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  1. Thanks doing a verify of system files did the trick. One file redownloaded and I can see my characters again.
  2. So I've started playing Pillars 2 again after a bit of a break but have got a very weird bug. All the characters (both my party and NPCs) are completely black except for their hair. I've attached a screenshot to show what I mean. Can anyone advise if it's a known issue? I'm running an Nvidia GTX 970 with the 417.35 Game Ready Driver (which apppears to be up to date).
  3. I recently realised that after playing Pillars religiously from release I got to the start of Act three and just kind of fell off. I keep starting it up and playing a bit then going off and continuing my long running game of Crusader Kings. Did anyone else get so annoyed by the railroading at the end of Act Two? Where all of your actions for the last few hours were basically wiped out as you watched a cut scene? Or was it just me?
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