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  1. Weapon focus i usually prioritze over everything else due to the 6 accuracy vs 5. wood elf.. same reasons. bows have crappy interrupt on their own, plus paranoid of own interrupts so resolve > per. lvl 1 crippling. 2x hobble = 2 more sneak attacks for range too. Stunning bow is prolly better. 20 dex.. multiplicative > dmg. Ranged rogue to me is no maintenance = no weapon switch. YMMV but i found them boring as a main PC and maxing mechanics is best on a npc
  2. This build can still spell spam cast if need be, just can use some of the better gear with some more speed. I did note the levels of the weapons of choice at the beginning as ranged alpha or spells since it does take lvl 5+ to feel good due to equipment options or similar.
  3. So always interested in the Melee Wizard, here are the relevant changes for 1.05. Tidefall or Tallgrass are the main weapons later on hence the TnT reference. Patch Notes: Wizard and Cipher's base endurance has been raised from 30 to 36, and per level from 10 to 12. Wizard and Priests health multipliers were raised from 3 to 4. Citzal's Spirit Lance will now do 50% more damage, is faster, and has an increased AoE Minor Arcane Reflection base duration is changed to 60 seconds. Llengrath's Displaced Image gives 50% hit to graze conversion on Deflection and Reflex. Wizard's Double now grant
  4. Always fun and easy to enchant with accurate or damage too. Heck, I even got Hoedelen (?) the NPC rogue on an opening shot with a crossbow to deal 31 one time.
  5. Also, I remember from another spell thread that the animation for spells was faster, hence with recovery being roughly equal, the casters always pull ahead due to the literal spell spam being possible and a ceiling the rogue can never break. Adding in Alacrity for chunky spell spamming is hilariously good for a wizard too. Edit to add link: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/77511-spell-speed-by-frame/
  6. I think lower int is viable, but I thought most of the encounters didn't warrant a ~8 second increase at max int. And its still long enough even at the lowest int due to the duration of Inspiring. The main thing that suffers flooring INT is actually Flames of Devotion > Fires for Darcozzi I noticed. You initially only have 15 seconds of the Fires, so for longer fights, the INT comes in handy. Finally, I used Moon race so lay on hands was a puzzler to me.... I mean... I actually need to use some animation to cast a heal? WAH?! Where as Flames was still instant and a hit of a weapon
  7. The description is off for Flames of Devotion. Its basically a lash effect of 50% and possibly DoT (but I never tested this, just went through hacking stuff). Enduring Flames (Goldpact Knight) is the weird one though for sure. That does leave behind a burn DoT but impossible to tell.
  8. Good discussion - My view wrt Act 1. On Hard or lower, Wizards, Rogues and Ciphers rule the roost, because damage output is generally pretty reliable. I never really got along with monks but I'm probably playing them wrong. As you amp up difficulty, Ciphers need to generate more focus and Wizard spells need to be considered more and Rogues can't rely as much on having a 100% chance to sneak attack through all of a tough fight. That said, they all remain excellent. Chanters are probably a top tier class early game, since they provide utility options no other class does (move speed chan
  9. Sounds about right. The bow rogue I liked for the auto attack alpha and less micro, but they thrive on having faster attacks to keep up since they have so much %dmg modifier. Hence why I think the reach weapon rogue might be the best due to the reckless assault nowadays and melee weapons tend to swing about 2.5x faster than bow usage. Keeps em out of harm and lets them use all their talents, and ranged is still an option if they need it. OTOH Wizard has versatility for AoE and Alacrity. That 50% attack speed alone will make up so many gaps for damage, not to mention their basic arcane
  10. Mmm... reminds me of my build. Went for Liberating and Inspiring at 5/6 since the paladin was starting to lag behind the other people who could deal more and do more with that accuracy.
  11. Camping is not limited except by your loading screen.This is why the rest system gets annoying once you figure this out. ^_^
  12. ^What Mad said. The thing is Paladin does shine at low levels due to having the Fires Talent, but even then it has some issues like needing to hit unlike an auto hit of the retaliation. Its always fire damage at base 10 dmg so is quickly outshone later. Even with Vulnerable attack up, it just barely let's you eek through most of the DR of the low to mid level mobs. Later on, expect it to do minimum damage as the paladin really has no way to increase it easily. The pros it has though during Act 1 is good though, the 5 freeze DT means shades hurt less which are the most annoying monst
  13. Most classes are great after level 5, which also happens to coincide with much of Act 1. Which I think gives the first part of the game an inflated difficulty if you're not sure what you are facing or similar. For trash encounters, wizard can use arcane assault which is RAW damage and on hard this is pretty handy for a spamming. I played a main wizard on hard and was amazed at how easy it was just because most of the damage racked up by AoE was so handy, while having more single target or similar was redundant with everyone else. The only other class that compares is Cipher really for e
  14. ^Mad said it right. Ranger is also decent because the priest spell takes time to cast so the initial alpha strike with a vicious aim modal up is awesome. If it wasn't bugged, they also get an additional +10 via wounding shot, but it currently only works with the HOBBLE (WTF?)
  15. Paladin sworn enemy and inspiring exhortation and zealous crit can provide some. Tho wont stack with priest for zealous. Ranger vicious aim, stalkers link and if it wasnt bugged accurate wounding could too. For a self contained stunner. Wizard with merciless gaze, eldritch aim and alacrity has 30 in crit stuff and 50% attack speed. Self buffs cast super fast too.
  16. Yeah. Would be interesting if it did. With the 75% lash possible would also give the good initial alpha too.
  17. Hmm, this got me thinking. Does it work with the Goldpact talent then? Burn DoT on it and if its similar to wounding shot for mechanics, would actually be a decent hit via Blunderbuss.
  18. Ah was curious if it stacked on with Wounding shot DoT since sometimes things get overridden or if the other threads on the Blunderbuss + Envenomed have been off. 1) Envenomed stacks with all the other DoTs 2) Envenomed procs 6 times but only 1 DoT is applied 3) Envenomed procs 6 times and stacks. Mainly wondering if 1, and 2 or 3 apply.
  19. Highly recommend the melee wizard, but keep in mind that going the melee route doesn't diminish their CC or Dmg abilities. Buff spells have NO RECOVERY time and cast quickly. You're still a wizard Harry! So CC, dmg, etc is all there. Essential Phantom rocks for spellbind item usage. (worn only, but rot finger glove usage is so handy... pun intended). More tactical options with impact, while much of the solo play boiled down to figurines or similar summon usage, it is nice to have options. Cipher is prolly stronger up to level 4, but the gap closes at 5, and then gets demolished at 9+. So
  20. Playing on the attack speed google docs for what a wizard can cast/use. ~~Two weapons~~ Talents: Two weapon fighting + Focus + Vulnerable attack Accuracy: 6 focus 20 buff 12 superb Dmg Mod: 24% (18 base Might) +6% (+2 Might item) +24% (+8 combat buff) +45% (superb weapon) Dexterity: 30 (20 base dex for elf or godlike with background + 8 combat buff +2 item) Attack Speed + Recovery Mods: 0.7 (2 weapon style + alacrity) Elemental Damage weapon bonus: 0.25 (lash) Damage Reduction Debuff: 5 (situational wizard spell) 12 DR: Dual Stilettos: 40.89 dps (which most monsters ar
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