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  1. I searched around the underground ruins and found a locked door. When I unlocked it I found myself in Tygril's shop and he started attacking me for breaking in. I had to kill him, and take a deceptive reputation : / Kind of sucks because it didn't seem like I had much choice, but I guess it makes sense from a story perspective.
  2. "Hokay, I didn't write the story so anything I say is just my opinion, me guessing based on what my character does and what happens to him." Yea, same here. Since this is a fictional universe; It's all going to be open to interpretation (save for the developers commenting on it). I was just looking for the best explanations I could get that logically fit with everything I had seen so far. "The soul is the essence of all living creatures. When this essence or energy enters a being that has a thinking mind, a mind capable of remembering things in some way that memory is implanted on to the soul. I think this is a natural process and what the amancers are doing is unnatural. When a soul reincarnates it is still the soul, maybe if the dwarf lady is correct with bits of other souls and maybe losing a bit of itself but predominately the same soul it was hundreds, even thousands of years before." So a soul has memories implanted on it, but it can't "think" in order to remember them? My interpretation is that a soul is basically an ethereal brain that is capable of thinking, feeling, and remembering. The reasons that lead me to believe this are because in my journal, in the quest "Never Far From the Queen", it describes a spirit that talked to me. When I talked to this spirit; He was able to think in order to have a conversation with me. He would have to have the ability to remember what I asked him in order to do this, because he would have to remember what I had asked him. Also, Hollowborn behave like brain-dead babies that only rely on instinct. This indicates they are born without the ability to think, feel, or remember. edit* So basically in PoE; A brain and a soul are pretty much the same thing. What do you think?
  3. "The subject is not in my opinion a simple one. If the dwarf on the tree is correct then souls can lose bits of themselves and gain bits of other souls. Creatures with out an intelligent or semi[intelligent mind exist. So I think there is a soul essence that when combined with a mind creates past life memories." So you are saying that you are meeting bits and pieces of spirits when you see ethereal beings that seem like they are stuck in another time? You don't think the soul itself remembers, but the mind and soul together creates memories?
  4. Ok, but that explanation wouldn't cover the memories you see in the buried temple (unless they are spirits, but they don't seem very interactive or aware of their own time). Also, doesn't the throne lady say he has receded his presence?
  5. Silent Winter's explanation sounds the same as what I interpreted. You are meeting spirits when you see ethereal beings that are interactive, and acutely aware of the current time, and your presence. Witnessing ethereal beings not aware of the current time, and not very interactive, are just left over spirit "goo", or memories of spirits. Ciphers are able to detect this as well. Nakia's explanation was harder for me to follow (probably because I didn't draw the same conclusion). Are you saying that the ethereal beings you see before Maerwald, but in his hold, are spirits, but when you meet Maerwald himself you are dealing with his memories? Wouldn't that be a problem for Maerwald since he would need his soul/spirit to be inside him else he is a hollowborn? Also, you meet the soldier and marauder separately, and wouldn't the marauder and the soldier need to be the same spirit for his part to make any sense? I think you are dealing with an awakened spirit that remembers some of it's past live's but that is distinct from memories (as in the limited-interactive ethereal beings, or spirit "goo"). Apologies if I misunderstood you.
  6. My character Grunt, the bluish wild orlan, was born the last of his druidic tribe in a forested island near the Old Vailia province. He, and what was left of his splintered tribe, was captured by pirates and sold into slavery before learning how to speak. Understanding after a provocation with the young orlan that he could change himself into a large bear; The pirates sold him to a small traveling circus touring the mainland. He was given the name "Grunt" by the carnies upon meeting him seeing as how that was his preferred method of communication. He grew up learning lagnuage, and performing his transformation for the entertainment of awed spectators. He became close with the entertainers, and they openly accepted him into their tight-knit family. But, one day the performance became something more than an act. A group of mischievous and misguided children started throwing rocks and clods at the bear they were watching. Grunt's reason lost control to a more primal voice. He charged at the group of kids and viciously mauled at them. Not much was left of them that was recognizable, or of his carnival companions that tried to stop him. When he came to; He was in his original form without company in the forest. He cried and walked. and stopped crying, and then cried some more before stumbling upon the first road he came to. Along the road was a knapsack filled with conveniences and cheap trinkets. There was also a letter mentioning a new opportunity; A chance at a fresh start. A new family...
  7. In Maerwald's hold you see the spirits of the marauder and the soldier before you meet Maerwald. Maerwald seems to be both the marauder and soldier in soul/ spirit, however, so how can you meet them separate from Maerwald? Also, why are some spirits oblivious to your presence, and time? I know Maerwald said that is the difference between spirits and memories, so I'm meeting a memory of a spirit? Are their memories just scattered about? BTW, I'm only at Defiance Bay now, so please hold off on spoilers past that.
  8. Yea, that's what seems logical to me to do, but I read this guide: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=416939844 and it recommended I go for the elemental talents. I haven't seen any other resource that's as comprehensive as that one yet. Thanks for the advice.
  9. Why give them to them? They don't have that many spammable elemental spells. Wouldn't they benefit more from defensive or gun talents?
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