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  1. So, to clarify: - Even though TWS is on a different line, I assume you wouldn't take it if you're planning to take Shield Style, right? - If you choose to go unarmed (which I hear is worse in the long run, but whatever), does any of the weapon style talents have any effect on fists? - About WF-Peasant, I can see taking it if you're going unarmed or with a hatchet + shield, but if you're dual wielding, aren't there better weapon types? Assuming there's no overlap with the rest of the party, would you still take Peasant over, say, Ruffian or Noble? I want to try a monk but I have
  2. You are probably better off choosing magran, just like durance and use the amazing Arquebus. Can do something like this. Mig 18 Con 8 Dex 18 Per 3 Int 18+ Res 10 Magran Interdiction Inspired Flame Inspiring Radiance Wf: Soldier Gunner Marksman With potd in mind i wouldn't recommend priest melee dps.
  3. Best i got is some cash, but never made back the price of building the prison in the first place, also locking up people seemed pretty random. Why would my party bother locking up some random guys ? No one wants them and they know nothing, hell i would gladly start a slave and kidnapping business, even sell em off as parts, or snacks or whatever. I rather snatch some nobles off the street they may even have value. Maybe have a chance to gain the allegiance of named captives, so you get them as randomized slightly stronger adventurers with more talents and stats.
  4. What's wrong with plate ? Monk is not Superman, if you want to go without armor to punch faster you can do that but its risky but you can make it work with party composition. Warrior monks wore the heaviest armor they could. I get it, i am familiar with the type, skin and fist as hard as steel. Playing that way is fine, just saying that Obsidians take on monks is not wrong and don't need anything to RP it. Maybe give them a shot before you call them immersion breaking, you can play around with different level of protection, don't have to go plate or nothing.
  5. You need to be in Stealth mode and up to 12 Mechanics to see everything, even if you have that it may take some time.
  6. According to combat log that is not true, but you can get away with it on priest and chanter, they usually don't target their opponents at all or much so don't need an accuracy roll. I appreciate feedback, i lost the right the edit my original post, not sure whats the deal with that, seemingly can't be edited after certain time. Anyway, i intended talents to be taken from top to bottom, and if i included more in one line i did it for the reason so you can think about picking it as an alternative. Basically if you are a Fire godlike pick Scion of Flame, and i did check out Vulnerable
  7. It works perfectly well, but pay attention i am pretty sure all or most of the rogue abilities are "Full Attack" type which means it attacks with both weapons if you are wielding two, and they both roll separately, so if you try to blind a target with dual wield and you miss the first hit then the second hit can just as well can do it. Rogue is bit better with dual wield, that said, if no one is using those superior swords you should totally go for them yourself, it's a lot harder to get two superb one handers.
  8. I am definitely planning to play a spellsword sometime, but wizards level 1-2 spells turning per encounter use later give me doubts. With both wizard rings you can find that's least 12 spells you want to cast in every single fight for free, and the main reason i skipped auto attacking later because i was too busy casting. Earlier i didn't realize how fast, fast spells were, wow, buffing yourself is not an issue, however bit awkward, you still need to chain the buffs and you can't preset these combos. I didn't follow the development, but It feels like they designed the spells first then
  9. 1, I like 14 or more for melee dps guys, pretty pointless to get high dexterity to act faster and get interrupted all the time 2, Getting interrupted already cuts into your dps 3, There are few spells that help a bit, but there is so much they can do for such a weak willed dude, Priest has level 1 spell Holy Meditation that gives 30 concentration
  10. 1, it's bad, you jump away barely and he will follow you 2, handy 3, doesn't stack, only refreshes, best with slow weapons, ok choice 4, you should have started with this, now probably you have skip it til the end, too little impact He was right to dump int, slightly longer lasting limited use encounter abilities in the long fights of potd traded for survivability and damage is a no brainer
  11. No, Warbow is best up to 10-12ish dr, and much better for crits, which don't happen too much on potd but with few buffs and debuffs flying out easily Warbow is great again, also Warbow is less reliant on upgrades they both provide slight benefits you can easily do without especially if its your backup weapon. Hunting bow is only truly for ranger Stunning Shot build, really no other point to it. Arquebus is a strong alternative to Warbow, better against higher dr and gets more out of the upgrades, preference of many, also starts the fight in a very convincing manner, but if you are will
  12. Good question, i did consider including it and i used it as well, when you hit level 5 it's a strong pickup replacing your crappy fine wand, it turns you into a decent auto attacker, but when you get to level 9 and your level 1 spells become per encounter use, you just want to cast all of them in every single fight, so less auto attacking. At level 11 i was not even tempted to use it, also wizard picks up 4 1-2 spell slots from items, and at this stage of the game you probably have a superior wand, it's still worse than the spell, but makes it less of an upgrade. I prefer casting Essential
  13. I would watch a video of 30 generations punching each other in the face. Got to be said, they are not the brightest.
  14. Can't argue with that You can cut even up to 6-8 res and 2 con to get more dex, my builds are intended to be on the safe side and for the whole game, for the majority of the game you can't really spam and you can always use the fast casting foe only Talon's Reach if you want to. Later i like walking in and zapping them with storm, more squishy druid may have seconds thoughts about standing in the middle of the fight with Relentless Storm. Resolve and Dexterity also similar, Dexterity helps you act more frequently, Resolve helps not getting interrupted therefore act more frequently, but
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