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  1. I guess it all depends on what you want out of it. I would usually default to GURPS for all conversions but I know the reputation it has so I'll spare you that round of proselytizing. Haven't played exalted 3e yet but, if you're talking about 2e WHFRP then I do agree it is one of the best low fantasy games out there. I also like runequest as well.
  2. That would be a nice half of that puzzle. I'd also like to see people be more accepting of couples that just do not want children. So you got single friends who say "they don't want kids". Stick up for them when someone starts talking ****.
  3. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1s7GQLBeyEP1FitOMikP_Kh8oRmKnzG_AKvaOPqjHqWk/edit here's something I found online about it.
  4. yeah the whole trial irked me. I understand doing everything right and failing but I don't get that it's always the same outcome.
  5. Yeah it's actually pretty easy from what I understand. Though it summons images in many GMs minds of build mentality ****s who couldn't tell you who their character is or what they do. So be sure to talk it over with your GM.
  6. I've never been in love or lusted over a man but I am not disgusted by gay people being affectionate to each other. I'm just laying that out there, not responding to anyone just another voice showing us that some of us are adults. Not just kids of various ages.
  7. I think the problem is actually the idea of "happiness" as something you need to be all the time. Not that it is a bad thing to chase after your own pleasures but it is extremely unrealistic of a goal. You literally cannot be happy more than not. I like the concept of contentment. That I am comfortable with my place in the world. Not completely mind you, I'm not preaching death of desire here. But a general feeling that things are ok is something to strive for. To be fair, that's what most people mean when they say happiness anyways. But the wording can coax expectations of eternal bliss.
  8. Personally I'd prefer marriage to be a matter the state doesn't get involved. It is, however, a good blow to the morality side of the nanny state. Well for Ireland at least. Go Ireland!
  9. Watch out those tornadoes can throw a meth lab for miles. But yeah, I'm pretty happy
  10. You'll probably enjoy this quote directly from Miller. The noise has become the norm, and it isn't recognized as such, but for film makers has become a distinct style slapped onto everything. Upon giving it a thought, I agree and that's another thing that made me instinctively draw the connection to the actual classics, apart from the no-nonsense take on things. You probably know this essay as well, I figure? https://vimeo.com/28016047 In an ideal world, this would be a highly influential film -- it's made like the classics, but doesn't feel outdated an iota, in fact, it makes contemporary action cinema feel real odd (which the media picks up on too -- lost count on the articles that argue Furious 7 to feel real old hat and slow in comparison, and that's a franchise all about fast speed and faster cars and not much else to begin with). However it requires a certain kind of personnel and schooling likely, and there's no doubt that Miller and John Seale grew up with classic cinema rather than video games or music videos. It appears they're the last dinosaurs on that block, though. :-/ I wonder how it would work if you used both in a film. Sometimes you need a sense of confusion, like when something goes wrong and you end the battle with a sense of "WTF just happened?". I think that might be a way to set up a fall for a climax that is much less visually disjointed. It's an idea.
  11. The fact is that small communities have a tendency to take care of themselves reasonably well without someone lording over them. So I don't disagree with you. But just to be clear, Raedric is the lord of Yenwood and the entire region goes lawless, not just Gilded Vale itself. I'm not saying that somehow invalidates what you said, just that.. it should be said. I could see how it would go to s**t when people flee Defiance Bay, though, and come to Yenwood. Might turn into a bit of a wild west (which actually wasn't that wild). Yeah that is true.
  12. Wouldn't the Duc eventually send someone to replace the Raedric's? Wouldn't a small, mostly self sufficient village be fine without a leader? I mean there were lordless villages in the medieval times that didn't become a hollywood wild west town. Was there originally supposed to be a quest for solving the crop blight?
  13. I like 5e, it's a bit simplistic for my taste. 4th was a big steaming pile imo. But I'm really not a D&D player. GURPS is my system of choice. I really dislike getting too powerful and having mechanics that feel like a video game.
  14. if you're going to cheat just give yourself more intellect AttributeScore player intellect ##
  15. It's brittle and, like flint, it's not easy to get a proper knife/arrowhead out of. It also has a fairly small effective length.
  16. Both, there's always situations where a second cleric, a barbarian or a rogue would be appropriate but you don't always want to play one. I usually keep my party mostly companions but I'll at least have a barbarian and a rogue on back order.
  17. It's not posturing Bryy, some people's complaints do have tabletop gaming contexts. Nobody is saying people who don't play tabletop are worse gamers or any other posturing. It's just context to a complaint. Like my problems with modern gaming's hitpoints. To most video gamers, that's how things always were. But to a tabletop gamer that's "less of D&D/Palladium feel and more of a GURPS feel". But that doesn't make me a better gamer. I'm a pc gamer with a nearly 8 year old budget PC. I don't have any new consoles and I am not particularly skilled at any set of games. I'm half the gamer most of the other people on the boards are. But if you look for games that borrow some of the feel of tabletop games, and most western rpgs do that to varying extents, you need to know the context to understand some of the argument. I really, honestly think that's all he was on about.
  18. Even with my prior criticism I do like the way it does the DM stuff. I do hope that the ambush GM function makes it so that hidden enemies are detectable as though they are hiding. It looks like it could be a lot of fun. It's just I'm tired of having games where you can take more arrows than Benkei and be good enough to go get a cup of coffee.
  19. Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition finding the new content kind of clashes with the old content. But it's good.
  20. No problems with linux here, other than the fact the capes don't work.
  21. It seems like it's supposed to be a Toolset. A bit like NWN But I would still give this a pass. I know D&D characters are a bit too squishy on level 1 but the problem with HP in D&D was always that you went from "how did this twit survive" to "shrug off a cannonball to the crotch". Neither is particularly fun or realistic. So when you just start multiplying the hitpoints it just replaces one "not fun" for the other. If I wanted to clear rooms while vaguely keeping an eye on my health I have Diablo, Diablo II, just about any MMORPG, Torchligh, Torchlight 2, Diablo 3, Divine Divinity, Sacred and many others to go play. I really really doubt we need another regardless of what the market says. There's a d20 ruleset called "Grim N Gritty", where instead of getting hit dice a level, your hp is your constitution score + a level based bonus. Wizards get d4 classes get hp every 4 levels, d6 classes get hp every 3 levels, d8 classes get hp every other level and d10/12 classes get them each level. Meaning a level 20 fighter with 18 con would get 38 hp. Monsters followed a similar thing but their size added a multiplier. I think something like that would work really good for a video game. Though if you look up those rules and play with them, Wizards and Clerics are damn near godly so use them at your own risk.
  22. Also, I hope she doesn't consider the leather bodice as actual armor. Her heart is very much exposed. But with the hitpoint inflation (seriously I thought I seen someone with 200+ hp) I doubt it matters.
  23. I played it last year and I really liked it. Wouldn't mind giving it a go in a longer campaign. Blade of the Iron Throne looks good too. It's the closest thing we'll get to a second edition unless Norwood sells the property.
  24. Then why did you declare how Fantasy worked hmmm? Because you did, you made a sweeping statement about how fantasy should work, and I called you out on it. I did not zealously defend the game, nice strawman, I called you out on a fallacious statement of yours. Feel free to apologise whenever Now, onto your false dichotomy, which was an obvious attempt at diverting away from above but I feel like having fun deconstructing you, about not criticising something leading to shallow games, no one stated that you can't criticise, but first of all your opinion on the use of language in the game is purely your preferences, I LIKE the use of language and naming in this game, so how does your criticism improve it? On the contrary, your criticism actually tries to make the game more like everything else and therefore more shallow. Nice job. Second, who the hell said not to criticise the game? Strawmanning again are we? Well much more simply put that is "your criticism is not immune to criticism". @guguma Nobody is breaking knees for saying they don't like something. Nobody is telling you you can't talk. Just as you are allowed to criticize so is everyone allowed to criticize you.
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