have been flambéed. The team added hotkeys, scrollbars, and scroll wheel support that folks will be able to pick up on GoG, Steam, and the Mac Store. The pricing for the PC/Mac versions will initially differ from the mobile versions because we don't use in-game purchases, rather there is the availability of DLC for some elements, but when you buy the base version of the game you get the entire Rise of the Runelords content. For reference, the base version of the game will have all the decks and cards that are in the original Rise of the Runelords bundle, plus all the Uncommon and Rare Treasure cards. Two DLC packages will be available; one with all the iconic Alts and some legendary dice and the other with the rare epic and legendary Treasure Cards and some legendary dice. The Obsidian Edition comes with the base version, the two DLC packages, three promo cards (two of which are Edér and Pallegina from Pillars of Eternity, yeah!), three legendary items, a bunch of runes/charms/gold, and a DLC pack that will be available in the near future. We plan on keeping future content parity between all platforms so that if there is something that is available on the PC, the Mac, and mobile users will have it at the same time. Account Merging All platforms can use a single PlayFab account which means that all content and progression can be shared between them. It used to be kind rough if a user spent a lot of time on one platform and when they got another they would have to start from scratch or contact support. It was doubly rough if they actually had a lot of content unlocked on each platform. We say, no more! One account, all platforms! Updated UI in Character Creation Menu We also tackled some of the interfaces that we thought were problems including the Party Creation and Character Selection screen. These changes will be reflected in all platforms and be a more streamlined process that, while functional, wasn't making a very good impression on newer users and tolerated by current players. Stash In our faithfulness to the original card game we had the exact same valid deck check in the digital version. To expand the content in the digital version we added Treasure Cards (these can be ignored in Story Mode for those that want the exact same card game experience) but unlike most card games, when you open a Treasure Chest you don't actually get a copy of that Treasure Card for immediate use instead you just get the chance to find it in your adventures. It's kind of a hard concept to grasp unless you are familiar with the system and we have gotten a ton of feedback from the player who weren't. This addition will hopefully make it more gratifying when opening treasure chests and allow some players to hold on to some of those more specialized cards. Aside from copies of the Treasures Cards going into the ether to be found a copy is sent to the Stash for immediate use. This also helps alleviate the need for Mule characters that are solely created to store some of the less desirable cards for their current game progression. Plus, it is a bit more intuitive for the digital-verse. The Stash is set at 10 slots right now and includes an Unclaimed tab. All cards in Unclaimed cannot be used by any characters until they are officially moved to the Stash. You can open up a hundred chests and all the new cards will be waiting to be moved into the Stash. If you happen to go over your Stash limit you will then meet a happy vendor who will readily give you gold for your unwanted cards. Charms and Runes Ever have that roll you really, really needed to win or your permadeath character bites it or you are a turn or two away from kicking Ghlorofaex to the curb? We might just have the charm you are looking for. Charms are one-time use consumables that have an immediate effect on your current action. They vary from adding a bonus to a check to adding turns to the Blessings deck. They have a gold cost associated with their power so a bonus d4 to a roll might only cost 50 gold but adding to the Blessings would run you 500 gold. Runes differ from Charms in that they have a time limit associated with them and they almost act like a pseudo scenario power. The Rune of Wealth would double your gold acquisition while the Rune of Shielding would reduce damage by one for four hours. These will all be available in the Store and during game play for in-game gold only but Runes have to be set up prior to entering the scenario. Tutorial Updated You might not think this is a feature as much as just another iteration but the tutorial was a requirement to play the game and a good three-quarters of the people who were forced to play it were never seen playing our game again. No kidding. This super-RAD version of the tutorial is cut up into five bite-sized scenarios that teach very specific elements of the game in a clear and concise way. You even get special rewards for completing all of them. We don't consider just being able to play the beginning scenario a reward. Also, now with 100% more skipping. Yes, that's right, if you don't want to play the tutorial or are already familiar with the game, we have a skip button that is just right for you. Other Stuff Community requested feature! Yeah, you see that? Your chance of winning the check. I've confidently failed some 97% chance of success rolls but now I don't confidently go into the roll with a 20% chance glaring at me. It's a minor feature but it honestly makes your decisions a little more clear and that one additional d4 that Lini can throw in there is actually a huge improvement. - Sorry, that just didn't happen like we planned. It was supposed to do two things for us: Remove quest mode and grant people their rewards for checking it out as well as offer some additional Goblin alts to use all that ph4t cash on. The Goblins are coming but we will include their availability when we do some content specifically for them. That announcement will be coming soon, I am sure. Bugs Lots and lots of them have been fixed. Like a multi-page post that isn't part of this blog type of amount. We seriously want to make the experience better for the players and invested a lot time to fix issues that were brought up. I want to thank everyone that was involved with the actual creation of the content I just wrote about as well as you, the reader, for taking the time to read about our upcoming release. Patch notes will be coming shortly. Those will likely be boring and not nearly as cool as this post or my name. Dev Q&A on Twitch! We also have a Dev Q&A tomorrow at 4PM PST on twitch.tv with yours truly! So don't miss it and post your questions here on the forums so we can can answer them on stream! Oh fiddly-dee, look at the time. Gotta go! -Flounder
  16. Great questions Nilius2k! We will be having a Dev Q&A stream this Wednesday! Feel free to ask your questions there!
  17. Greetings Adventurers! I hope you are excited about the PC release as we are! This Wednesday we are having a Q&A Stream with the Devs of Pathfinder Adventures! Feel free to post your questions here so we can answer them on the stream!
  18. Hey guys! We are proud and happy to announce that Pathfinder Adventures is coming to PC on June 15th! Check out the trailer and be on the look out for a Dev Q&A Stream and Dev Blog in the next coming week!
  19. Hey Brevver! Welcome to the forums! Unfortunately the Steam Cloud functionality doesn't work on cross-platforms for our game. You will have to manually transfer your saves from you MacBook to you Windows PC via google drive, email, or usb drive and move the saves directly to the save folder. You can find the save folders for both computers here. Thanks and hope that helps! -Aarik
  20. Hey El_Diabolic! Back during the Kickstarter campaign for Pillars of Eternity, users who received a physical dvd copy of the game, also received a digital key for Steam or GOG. Unfortunately since you purchased the game from Amazon, it will not be accompanied by a digital key, so you will have to repurchase the game if you want to get the DLC content. You always have the option for backing Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire and get the Complete Pillars Bundle on the Backer Portal, where you can get Pillars 1 and The White March DLC, along with Pillars II when it is released. Sorry I couldn't be of more help. -Aarik
  21. Ahoy you bastards! After having a good chat with the great Captain Fluffe, I wanted to give you all some guidelines to help you guys out on deciding what type of item you guys want and input you will have when this item is being created. What item to choose (the hardest part). What the item will look like? (Once you guys decide on on the item, the person speaking on behalf of the BIB will be able to select from a large number of preexisting meshes (there are a ton)).A melee weapon made of obsidian is definitely doable. Ideas for history of the item (Lore) Where the item will be placed in the world (Item can absolutely be placed with the BIB pirates) The representative of the BIB (I'm guessing our great Captain Fluffle) will speak with our designers one-on-one to discuss your ideas and how we can best implement the item into the game within reason. If you guys have any additional questions, feel free to hit me up on twitter, discord, DM, etc etc. Hope that helps!
  22. Hey guys! Sorry for the delay, I've been out of the office for a past few days. While there isn't an option to just donate money, you are able to purchase up to 5 items of every add-on or tiers. So one could purchase the Digital Download + Early Access 5 times and give those copies away to friends and family, or do a raffle of your own on social media!
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