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  1. Yeah, as it is, if the second paralyse lands 0.1 second before the first expires it does nothing, but if it lands 0.1 second after the first expires then it works fully, it's just so super weird and unexpected, especially since the status shows the second one as active even if it is not.
  2. If I cast mental binding on a target that already has the paralyzed effect from a previous mental binding, there's a rather high chance that when the duration of the first ends the target will have the second paralyzed effect appear on their status list, but will still move and attack as if they didn't.
  3. I'm at work so can't confirm 100%, but i'm still pretty sure that sickened is -10 fort/will, not -20. Also weakened is -20 fort/will. And then very importantly, that they don't stack, if both only the biggest applies, so it's -20 fort/will total. And then also also also, blind and hobbled are rather easy and inexpensive to apply and keep aplied, while weakened is not. And furthermore (urg), fort is generally 20+ points higher then reflex/will. Fort is by pretty far the worst defensive stat to attack.
  4. This same thing can happen with the lv2 mage bouncing fireball spell as well, and it happened on both spells in version 1.04 . For some reason each will normally hit only once but once in a while will multi hit 2-6 times each target. Also in 1.04 iconic projection completely ignored enemy DR.
  5. If you don't do the bounties/endless the game's difficulty slowly decreases (except bosses) but it's not so bad. It's really the XP money and loot you get from bounties/endless that upset the difficulty a lot so if you wanna try to have a good challenging game I'd say skip the bounties/endless until you have trouble progressing, then do 1 bounty/endless floor, then try to progress again, then when next having trouble another bounty/endless floor, and so on. For example, if you clear all zones, complete all side quests, do all available bounties, and clear 6+ floors of endless before stepping into act 2, and you are using a full party, then the rest of the game becomes rather unchallenging outside of bosses, even on the highest difficulty.
  6. If you can remember, would you mind sharing where you found the fine small shield? I don't remember ever finding one anywhere in act 1!
  7. The problem with skeleton is only aparent on highest difficulty where they get 2 shot by early game enemies and 1 shot by mid/late game enemies, and have a hard time doing any damage. By contrast the phantom has much better defenses, has ok accuracy and damage, and can stun. It's useful all the way through the mid game.
  8. Yes, but despite being available in Gilded Vale early on, it's far too expensive to reasonably afford for quite a while. And I agree with you that slow reloads are boring. And what is "Kiting"? I don't do gamer geekspeak. If you sell most of the things it's possible ot buy 1 of the good items from the first town's shop really early. Kiting is shooting, retreating until shot ready, and repeating, possibly using slowing effects on enemies/speeding effects on allies. This is exceedingly powerful against some enemies that leash (meaning they stop chasing and go back to their original position) since you can kite them around their leash range without ever being attacked.
  9. I seem to remember finding an exceptional arbalest before an exceptional warbow, and there's a fine arbalest (in the first town's shop) way before the first fine warbow. However I still find warbow much more fun to play since reloads are boring and reloading weapons are hard to use for kiting. But the damage on arbalests is just so
  10. The worst part of this unsatisfactory choice is how, like in the stronghold defense battles, the user selected formation is ignored. I chose to attack the girl since I didn't have the cypher npc (but I did have a self made cypher adventurer who couldnt do anything) thinking one of the other companions would do something but just killed the girl, and started the fight. Then my hero wizard got instantly killed because he was in front because of that dumb formation reset, not participating at all in the fight. Double unsatisfactory. edit: if i remember right the boss guy had ~120 accuracy
  11. Would be nice if identical items would stack in shop/stash. When trying to find somehting in a shop where I've sold dozens of identical armors/weapons it's not much fun.
  12. In case this happens to anyone else, what fixed it for me was resting, restarting game, then resting again.
  13. For choosing between perception and resolve, I just wanna point out that if you enjoy the talking to npcs minigame perception tends to have more interesting choices. Also watching my combat log a lot I am pretty sure I saw crits get a bonus to interrupts.
  14. Outside of the sanguine plate change, the cypher start focus reduction, and the cypher soul shock range reduction, I think I like everything in this patch. Those are pretty unhappy changes though but I'll manage.
  15. Besides if you're on higher difficulty accuracy is much more important at that stage of the game and hold wall has none. Would recommend to use the fine arbalest from the same shop instead, it has both +damage and +accuracy, so it's better, and it costs 2/3 of the price. Don't get caught by the trap item!!
  16. I managed to get the stronghold with a solo druid in path of damned. I made it an elf (for accuracy), took +ice_damage talent at lv2, and I would sneak to find enemies, cast tangle foot from max range, then unload winter winds. And then go to the inn to recharge. I think I had to use the inn 25-30 times with this strategy to get the stronghold but only very few consumables. It was so incredibly boring and tedious that I gave up on that game. Not recommended at all.
  17. Also, I hope you reconsider the area change on cypher soul shock, that's a pretty huge difference!! Also also, bug report: in the quest with nyfre, it's possible to kill her, complete the quest for the 1000$, then tell the dude he's evil, kill him too, and loot his body for another 1000$.
  18. Hello! Any chance of doing anything with Bloody Slaughter to make it worthwhile? Between my self made player rogue and the party members wizard and druid, I have my 3 killers in party with it because it sounded so cooool, but watching the combat log like a hawk, I see it trigger maybe once every 3 fights or so. Barring that, any chance to have a de-trainer somewhere to fully respec any party member to get rid of super unfun junk like Bloody Slaughter?
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