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  1. I'm sure they have their reasons, but the in-game economy has been out-of-whack for a little while. Content ranged from stupid expensive to basically free. The new structure adds value to the bundles, and better focuses in-game gold as the single in-app currency for things like consumables and treasure chests. The old way was generous, but Pathfinder's add-free hybrid F2P was a little unusual for commercial games. To be honest, requiring a little more cash is probably best for the long-term viability of the game. There's almost no chance of seeing Skull & Shackles get developed
  2. The pricing changes make me sad. Particularly the characters and adventures being paid only. Why not raise the gold amount instead of removing the option?
  3. On my LG G3, I can't buy the 6 chests for gold. It shows the gold amount in the app, but when I click but it asks me for 2.99 from google play.
  4. So I finished the one highest level I was on and got gp for it. I then did another one that I had done (I had no undone medium level ones) and got no gp, but it said completed on that screen, the others hadn't. I then just did the first adventure in the base set on medium and got gp..
  5. Yeah, I'm logged in. I get gold for killing, closing locations, and challenges. I'll try today's challenges for two heroic level and tell if it counts
  6. Yeah, I was trying to make my way through all the difficulties in deck one, do they're all new levels
  7. Happened again this morning while I was doing the daily. I got that reward just not the mission
  8. Hello, I just completed my third scenario without getting any gold for completing and I'm not sure why becauseI'm on the internet. I just did thistletop on medium difficulty. I believe the other two were also medium and in adventure deck one. My device is an LG G3 with android version 6.0. PFID D21950207EBD08E7 Neither pass and play or permadeath is on I was doing Story Mode I only have the cleric, the rogue, and the sorceress and they were in that orde
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