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  1. it's extremely effective. not terribly easy, though and will require some metagaming. i've run a couple streetfighters, in certain setups I can get near 100% up-time, in others I could more charitably put it at 60-70% uptime (which is still pretty good considering how stupidly good the bonus is). the bonus is good enough that it's worth self-blinding or self-disorienting yourself, even though those are far more punishing than self-distract or flanked. (probably the easiest way is to just have a wizard handy who can cast chill fog all the time - in this case it's a good idea to have defiant
  2. Orlans always remind me of hamsters so I have a hard time making a MC as a hamster...I mean an Orlan. But maybe I have to get over my bias and play as a female orlan MC and romance Tekehu, but he'd better bring the duct tape!!!
  3. I'm having a lot of fun with Helwalker/Streetfighter. Open up with something that get's you powderburns and flanking penalty and then you go to town fisting your enemies to death. By the time powderburns wears off you should hopefully be bloodied. Then you spam crippling strike and finishing blows. With Dirty fighting, Uncanny luck, Swift Flurry and Heartbeat Drumming your opponents just explode If you don't get bloodied it's because the fight was too easy anyway. This paired up with a priest with Barring Deaths Door and Salvation of Time I love fisting squishy backliners, they ju
  4. I'm using a Shadowdancer atm. Helwalker/Streetfighter, he's squishy, needs mirco and is best paired with a priest with Barring Deaths Door. But he can sure dish out damage like there is no tomorrow using only his fists. Under optimal cirumstances you'll have +30% damage from helwalker, sneak attack +60% at PL7, +50% for streetfighter if you are bloodied or flanked, Deathblows +50% at PL7 and up to +20 % burning lash from turning wheel. Then you factor in Transcedental suffering or weapon bonuses.
  5. I usually have somebody to wreck the enemy back line. I love arcane reflection because if the enemy is putting that up he's not casting spells on me. That's 0.4 seconds to smash their face :D I forget putting up arcane reflection myself
  6. Reload time is the recovery time for ranged weapons. You check your reload/recovery times ingame by right clicking the weapon and hover over reload/recovery to see what effects your armor/items/dex has.....except for fists because who would want to use those!
  7. Don't forget Thunderous Blows for +5 might and +2 penetration and putting some points in Dex gives you even more speed. For the sexy Orlan Girls just google Kitsune girls and make a portrait request for some water colors :D
  8. This thread has spurred me on to be more offensive.......in the game of course :D I'm dropping a proper tank and going for a Two handed Berserker/Lifegiver and Dual Wielding Paladin/Rogue as my front line supported in the back by Helwalker/Ascended, Wizard/Troupadour and whatever story companion strikes my fancy (but mostly Maia as a Gunhawk/Assassin)
  9. Why always Heralds? I mean after Neketaka even on upscaled Potd a lot of fights are easy. I find the start the hardest part of the game, as you progress you have better gear, better buffs and debuffs. Why not just have 1 Herald and maybe something else? I mean you can tank most things through healing, CC's or just pure offense. The faster you can kill things the less damage they can do to you And even the for the tough fights you can always just use figurines if you need more boots on the ground.
  10. I tend to use story companions once or twice or just switch them in/out of a custom party to do their quest of the loot is wort it. In my current play through... Or one of them I use Eder as unchained swashbuckler via mods to hold the line while my MC helwalker/Streetfighter deals with the backline
  11. It depends on the group composition. I tend to use Eder as a fighter tank or swashbuckler. I have better ways to deal with priority targets.
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