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  1. @renlynn: I think if you install IEMOD you will have the option to change how autosave works
  2. Just some stuff: - Multi-gun character with quick switch are very micro intensive and repetitive. I personally disliked playing this so much that I abandonned that game. - Distant advantage (elf racial) also gives defense vs ranged attackers. - Rogue offtanks fine while still doing fine damage. - At level 9 the game dramatically changes when level 1 spells become per encounter. It's hard to imagine the size of the difference before you've played it (unless you go rest at an inn after every fight?), you might wanna play until then with your current game before making big plans for your mage/druid/priest since it's possible to get to level 7 before act 2. - Getting the main hero 4+ in all skills and 16+ in int/res/mgt seems to give the most interesting and varied dialog options in my limited experience (a couple playthroughs).
  3. I've never not got in a fight with him. Is it possible to keep a cool relationship with him after cleaning up the cult?
  4. Yes agreed this would be so very nice, I hope this feature happens really soon.
  5. You can only have a grand total of 8 custom/hired adventurers, no more. I'd like to have 10 or 11 so I can hire an adventurer for all classes (10 would be ok because hero is an adventurer).
  6. Hi, I really like making custom characters and combining them in experiemental groups, so having the hero plus 8 more is really nice. However there are 11 classes, so I can only do customs for 9 out of the 11 possibilities, and I would love to be able to make one custom character for all classes. So request, please make it possible to have 10 recruitables total instead of 8, this way between the hero and 10 recruitables I'll have all classes and have even more fun!
  7. Can confirm this bug. If I load my 1.04 savegame with a full custom party, my main mage and my custom cypher both have the old endurance and health values. If I use party management to remove the custom cypher, then re-add it, it now has the new endurance and health, but my main mage still has the old endurance and health
  8. Just wanna mention that this still happens in 1.05 , the guy sells arquebuse for 1500 before the rebate and for 1450 after the rebate, and 1450/1500 = 0.967 , not 0.95 as it should be.
  9. Thanks to the posters of this thread I have become a much better player of this game as disabling auto-attack and leaving my frontline blockers on "x" button mode (never in attack mode) after every skill means that i can precisely position my tanks and use their abilities, so they work for my purposes, even if it sucks a huge lot to lose all my tanks damage.
  10. Some clarifications on what you typed: - it seems only spells that benefit from "penetrating shots" talent also benefit from "ranged accuracy" buffs (so looks like only very few missile spells, things like mind blades, not the big aoe spells) - accuracy from "Inspiring Radiance" stacks with every other accuracy buff - chant buffs seem to be in same category as item buffs (so +10 reflex chant will suppress +5 reflex ring) - i dont get how priest trap spells accuracy and mage/druid wall spells accuracy work but it's quite high As for accuracy stacking rather high in some cases I'm not really able to be sad about that since accuracy is really the one and only #1 offensive stat for every offensive character in the game, so i'd miss the buffs if they were gone, even if the huge number of buffs to cast at high levels make non trivial fights quite the chore to go through at times.
  11. Yeah, right now playing with the OP spells it's kinda dull because those spells really make the battles massively easier, and playing without them there's not enough focus to have a meaningful impact on the fight. Which brings to attention that without all 3 class specific talents cypher focus is.... blaaarrggggg... So... cypher pretty boring to play as main character from the start, hence thread.
  12. I had a save close to the room so i just went and found out. Cheating a character to mechanics 35 is not enough to find the hidden room so I don't think it's possible without drinking the dudes soul.
  13. I played with my cypher main group this week and ummm it's kinda boring now. Soulsplosion nerfed and Paralyzeforever not changed is really mindboggling. I sorta hope they will go back to cyphers having way more focus but outright delete from the game the few super ultra OP skills cypher has so it's an exciting character to play rather then cast 1-3 OP spells per fight and auto attack the rest of the time.
  14. Something I just noticed, the chanter phrase bonuses don't stack with item bonuses, so +10 reflex from chanter phrase will suppress +5 reflex from ring.
  15. That was an example to show how to reliably make it happen. What happened to me earlier that made me unhappy enough to make this post was when my cypher used Amplified Thrust to push an enemy that had slipped behind my tank but that enemy died while the missile was traveling to my chanter (who was setting up a stun invocation), so instead of pushing that enemy away, Amplified Thrust jumped to the enemy the tank was focusing, pushed it away, the tank followed, ate 3 engagement break attacks, died, and I almost got wiped for a game over. This was the most frustrating so far, but less frustrating examples are happening pretty frequently.
  16. Both auto-attack option off and pause on kill option on are unreliable to keep the tank in place. The easiest to demonstate is to use winter wind on an enemy engaed by a tank, he will follow it wherever the enemy ends up. But also for the other mentioned cases (tank moving after target killed) regardless of those options, and even a few steps can ruin a strategy if say the tank steps into a chill cloud/tanglefoot/etc.
  17. I mean for real, how often has the tank suddenly decided to run away from the position it's assigned to and messed up a whole battle strategy? And it can happen for a couple reasons: it's current target is moved by one of the push skills, it's current target dies and the closest enemy is far or the first enemy to attack it is a ranged enemy. But what's really important is that it's really super frustrating, and means that sometimes i'll end up tanking with a bow rather then 1h+shield to avoid dealing with this. Otherwise I need to have split second accuracy on pausing to stop my tank from running somewhere for some reason.
  18. The wiki is getting more outdated by the patch, for the numbers you can go in game and hover over those debuffs or check the encyclopedia, here's what the game says: - weakened: might -2, constitution -2, movement -1, fortitude -20, will -20 - sickened: all attributes -1, fortitude and will -10 edit: in game test on trolls - no debuff: 40 will - dazed: 36 will - dazed+sickened: 24 will - dazed+weakened: 16 will - dazed+sickened+weakened: 14 will - miasma: 12 will - miasma+sickened: 2 will - miasma+weakened+dazed+hobbled: -8 will
  19. For traps to trigger the enemy middle has to overlap the trap middle. The trap radius on cast is the area of effect not the trigger radius. Seals have pretty high accuracy and multiples can be overlapped for some rather comical trapslosions.
  20. Little trick with priest, it's possible to run right through most fights by casting withdraw on self to drop combat. It really helps to have fast runner but might not be necessary, haven't experimented that much yet. It's also possible to get two enemy groups to fight each and withdraw to get the kill xp/loot and clear baddies.
  21. One of the main things those vids show and also the solo triple crowns is that the consumables in this game are incredibly powerful.
  22. Good job you 2 actually putting up proof videos rather then just talk and talk.
  23. Corpse explosion is just good dumb fun, I recommend you use it whenever it's safe. The damage is terrible, the combat log spam is incredible, the sound effect is awful, but the range is insane, I just can't help checkle whenever I push that button. Killing bosses with it is an achievement I always aim for. Otherwise, most of the invocations have awful range and targetting. Did you know that it's impossible to get any of the invocation buffs on the chanter? Yep, really. For solo/smallgroup playing summons and charm are all great. For fullgroup playing lv2stun (vs will wow!!) is amazing but summons might have their place in some fights (and of course phantom before lv2stun is learned). Nothing else matters though.
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