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  1. AH, i see my mistake now. Thank you. You never use it? Does it not pay off when fighting spellcasters? It might not reflect a fireball but due to missiles, lance/bolt or Orb seems like something it one should keep in the backpocket
  2. So, what exactly is advantage Arcane Reflection has over Minor Reflection? Simply the number of spells reflected? I'm not seeing it as much of an advantage unless it counts per reflected projectile, 15 spells reflected from minor at first glance seem more than enough Change my mind
  3. So back on 2.1 and 3.0 there was a problem with Maia's first positive disposition not triggering dialogue/romance Now i just created a new character and save, and upon reaching the first positive disposition it triggered dialogue from everyone except Maia... Was a trigger changed with the new DLC or is this a persistant bug that still hasn't been fixed?
  4. So this is clearly a suboptimal subclasse... but i do have a weakspot for those, so my question is: How would you build one? Since it seems > The debonaire was meant to be running along in the frontlines > Cowardice will probably be a constant problem Is the cipher multiclasse the only viable solution, having mind its only for a 1 lvl ability?
  5. It has been mentioned that is the joke option... And its mostly to address the fact the subclasses are not worth consideration aside from Evoker, because they are just crippling. Its not a matter of flavor or preference... The subclasses hamper your non-evocation wizard the way they're designed right now We're not arguing wether you can clear the game with them or not... but rather the point of them existing like this, since its the choice between a small spell list (to which the player has little control over due to grimoire mechanic) and a severly handicapped smaller one And you clearly never been to the bioware BG forums... a lot of non-kit thief bashing
  6. I disagree, while its true the Wizard concept has the potencial to do anything and everything, it has a particular effective deterrent... it's hassle with little gain > Try to have a little of everything... you'll be too spread out to be effective > Buff yourself to ridiculous heights - you're still a subpar fighter, with just better defensive effects > Blast your way forward, and you better pray its dead before you run out of bullets > Utility spells - great out of combat and for convenience, but still eating slots from a rather small resource pool Most of these result in the Wizard either using too many turns for set up, or having too many tools for so little slots and not having the best spell for the situation at hand. Because naturally, he focused on what gives him a better shot at staying alive On paper the Wizard is indeed a god, but in practice it needs alot of circunstances going its way to be godlike
  7. Nevermind, found the problem... its just a corrupt import save
  8. I mean it more as a joke than anything else... but you do have to agree that decisions made in the name of balance have been detrimental to some aspects of the classes. Deleterious Alacry took a bit to return to the old action speed % boost format, from the simple nerfed version of a Dex Inspiration for example With any luck they'll reduce opposite schools to just 1
  9. As someone who played a cipher in the first... It does feel like a damage drop, unless you are Ascendant, otherwise i get the impression we're suppose to focus on debuffing, CC and stab them
  10. So... recently there was a new minor boost to the Wizard subclasses ( +2 power level ) Does it make it more alluring or is it still too much of a needless headache?
  11. Yes, its the Cabin dialogue Right after Edér greets the waking PC with 2 lines of dialogue, it ends the conversation and we're left roaming the cabin with no prompts avaiable I've no characters and its not even creating a save game It should also be mentioned my game version is of GoG Galaxy Client, instead of Steam
  12. Upon starting New Game with the new Patch and creating a character, Edér's first dialogue abruptaly ends and the game doesn't move forward
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