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  1. Just a heads up folks, this thread has lost its edit option as of 5/14/2015, and by mod request it will be updated via PM to them. Please continue to add here, and I will copy/paste/PM them with the original post format, just it may take a little time to add new items due to turn around and (middle?) management. Thanks for posting, and keep them coming!
  2. I have done multiple wizard parties and find them extremely fun and powerful at the same time. Wizards can go so many different ways it's awesome. And like you noted more arcane assault = multiplication benefits.
  3. If you sell everything before the water skin to the merchant. . Ie get naked should have 1200 cp easily after the tutorial to have all created. Also 1 mechanic for the hidden gun sold there too. I liked going 3/3 though for my ratio. Hired vs npc. That way I can micro 3 characters and the other npc can do little to no micro. Oddly adding so many premades make it too easy. One odd build is to go SaganI as a tank build. Pet has 2 engagement and she can get 3 with item and talents. And if her pet dies... no worries on the loss of dps and accuracy. Offhand since you did all companions.. why not a barbarian, monk and rogue? Those aren't covered.
  4. Yeah I had this weird idea int would help the aura radius.. but it's so small anyway it doesn't matter. For below potd... the int is not needed as inspiring and sworn last long enough. Though I would still keep it at 8+.
  5. For ease of play and reactive/passive heals... I like Moon Godlike. There is so MUCH going on in combat when I first started playing, the last thing I wanted to do was drop a heal in my first playthrough... Moon Godlike made it much simpler to me and thus much more fun... Not to mention for a paladin it felt really like the group support or similar. I found paladin is much easier in the early game, but barbarian brings more to the table at lvl 5+ (because carnage acc is weak and so are weapons until then). The paladin has faith/conviction as a main PC as others have noted, thus less need of a shield, and with Flames of Devotion, they actually produce good numbers for the 2/enc they can use it on, plus.. barbarian needing to "cast" frenzy or similar was always annoying when they had to "catchup" to the other melee due to its use. Also of note, if you go Darcozzi, and Fire Talent at lvl 2, you get a decent retaliate very early vs reflex and cold resistance which is handy versus some of the most annoying monsters in Act 1. And they are a decent candidate for using 'any' weapon if they pick up Zealous Focus and vulnerable attack at 4th > Exhortation > Inspiring Exhortation because all of those prioritize some acc/dmg without pigeonholing you into a weapon focus which is arguably the best and easiest power jump, since Vulnerable helps your Fires talent a lot.
  6. Unlike a typical "class build" the NPC paladin has some specifics that need to be addressed due to their loss of faith and conviction. I'll be using Pallegina as the base race, but any can be fine with work. Race: Avian Godlike, has +deflection vs ranged attacks, and +perception (deflection) and deflection when disengaging below 50%. Undocumented she sometimes gets another +8 deflection not listed or maybe its a bug of the above. Stats: She has scores all over the place, in particular she seems to have some tanking, and some dps stats which makes her a weird amalgam. Unfortunately she lacks the main character benefits of deflection/saves from Faith/Conviction, but can use the paladin exclusive outworn buckler. Build 1: The Fast Running tank. -A form of CC, you basically lure some of the monsters away by eating some possible disengagement attacks by running by them really fast. -Synergy is formed with a cipher in your group using the Ectopsychic power to create the beam line. Talents: Fast Runner, Weapon/shield style, optional Hold the line. Abilities: Lay on Hands, Zealous Charge Notable Gear: Disengagement cloak, Outworn buckler + Hatchet or +engagement weapon, optional Shod in Faith Notes: A more mobile tank with some self healing via lay on hands, the INT is not totally wasted as it helps the duration of the healing from it, and 'running' during the recovery animation time is a good strategy. Can be used with any effects that target allies, but cipher does it best with their beam spells and shock. Build 2: The Gunadin -This build is better with more ranged people as the aura radius is tiny but its easier to lump ranged people together. -Pallegina has such low MIG that she needs to use the heavy hitting guns for best effect, but it has synergy with flames of devotion. Talents: Weapon Focus: Soldier or Ruffian, Marksman, Quickswitch, Intense Flames, Gunner, Penetrating Shot -Lot of talents to take, I wrote them roughly in the order of importance from left to right. I didn't add Critical Focus because I thought the hit to crit conversion rate is tiny next to the above talents, but YMMV. Abilities: Flames of Devotion, Zealous Focus (saves on bless cast and has 1 more accuracy) Gear: Depends on focus. Your big shots with the big guns of the group are best by using Flames of Devotion. Either way with Intense flames + Burning Lash on all of them = chunky numbers. Optionally, using 1 gun and then quickswitching to Tall Grass or Dual sabres for this build is also a good choice. Flames of Devotion will use a "full attack" so sabres deal more damage, while Tall Grass is generally safer. Hireling: Darcozzi is better with the Inspiring Exhortation for +accuracy. Race choice would either be Orlan for the +hit to crit, or Wood elf for the +acc at ranged, or Island Aumua for the 3 slots... 2 guns > Tall Grass. --------- Hope that helps make your hireling paladins decent at something, even with the above though, your paladin is a 2 trick pony at best and the first can be beat out by a monk easily with Long Stride (and has additional benefits of wounds/rooting pain), and the second is basically, a rogue that has 2 "bullets" but those bullets are pretty hard hitting so can be fun to see.
  7. I'd prolly dump PER to the minimum, but that's me not having too much issue with them with a moon godlike having self heals. They also don't have much +interrupt stuff unless you count using a heavier weapon, but even then, YMMV. Defenses are fine with max RES instead which helps vs interrupts which are ANNOYING in melee (ranged characters are okay without RES from my playing them, but even then, they benefit from having some). As paladins dont get much +dmg besides the lash effect from Flames of Devotion, its actually best to have some more MIG with those points. DEX is optional, I just had this weird idea if I did need to dps with my paladin, I'd rather swing faster, but many of their effects are instant cast so the small animation frame speed up is unnecessary. Hope you enjoy!
  8. Yes to both. edit to add: After lvl 5, due to the equipment loss though, its hard to recommend devoting the druid to spiritshift, and after lvl 9... well, there's some coolness that makes them want to do it even less.
  9. Con seems fine, same for most of the other stats. Personal preference is to bump up MIG and DEX, and lower PER a little bit. Paladins have pretty good defenses next to other classes besides fighter, even without using a shield or similar. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/77712-class-build-dracozzi-paladini-aka-the-pc-paladin/ ^Old thread of what I posted. Pretty effective for all of Act 1, though as others have stated, I found them pretty... lackluster? or maybe the support part was not needed at higher levels when in a group, so ironically, the paladin is best solo.
  10. Personally, I think ranger pets do need a buff, they were roughly "halved" right before the beta ended and should've been more like a "quarter" for their debuff from what I read of the forums on how they did. Really, it shows in the numbers too, they had things like +1.5 DR for example (why not make this 2 or 3?) when leveling, and the stats are pretty sad for gains in the end. Basically, it takes a lot more work for the pet to stay alive. That said, in PotD for the tougher corner gigs, a bear 'offtank' is fine enough as you add in the priest specific buffs and can pile on the meat wall, worst case, its better to have a "withdraw" animal companion versus a "withdraw" PC, as the -dps loss from AC is minimal, where as losing one of your front lines, spending resource to keep the rogue alive, etc, for the tactic is less than optimal.
  11. Wood Elf Max Dex, Mig. 1. Crippling Strike 2. Weapon Focus: Soldier 3. Dirty Fighting 4. Marksman > Penetrating Shot > Rogue specific class talents 5. Finishing blow, use when you see the targets has 2 to 4 bubbles of health left. 6. Marksman > Penetrating Shot > Rogue specific class talents Best race: Wood elf has +5 accuracy and can get +5 from marksman, this helps all categories so is a dps enabler higher than hit to crit the orlan has. Backup weapons: Possibly Pollaxe, but really warbow is enough. Firearms are out of the weapon focus, so taking the -acc is rough on the rogue. Enchantments: +Quality (fine < exceptional < superb) > Lash (fire = corrode > shock > freeze) > Slaying Equipment of note: Borresaine > Cloudpiercer -Personal preference for PotD though for a ranged character is ranger. With good micro and a group, Ranger + pet + vicious aim + stalker's + guns or crossbow > rogue, since PotD its all about the accuracy issues. Rogue performs well enough, but having.. Ranger + (pet) + 2 tanks + 1 priest + 2 dps/cc > Rogue of the same setup. Since the rogue can't be a viable offtank and ranged even with the consecrated ground during a choke or corner pile up, where as the bear can. Practical optimization, the bear needs babysitting, but so does the rogue in PotD, and ranger brings driving flight for a semi aoe feel.
  12. Chanter can use some odd tactics like their Frost chant and run around trailing it behind them for slow down effect. They also get some nice multiplicative benefits by stacking on Come-Come-Swift at the beginning, plus can play second row melee very easily this way, and later on that +Fire dmg chant for all the weapon swinging. Wizard was mentioned, but I love them in any game. Priest is good because of your tight formation usually, mainly you can use consecrated ground to keep everyone up if spells are allowed, I'm sure similarly a druid would also work via Nature's balm, but the Priest gives off another per encounter +5 accuracy/heal too, and melee is already crowded enough. I'd revisit monk, use torment's reach more and moon godlike as one of the more powerful and fun combos, later on, rooting pain around them enables other melee classes to hit better which is awesome. Plus they supposedly have the best in house dps with just fists, so stacking the chanter + faster weapons + dmg modifiers will be cool. So... 1. Cipher + Hatchet/shield for the extra deflection, mainly uses the "beam" spells. (Main theme, doesn't have to be main PC) 2. Rogue + hatchet/shield for the extra deflection, while escape ability is good... it doesn't save you once there if using the above. OR monk + long stride (as turning wheel is bugged and will overwrite unarmed damage in some games, so long stride is a great choice at lvl 3) and they can run hella fast. OR paladin + zealous charge + main pc for the extra defenses + outworn buckler for the entire party. Moon godlike recommended for all of them. -small note, if only engaged with one, you can "circle" an engaged without triggering Opportunity attacks with the above. 3. Chanter tank. Mostly to keep your tight formation for the other 5 in the group not in the "beam" using. This guy uses invocations almost exclusively and so uses Come come swift almost every encounter, or the Dull the point, lvl 1 phrases. 4. Chanter reach weapon. Uses the higher lvl phrases to enable the group, but in earlier levels, plays like the above. 5. Barbarian, cuz they're cool, and aoe is appreciated. 6. whatever. maybe another cipher because double beams seems hilarious to make a plasma melee party. Though with spells in play, Priest is also decent due to the above accuracy stuff and healing ground area.
  13. Yeah, I like versatile classes, or least some classes that can fill the other role as needed. Unfortunately, due to how PoE is somewhat limited to 6 slots, stats unmovable once created, etc, its better to have specialists to bring synergy rather than try to make some good generalists. Paladin and ranger are good examples of this, besides the specific Darcozzi, ranger isn't effective as an offtank/dps like the monk or barbarian can be as they require a lot of micro on a pet that can die quickly or without setup to keep em up. And even Darcozzi just have one trick of good accuracy giving versus the other paladin orders that make it decent to pull around, but even then, I'd say using inspiring radiance is good enough and helps the entire group. From what I read in beta threads, the ranger pet was too "tanky" or something and had 40 dmg per hit, now it can't tank (without setup) and deals like 20 dmg per hit on a slower attack speed (at lvl 1), even upgrade numbers seem off like +1.5 DR (why not 2?). Roughly, it was cut in 50% effectiveness along with Stalker's Link dropping to 10.... so... i should have been more like 25% unlike 50% that Obs had done with most nerfs. That happy middle ground would be easy enough to implement I would think, and give rangers much more viability without pet micro and they still have to worry about other stuff. Other than that, blunderbuss + driving flight bug, and the ranger would feel pretty complete as a class despite kind of being boring or using just wounding shot for melee, because the pet becomes an asset more than a liability and the ranger is still the middle ground between barbarian/rogue then. Or give the pet focused talents more use, etc.
  14. I would like some hints on how to make a black background along with a white background for color formats look good. As I like to read threads on my phone as well as laptop, its hard to find some good colors that fit for both. That said, I re-formatted the class stuff and hope it works for that portion and welcome any other formatting hints.
  15. Thanks adaxe and Narla for the testing. Edit has timed out, moving thread to new one: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/79252-info-synergy-of-abilities-v1/ Mods: Feel free to delete this thread.
  16. Trying to compile all the newbie knowledge, and then some. Feel free to add your own, may become more than an info dump then. This thread is now updated by moderators as of 5/14/2015 via PM, please continue to add here though. General Info (includes race, items, or game effects). [One defensive modal + multiple offensive modals] You can have one defensive modal on like Cautious attack, but can have multiple offensive ones on like Savage and Vulnerable. [Highest bonus: Weapon/shield + Worn items (helms, armor, gloves, rings, boots) / Chants + Spells (includes Paladin Auras) + Talents + Per encounter + Racials] PoE pulls from the various effects for your character to have the highest bonus in each. For example, I could use a +2 might weapon, and wear a +1 might glove, and have +3 total. [Wood Elf + Any ranged attack or spell] Unlike Marksman, this works on any ranged attack/spell. [island Aumua (optional) + Quick Switch + Slow weapons] With weapon swapping, the slower weapons like guns bypass much of their recovery issues. [Moon Godlike + Dumping Con + (High Might)] The endurance heals will make health more of an issue than dropping in combat. High Might is recommended to get more out of the heals. [~+100% damage modifiers + Dual wield + Two weapon fighting talent vs 12 DR] Roughly when dual wield starts to gain ground next to a big 2 hander for dps. Before then its a pretty non optimal choice for dps, but good for the speed of attacks and lack of overkill. 12 DR is what most monsters are at as well besides bosses at 28+ DR. [(Pale elf) + Shades, phantoms, spirit + Freeze DR] Pale elf does it easier, tho wizards or paladins can also do it well enough via spells or darcozzi. A lot less damage from one of the most annoying monsters. [Low Might Companions + Guns or crossbows] Just my opinion, but guns are higher average damage and your companions tend to have low might scores giving an inflated "slowness" to combat a lot of times. Reload animation can be interrupted with skill spam, but the low might is never overcome by weapon selection easily unless you're talking about guns. [Companions + Roles + Party composition] 1 tank, 1-2 bad off tanks, and 4-6 dps/support are roughly the numbers of what builds are possible. Also there is no rogue, barbarian, or monk class. So it might be encouraged to make an offtank. [Dexterity + Animation times] Dex effects the actual attack animation AND recovery time. Where as attack speed is only on the recovery time. Reload (guns + crossbows) is never effected by either, except by Gunner, Surehand illa chant, and swift aim (ranger). [Debuffs stack for different sources] Daze + weaken for example works. [Leather armor (Scale) + Pierce Proof + (Quality)] An interesting way to get one of the better DRs vs 2 of the most common attacks (slash/pierce) while retaining a good recovery rate. Alternatively, Scale is also good in this setup as it has a little more Freeze DR. [AI + Lowest deflection] The monsters will target the closest thing they can reach with lowest deflection. Its possible to number crunch so they target in a specific order for your party that way then. [sanguine Plate + Shod in Faith + (Low Deflection)] The new spell holding effects are 2/enc, so having heals + lower deflection + dmg from Frenzy is a great combination, as the person getting crit. Class (Includes anything that involve a class specific skill). * * B A R B A R I A N * * [barbarian + Fire Godlike + Carnage] Burning up for aoe melee attacks. [barbarian + Threatening Presence + Brute Force + its a trap] A NON COMBO: as fortitude actually is higher for most monsters with high deflection. That said, it helps land Fort effects like stunning blow from monk, but only gets "ahead" by other debuffs. [barbarian + Human or Nature Godlike + Vengeful defeat + Second chance item] +dmg or stats and kamikaze aoe damage * * C H A N T E R * * [Chanter + Any buff but not items] Chants can stack with any buff with similar effects unlike spells where the highest overrides. It seems chanter buffs go under "item" slot so while it stacks with different sources, a +reflex item and a +reflex chant, the highest wins out instead of stacking. [Chanter + Chanter(s) + Come Come Swift Winds of Death] These stack up on enemies and start to melt faces at the beginning of the game. [Chanter + Frost Chant + (Fleet foot)] Probably the only class that can reliably kite due to how monsters chase you and you drop frost traps. * * C I P H E R * * [Cipher Focus gains + (Fire Godlike) + Retaliate ] Burning/Retaliate up for your focus below 50% [Cipher + Front line position + Antipathetic Field + Targetting back row enemy] Is extremely high dps, like 25 every second to things in front of you and in melee with you even with 10 might. Consider making Grieving Mother this build if you have enough CC and support effects as her stats are a bit odd and as a human, she gets some racial +dmg/accuracy when below 50% where melee tend to be. [Cipher + (Rogue + Escape) or (Monk + Longstrider) or (Any tank + Fleet foot)+ Ectopsychic Echo] The rogue can teleport behind the enemy line producing a huge echo effect much like the above. [Cipher (Wizard)+ Opening with Confuse] Tenuous Grasp lvl 1 (Cipher) or Bewildering lvl 2 (Wizard), the effect is enemies engage the confused monster and beat them down. * * F I G H T E R * * [Fighter + high might + constant recovery] = larger passive endurance regen [Fighter + high might + wary defender + (two handed OR dual wield) + weapon spec & mastery] = frontline melee that tanks "good enough for long enough" while outputting accurate, consistent damage in a durable package that does not need babysitting. Eder can do this easily. * * M O N K * * [Monk + Turning wheel + Transcendent Suffering + ITS A BUG!] Turning wheel will overwrite the monk unarmed damage bonuses occasionally with no way to fix it except to go back to a previous save. [Monk + Wounds + Duration + (Turning wheel)] Wounds roughly last "10 seconds" so Turning wheel is harder to stack up to higher levels unless they are dealt ~80 damage in less than 10 seconds with Lesser wounds to gain the max benefit. [Monk + Stunning + Enervating + Two weapon fighting +(Rogue)] See here: http://forums.obsidi...-dual-wielding/ Or basically, you stun on first blow, then enervating blows has a much higher chance due to the debuff. Rogue is nice for the synergy of sneak attack dmg. [Monk + Moon Godlike + Wounds + Torment's reach (or any wound using ability)] More wounds = more heals = more beatings that will continue until things are dead. [Monk + Long Stride + (Withdrawal Cape) + (Tank talents/stats) + (Flaggelent's Path) + (Cipher 3rd lvl Ectopsychic) + (Rooting Pain)] A tank that runs really fast past the front line and trails the ally beam behind them is amazing. Extra bonus for getting hit = more wounds = rooting pain. [Monk + Turning wheel + Rooting Pain + ITS A TRAP] Rooting pain is AoE damage, and does NOT get increased by Turning wheel [Monk + Offhand weapon + Unarmed main weapon] Attacks with offhand only, but with increased accuracy for "both". This means for Torment's Reach, you can hit a bit harder/accurately at the cost of auto attacks. [Monk + Torment's Reach or Rooting Pain + (Cone) AoE + Turning wheel] is unaffected by +Turning wheel modifiers or accuracy as its aoe and a spell effect. [Monk + Might + Transcendent Suffering (aka unarmed damage)] Might does double duty giving more +dmg for both the class passive and base damage. * * P A L A D I N * * [Paladin + Darcozzi + Fires of the Palace + Vulnerable attack + Scion of Flame] Retaliation is a little harder to gain now, but the low damage of the fire retaliate means the above taken in that order will at least deal decent damage. Also targets reflex which is good for shade killing. [Paladin + Flames of Devotion + Intense Flames + Burn Lash + (Guns) - (Scion of Flames)] aka "The Gunadin" The way it checks vs the reduced DR, its more effective to have a bigger bonus to one category, specifically, fire for the paladin. Scion of Flames seems to currently NOT work to enhance the lash effect. Consider a Blunderbuss/Pallegina as well, as all 6 shots have the lash effect vs lowered DR and melts things. [Paladin + Zealous Charge + (Withdrawal Cape) + (Fleet Foot) + (Tanking stats) + (Cipher spell lvl 3 Ectopsychic)] aka "The Runadin" Monsters will generally latch onto one engager and remain there, the paladin can eat/take some disengage attacks while under their Cipher's friend's beam to provide a good nuke with little harm. [Paladin + Darcozzi + Inspiring Exhortation + Spells that provide accuracy] One of the few ways to stack accuracy with other spells or effects. [Paladin + Ranged Arbalest/Crossbow + Righteous Soul (lvl 9)] will effortlessly 1 vs 1 immobile mushroom types of enemies ( Dank Spore // Swamp Spore //Giant dank spore) .. Once their mobile friends have been drawn away and disposed of .. The 'shrooms can dominate the paladin for a second or two and then he shakes it off and keeps pumping them full of arrows 1 at a time ...Confusion is not that dangerous in this 1 vs 1 situation - dank spores have pathetic DPS . * * P R I E S T * * [Priest + Inspiring Radiance + Spells that provide accuracy] One of the few ways to stack accuracy for the entire group. [Priest + Painful Interdiction + Barbarians with Threatening presence/Brute force + (Fortitude spells)] One per encounter (painful interdiction) and the barbarians in your group can hit much better along with fort effects. [Priest + Withdraw + Tank + Chokepoint or AoE Gather] Use withdraw on a tank that is holding a choke point, or similarly gathered up for AoE. * * R A N G E R * * [Ranger Swift Aim + Wounding Shot + Melee + (Stalker's Link)] They all work for melee. Wounding shot seems odd, but hobble effect is stronger than prone for -reflex which can help your casters or similar. [Ranger Vicious Aim + Quickswitch + Guns + Swift Aim + (Stalker's Link) +(Swift/Steady) + (Island Aumua) + (Arms Bearer)] One of the few ways the ranger keeps up competitively for accuracy and thus dps. Uses the burst damage of the guns, and then swaps to Swift aim during reload of the last gun to provide consistent dps. Arbalest > Arquebus and Blunderbuss > Pistol is roughly the same dps, though the first has less issues with DR and can possibly prone an enemy first. [Ranger + Engage item + Hold the line + Pet] Can have as many 5 engagement slots total, just as good as a Fighter. Though the pet will die if its holding all the agro. [Ranger + Guns + Swift Aim + (Swift/steady) + (Surehand Ila from Chanter) + (Gunner)] Best in house dps with the big hitters like Arquebus and reload time. Lacking +dmg modifiers, they rely on the heavier base weapons. [Ranger + Lion] Bear is arguably one of the best of the worst pets, but Lion has a per encounter fear, along with faster movement that can come in handy for pulling or debufing. [Ranger + Backrow pet in formation+ level 5+] Your pets tend to die, or get in the way of real melee. Sometimes, its easiest to manage by keeping them out of the action or when others have firmly engaged. OR keep them in the last row for formation so they have to "catch up" when a fight starts to easily manage them. [Ranger + interrupting blows + pet] = pet also gets the increased interrupt ability with their attacks [Ranger + Stunning Arrows + Driving Flight + Pet] Secondary target will also be stunned. [Ranger + blunderbuss + driving flight + ITS A TRAP] 2 bullets instead of 6. BUGGED [Ranger + Accurate Wounding Shot + Its a TRAP!] Only effects the fortitude accuracy, not the initial strike. * * R O G U E * * [Rogue + Faster attacks] As damage modifiers can get pretty high on this class, faster = better. While most of the others prefer slower weapons for the better base damage. [Rogue + Deep wounds + Dump INT] Unless the rogue is micro'd fully and even then its dubious on effectiveness, the DoT from the same source does NOT stack. Hence, deep wounds will auto refresh on the same target, and there's really no need to up its duration as the rogue will most likely hit again before its up. * * W I Z A R D * * [Wizard spell lvl 3 Combusting wounds + Any Damage over time effect] Each tick of the DoT will make Combust go off for more damage. [Wizard (druid) + Self buffs/weapons + No recovery time] Self buffs have no recovery time and cast in less than a second. Buffing is pretty quick. Druid technically has spiritshift like this as well along with Firebrand. [Wizard spell lvl 3 Alacrity + Summoned weapon] Comboing with the above, the weapons also swing faster as of 1.05 and with Alacrity wizards become even better beatsticks. [Wizard spell lvl 3 Alacrity + spells] Alacrity effects recovery for everything.. spells and weapons. [Wizard spell lvl 4 Essential Phantom + spellbind items + (Armor)] has your "worn spellbind" items with full charges on cast. For example, using a minor gloves of light endurance, even if the player had 0 charges, the phantom gets 3. Note: weapons/shield slot not included. Note: Armor is mentioned since it has the same DR when cast, which is why spellblades are so good in plate armor. [Wizard spell lvl 3 Minor Blights + Blast + (Penetrating Blast)+ (Dangerous Implements)] The wand created by the spell does aoe damage, and then blast does it again. Becomes a crazy nuker this way and raw damage to self is neglible. Also see Alacrity for faster attacks. [Wizard spell lvl 1 Parasitic Staff + Summon ] Easy way to keep your wizard up by beat sticking your summons. Not tested, but should work with melee summons + fire shield. Optionally, Tidefall takes the place of this combo later. [Wizard + Deflection spells + Cautious attack talent + ITS A TRAP] Highest wins, don't take this modal. ---------------- Some things weren't included like Rogue sneak attack as the in game description is accurate enough. This thread purpose was more to gather information that's a little off the beaten path, or frequent asked questions I've seen. Thanks for reading, and please comment/add to the thread below!
  17. Ah... was mainly saying how there's not too many multiplicative benefits. 1 priest in the above is sufficient right? Where as adding more wizards, druids, or ciphers helps the aoe spam. Most of the priest's "debuffs" don't stack up like RAW damage of wizard spamming at low levels.
  18. This build is adapted for 1.05 and the lower starting focus. Role: Offtank/DPS -You still have all the other cipher goodies, but the micro actually comes from moving around than anything. Race: Moon = Fire Godlike > Wild Orlan = Human -You'll eat some disengagement attacks here and there so having an endurance heal is good. Fire Godlike can also be decent, but Moon is much more forgiving as you run around the battlefield. Fire does give you retaliate focus which is better for mid game. Powers: Antipathetic Field + whatever else. Probably Ectopsychic Echo for the theme, but you are still a cipher in the end with other powers. Stats: Dex > Res > Mig > Int > Per > Con -Besides the typical higher deflection, flavor to preference. Oddly, Grieving Mother can also do this build. -Int is kept relatively high for other effects, but doesn't help the 6 second duration of Antipathetic field for the damage portion -Dex can be dumped for the heavier armor setup, etc, but for the growing pains I like having faster casting at the beginning. Talents: Fast Runner, optional: Weapon/Shield style, Wound binding (for health heals). Gear: Hatchet/small shield, heaviest armor. Optional: Disengage cloak. Playstyle: Target a back row enemy with the Antipathetic Field, then if not engaged, run around so the beam hits everyone. If you are engaged though, you can sort of circle click around them to rotate your beam... Or if you're bored, just eat the disengage attacks and go crazy. Why is this better than ranged cipher? -Talents necessary to realize this build is done at lvl 4, focus gaining is sort of a non issue. -By the time you outgrow Anitpathetic field, you have all the other cipher goodies -Sometimes, you get lazy... cast, shift click move them around the battle area... and still profit for extreme damage. -Sometimes, you wanna have an offtank, this provides a relatively decent one for the early game, and late game, its just about the aoe/cc/damage.
  19. I still think a well played cipher with antipathetic beam provides equal footing to any of the alpha strikes the other 2 casters can give out. This requires more of a tank/fleet foot focus but melts everything.
  20. Darcozzi Hearth Orlan, +10% crit when targeting with an ally 1. Flames of Devotion 2. Weapon Focus: Soldier 3. Zealous Focus 4. Critical Focus 5. Liberating Exhortation 6. Inspiring Exhortation 7. Sworn enemy (optional) 8+ whatever Little spammy, but basically you use Inspiring on self + Sworn enemy (as needed) + Flames when they're downed for a lot of +hit to crit. This can give you +6 (focus) +10 (inspiring) +15 (sworn) +5 (zealous) +10 (hearth) +10 (tall grass) = 66 hit or crit conversion, which will make any hit convert to a crit for things you want to down/prone. Without Sworn its still +51 which gets your past the "hit" to crit range, assuming you don't graze/miss. Hesitant to say its better than face tanking with Fires talent at lvl 2, but the numbers are definitely there for +acc/crit chance and doesn't rely on other people's buffs to get there which is a nicety. Edit to add: The spellholding weapons would also be a good option, and depending due to the aura size, might be better to use a ranged weapon. Personally think the stiletto with jolting would be pretty sweet for damage too now that its 2/enc. Also, blunderbuss + Flames of Devotion is a pretty wicked Gunadin starter as well, but weapon swapping without quickswitch and this build is already talent starved, makes it harder to recommend. Just be aware, afaik, there's still a bug on "stun on crit" weapons where its not truly the debuff, and it only makes them not move for a little bit. Wood elf also works if ranged then. Ranged is also special as it has Marksman over the melee style, so can get equally +10 assuming everything else is the same AND helps for the graze/miss parts. Might be okay in play if you made this a npc paladin, due to having NO faith/conviction, this hireling would get crit more often and provide passive buffs, so would be loaded up with the consecrated boots and similar... Basically get critted and crit others.
  21. Not sure what you mean? The usefulness of it? Its very useful and noted for PotD stuff via mechanics bumping accuracy. That said, for really tough fights, and due to limited slots, sometimes its better to save the 2nd lvl slots for Consecrated ground and keeping a tight formation so everyone benefits vs the swarm like nature of the upper difficulties.
  22. Didn't read all of this thread but... If I was pea-co-king... I'd be the avian godlike Pallegina. -badumtish-
  23. Paladins do have effective fear immunity due to Righteous Soul... Whether its more valuable than just having a priest cast it for your "entire group" is more of a discussion of a spell slot, vs a class talent.
  24. Agree 100% on the aura. They're too small in general. And their small size means that any AoE increasing effect from high INT isn't going to be worth investing in that high INT. +24% of a small number is still going to be a small number. That said, if one is going to go for a high Lore score with a paladin with the intent of casting scroll spells, a high INT could come in useful there, so one should be careful not to totally dismiss INT here. -rezz "kill" instead of "skill" I don't have the slightest idea what you're saying here. Boring play? It's a matter of personal taste. What you find boring others may find enjoyable. Personally, I enjoy having Pallegina along in my parties to support Eder. I'm not interested in worrying about crap like "cc" and "dps". I bring alone characters that I like and find useful for my playstyle, and don't worry about the rest. Reviving exhortation is currently bugged and will kill a character once the duration is up unless they have like what.. 150+ endurance? something nutty, most classes die under it. Thus a priest or a lore scroll is preferred. Boring play = less goodies at high level = nothing to look forward too. I personally have rated paladins pretty highly in the early game unlike others, but later on, I guess I expected more out of them as a matter of personal taste... Personally think Obs may have only tested some of the classes or gotten feedback for them up to level 5, and then once they were "good" lot of the paladin things slipped by. Pallegina is handy because your only other offtank choice is your PC or hireling, a weird melee ranger Sagani, and finally Kana who isn't built exactly for it stats wise. This is why she becomes one of the "best of a bad bunch" but that doesn't mean her skills, aura, and similar aren't working as intended, nor the other issues of the paladin were addressed. Anyway, feel free to read the paladin discussion, I've said and added my solutions to that thread and hope one of the devs will consider some paladin revisions.
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