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  1. Awesome post Ouroboros! Did you try out dual wielding with the Alacrity spell much? I keep thinking dual sabres or stilettos would be pretty boss. Weapon Focus: Adventurer might be good for the Estoc/Wand I figure otherwise. Minor Blights benefits for the rare times you wanna hang back?
  2. So much this. Additionally their lack of athletics means they will die or cause more rests. Pick one .. I usually picked the first.
  3. More of a convenience thing but endurance heals that are reactionary or passive. Moon Godlike or fighter constant recovery. Boiling down to the priest has other things to do same for druids.
  4. Darcozzi Fires Talent at lvl 2+ will give them a base 10 burn retaliation as well. Much earlier than other builds,though has to target reflex to hit. Always seemed to be 5 behind in accuracy but least Zealous Focus works out well with it. It can graze, hit, and crit just like any other melee attack. Also it checks DR like every attack, so vulnerable is particularly important this way. It doesn't scale well, but it is added damage and great at low levels. Once you tack on Inspiring Exhortation and/or Sworn enemy, you can suddenly hit reliably with it too a lot of times. Also paladins
  5. 84 without the Paladin aura, and 87 with. Kinda wonky but I was using IE mod to test it out on a lvl 7 save that just got it.
  6. I'd at least WAVE rather than MOON them, if only to give them a SILVER lining to their dreary existence.
  7. -Essential Phantom will have the Spellbind item uses fully charged. For example, if you have a restore light glove and used 2 of the 3 uses, your Phantom will also have 3 uses when summoned. Otherwise, far as I can tell, there's nothing else usable, figurines in quick slots won't work for example. -To use the above, simply click on the phantom and the spellbind item use should appear above the character portraits toward the left side. -Weapons with spellbind on them will not work as well, only worn items. -It does get effected by group buffs, but individual ones like Eldritch Aim
  8. ^Agreed with the above. Rogue also has terrible deflection and for some odd feeling I get the idea they purposefully made it that way so stats could somewhat make up for it by dumping INT and CON. Most of their encounter effects are long enough anyway, and they lack AoE.
  9. There's 2 school of thoughts for ranged rogue which boils down to slow to fast weapons with swaps or just using one. 20 dex gives you roughly 30% faster shooting which is great for a rogue. Gunner gives you 20% less on the reload animation only which over the course of a minute will give you an extra shot. Practically this means with a chanter you get an extra shot every 30 seconds which is not much. Quick swap talent and using island aumua to go for a brace of guns will give you a much higher rate of fire until you need to reload. Best way is to use the alpha of 3 guns and then
  10. Thanks for sharing this information. I felt the hardest part of PotD was the beginning so this is good news.
  11. Love this guide. One question, no minor blight spell for the wizard nuker? Got a lot more mileage from the blast this way and staying power was the main issue to me for casters.
  12. Scrolls scale with might and uses the base accuracy of a class. Best scroll user is a class with max might and starting 30 base accuracy. ....neither of which fit the Chanter. Other classes suffer from action economy. Chanters before ramping up to an invocation have "realistic" usage of items and tanking ability. Additionally scroll use on a paladin with zealous focus can be a decent opener since the priest cast realization isnt fast enough to be gained for scroll casts. Priests have 20 base accuracy, so they're irrelevant. Monks have spare action economy at the start of a
  13. Scrolls scale with might and uses the base accuracy of a class. Best scroll user is a class with max might and starting 30 base accuracy. ....neither of which fit the Chanter. Other classes suffer from action economy. Chanters before ramping up to an invocation have "realistic" usage of items and tanking ability. Additionally scroll use on a paladin with zealous focus can be a decent opener since the priest cast realization isnt fast enough to be gained for scroll casts.
  14. Buy one at an inn or similar. Otherwise I guess Pallegina in defiance bay can tank and Kana is ok too for that role. Mainly these two have more passive benefits so using them in all heavy armor and shield is ok.
  15. Chanters are also great for scroll use, item casts, and tanking to me. There's so much potential via item use that realistically can't be used by other classes but chanter.
  16. Personally love the alpha of a ranged rogue with their 2 second window at the start of combat. Many enemies have just exploded from this alone without needing to cue up any skills with a BFG or Arbalest. After that, its just using the crippling strike to down one enemy at a time, or take down all the other enemies that are meeting the sneak requirements. Mostly, I just think there's a lot to do with 6 classes, and getting old... So love the auto attack nature of some of them like the rogue who gives out a lot of pain.
  17. This is just an auto attack party that I found funny for a little while. The biggest thing is to wear heavier armor when necessary, but optimizing the backspace + click options with a variety of classes. Modals are fine to use. I avoided the barbarian fire tank mainly because it has the currently bugged OSA. Fire God-Like Paladin of Kind Wayfarers -Zealous Endurance for damage resistance. OR Zealous Focus for the accuracy which helps for the retaliation stuff. -Strange Mercy heals you up, Inspiring Triumph, Coordinated attacks. Critical Focus (optional) Weapon/shield talent. Uses
  18. I'd also add I enjoy nuking my moon god-like for the heals and additional area damage. YMMV but a monk one gains wounds as well, so SYNERGY! Close to getting rooting pain too, so we'll see if also an additional knockdown with aoe damage from my backline casters just makes it even better. This basically puts an active use ability of "damage" and mixes it with a reactive or passive "heal." Priests wish they could heal as much and. Paladins and Druids wish they could cast something else besides support, so its quite a nice thing to me.
  19. I didn't run +engagement on my dracozzi since Eder seemed to have enough, and keeping him far enough away to tie up a group while the other 5 nuked down the few that leaked through with my offtank dracozzi seemed like enough. Additionally, the monsters go for the lowest deflection by default, so having "less" than Eder was good enough to pull 2 or 3 off of him while keeping a solid front line. Finally, disengaging is not too threatening from Eder by default. I ended up giving him an Estoc despite his weapon focus due to this, because as they tried to go for the back line, or the paladin
  20. Longknife did a good post about fixing the paladin. Figure we could get back on topic and figure out fixes/buffs. Offhand for solutions after playing one, I'd give them the following: -Globally, let everything stack with spells. Give them an instant or fast cast. -Flames of devotion: More uses as they level. Bug fix of lash damage (though this can be said of all classes) -Lay on hands: Instant or fast cast, increase the range. Its really hard to use if you go the typical off tank route in heavier armor. Possibly up the uses as well. (or as others suggested, roll them in
  21. From what I've tested it basically works like: (repost from above) -Aura = spells, does NOT stack with any spells. Only highest counts. -Chants work with everything, hence why Zealous Charge works with them. -Inspiring Radiance works with everything, hence why Zealous Aim works with them. To summarize... Auras act as spells, so any spells will override them. Inspiring Exhortation was actually more in line with the priest encounter, hence like the chanter stuff it seems to stack.
  22. I never mentioned the AoE damage in my post for sabres applying. It was merely for the initial full attack, having a higher base dmg for a dual wield makes it good. We are saying the same thing. Edit to add: I guess optimizing the cone damage would just be about stacking might then. So, technically, a dwarf or aumua would do the trick. That said a 6% increase doesn't seem as handy to me as a tank that needs less baby sitting. Additionally, turning wheel would be good for the initial full attack then.
  23. @MoxyWoo Considering the Liberating Exhortation's drawbacks, I wouldn't fault anyone who decided to take Sworn Enemy instead, but I don't think it's enough to put your Paladin's damage on a respectable level. It's true that if you're a Moon Godlike you probably will find Lay on Hands a little redundant, though. It's still handy for archers messing with your back line. I agree lay on hands is good for an emergency heal. The Moon God-like aura though is pretty huge, and can reliably hit the backline shooters even with my starting intelligence of 15, not sure where it ends exactly, but g
  24. Very nice. I still enjoy less micro via moon god-like heals and the second stat spread is good due to this because your might and intelligence stack out for some great heals. Typically with my PC paladin, I ran out of health rather than endurance due to this before hitting the usual 100+ deflection. Also for lvl 7, I like using Sworn enemy with the second stat spread. Between that and Inspiring, your paladin will deal a good amount of crits, so other weapon types are viable like Tall Grass for example to prone enemies on crit. But YMMV because Flames of Devotion is quite good to me,
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