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  1. Normal/Hard is easily survivable with a paladin that doesn't use a shield. There's the Gunadin which correlates with your two hander concept though, basically you use.. Flames of Devotion > Intense Flames > Burning Lash Enhancement + A big 2 handed weapon. The 100% above of the burning lash = huge chunky numbers. I ran the Darcozzi paladin with a 2 hander or gun eventually as tanking became less of an issue. YMMV, but I like Might and Dex, and dumping Per, as Res helped keep the concentration checks high and interrupts = annoying. Also with +10 inspiring +6 zealous +15
  2. Paladins can 'tank' but don't bring anything else but that except for Darcozzi. -support skills dont stack as spells override aura -aura radius is tiny.. may effect others if they hump the paladin. Int does not help this. -rezz "kill" instead of "skill" -boring play -npc lack major defense bonuses so cant 'tank' unless main PC -tank role is equal or surpassed by fighter and others bring more cc or dps -the defense stuff helps for solo but in a group everything is mimicked and surpassed by items or other classes. -SUMMARY: not worth a slot when others are better. +darcozzi give
  3. Forgot the other optional talent of Dangerous Implements = increased damage for the above. Good chunky damage then.
  4. http://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity/mods/1/ Other stuff to be aware of: Turning wheel seems to overwrite Transcendent suffering reported by some = less unarmed damage. Might does double duty increasing Transcendent AND the base damage. Sabres are arguably by the numbers the "best" torment's reach weapon later on, tho i think fists are still great until 2 superb.
  5. Weapon/shield is great for sure, been toying with the idea that using that style along with weapon focus: peasant gives you a good defense/offense mode. Basically, you use the hatchet/shield to play tank, and the rare times fights drag out, you use the Parasitic Staff spell which does huge chunky damage and swings super fast. For ranged you have the usual arcane assault x2, your spells and similar. Realistically though, unless playing on PotD, the above combo is pretty unnecessary and summoned weapons only shine for the longer fights.
  6. Mostly its there to mention that fortitude is higher than deflection for most monsters. Think of it like this, there's 2 classes now that enable -fortitude, but they took 2 talents/levels each to get there, and then barely get above what most debuff/cc spells would do anyway. 4 talents/abilities to hit ~20% better (even with -40 fort) for 1 character is a little rough. By then, with the debuff provided by Painful interdiction, most characters would rather pour out chunky dps. The painful interdiction is a priest enabling synergy though, so I'll add that in for them. Multiple barbari
  7. Luzaris' tactic works really well. Rogues have survival issues on the PotD difficulties to me when using reckless assault, due to how the AI works and will get past your front line usually, the ranger has more accuracy and can reliably use stalker's link with a priest backup. So for when "accuracy" does matter only, the ranger comes out ahead. In terms of preference, I'd rather take another wizard than a rogue for dps, cc, and even general beat sticking now that they have uber summon weapons or similar tactics. So, taking that middle ground of a ranger that provides the 3 man wall
  8. Darcozzi is always a good option for the Inspiring (+10 accuracy) on an instant cast. You could also try Blunderbuss aka Gunadin... Burning lash + Intense Flames + Flames of devotion = 100% lash effect for every pellet = lots of damage. Think by the numbers you get like an average of 100 damage, assuming +100% dmg modifier, and penetrating shots (more so with Leadsplitter vs hard DR). Gives you almost that rogue alpha strike feel, and can be usable starting at lower levels with the Disappointer enchanted. Problem is the tightness of talents due to using things that require additional
  9. From what I saw... whatever its engaged too + lowest deflection = what it targets. For example, I can hit Arcane Veil on my wizard who is in the back row with 3 others being attacked, and will always NOT be targetted. Rogue has double issues due to reckless assault, generally why its good to be a "pike" rogue for much of the game. Tall grass is also amazing on them later. Basically, the low deflection = i will hit you. For moon monks, I actually like sending them in front and then aoe nuking them. They'll self heal and you get damage + wounds = more damage.
  10. What's funny is with early level game availability of items, i.e. only "Fine" weapons, its good to be a wizard with the new Parastic staff. 28 acc vs 34 acc of the fighters, and tagging things from the backrow for a minute due to the weapon buff is amazing. Not to mention it swings a lot faster, hits very hard and drains/give endurance like crazy. The most annoying monsters usually have bad reflex saves too for later Minor Blights or similar long weapon buff style which is cool to me. And probably why Arcane Assault is such a boss. Then again, its one less slicken cast or chill fog,
  11. Yeah, I read originally the Ranger had shared health with the pet and a few other niceties like +20 accuracy when stalker's was up vs 10... Then the last few days of beta they basically nerfed them to the ground with the wounding DoT changed to whatever weapon type they were using, and some other stuff. Not sure what happened, even with the above it just comes out to a "good" class and not an overpowered one, but that's me. I think the AC micro and melee being crowded enough is what bothers me the most. I mean on paper, it seems okay, like pulling with your lion who has faster moveme
  12. I think they built the WF: Adventurer around wizard originally. It gives a bonus to wand accuracy. Wizards prefer chunky 2 handers like Estoc (best dps for them next to Tidefall) due to Alacrity. Warbow has no "reload" animation that Alacrity would have issues off the other groups. It has flails... grazes > hits are probably the only thing lacking for them due to the lower accuracy initially. Paladins are actually served better with Sabres and chunky slow guns, so ruffian... Because Flames of Devotion + lash effects + huge base damage = huge hits.... least 2/enc. Pall
  13. Yeah, I used Aloth, though a proper wizard with Arcane Assault = ~20 raw damage per cast times 2... or 40 total in ~3 seconds (just use shift + click to cue 2 at once). With slicken/chill fog going on, and that, everything gets severely hurt/dies, and much quicker due to even cipher just barely casting their first spell due to the "average" speed of them. There's a lot of other classes that get multiplicative benefits, but I have a tough time justifying them over wizard x2. Moon monk may come close, but then the heals seem like overhealing, and even a melee rogue could at least use their
  14. Yeah, others have said this before, but the pet micro is a little annoying. I usually had them trail behind in the last row so everyone was firmly being "engaged" to let the AC have a chance to survive. If I wanted to micro a thing that much, I'd use any other class that gets "benefits" from doing so, where as ranger feels like its just avoiding "penalties" for doing so.
  15. Just a preference but I enjoy wizard 2x or more. Dunno why, but its super satisfying for trash encounters to cue up a bunch of Arcane Assaults and let them nuke away. Fire Godlike Cipher tank + Anitpathetic field is also good to me recently. Nothing fancy, just stack on DR/defenses, and retaliate by FIRE to gain focus and beam nuke in the front, or whatever other powers. Moon Godlike Monk. Just a personal favorite of mine with how they can gain Rooting pain all around them by taking an aoe from the backline or similar style, and heal the party/themselves and gain wounds. After t
  16. (Updated version in a new thread here. ==== Trying to compile all the newbie knowledge, and then some. Feel free to add your own, may become more than an info dump then. General Info (includes race, items, or game effects). [One defensive modal + multiple offensive modals] You can have one defensive modal on like Cautious attack, but can have multiple offensive ones on like Savage and Vulnerable. [Highest bonus: Weapon/shield + Worn items (helms, armor, gloves, rings, boots) + Spells (includes Paladin Auras) + Talents + Per encounter + Chants + Racials] PoE pulls from the
  17. Ranger can use Wounding Shot + Swift Aim Modal to swing a chunkier 2 hander faster and provide the hobble then too. But more rogues makes it even better. Great synergy and find again!
  18. I like the female model with head 1 or 2, but yeah.. for the dudes, definitely not rocking the vibe they bring.
  19. Lol... its why I have a tough time with ranger.... Its like they're almost there. Best I could do was a melee ranger for a bit, the stalker's link is much easier to manage if your ranger engages first and tanks for them. Problem is, I kept thinking if I wanted max accuracy, I'd use vicious which was incompatible with melee not to mention they didn't have particularly tank worthy things to do. Another easier way that resulted in less deaths, was to keep the pet all the way in the back row for a formation so when I hit the backspace + attack one guy thing to start a fight, at least they
  20. Yeah, I put my rogue with a warbow and didn't bother to micro that much. Probably heavily influenced by how the +dmg modifiers are better off faster weapons just like everyone else, but, practical optimization... a heavy/slow one for an opener > warbow was best which I didn't do til later. So.. as others have said.... heavy hitter > warbow is probably the best "weapon"... This thread was just to show raw and big chunky numbers, but again, practically, the ranger fires faster, has a duty of dealing damage to 2 targets vs 1 like a weird ranged barbarian, and additional utility via ro
  21. After damage reduction from what I remember of my monk time. I made a high deflection monk one time and couldn't get wounds. Eventually, I went lighter armor, two weapon style, etc, and it worked out fine. I'll echo Moon monk is pretty great. So much good synergy. Edit to add: Also Rooting Pain is pretty decent for the "retaliate" feel so won't really be missed by not going Fire God-like after level 7+. And MIGHT effects healing from Moon, and does double duty for the Transcendent + Fist (from what I read).
  22. Alrighty, going into a little more depth for druid. Druid has over the other Tier 1 casters, front loaded damage, spirit shift, and a really long duration blind. Most of their spells are specific or redone by other classes in Tier 1 except for one combo where the wizard needs an additional Bulwark spell: +DR 8 (10 with Bear) on a naked caster is very strong for Act 1. Specifically, the shade encounters can be done a lot easier if you back yourself into a corner, or take the front lead with a nuke for the oncoming initial swarm of them. They also have best in house fire damage now
  23. Back when the attack sheet wasn't broken. I did some tests and the magical break point at 12 DR which is most non boss mobs was +90% dmg and 5 Dr reduction Via vulnerable Assuming alacritY to beat out estoc for dps. The thing is... the difference isn't much and swinging faster for non wizards means two weapon is good too as they have a 20% swing faster talent which is much more handy and closes the gap the wizard has with 2 handers. Of course at 20 dr... sabres fell behind by like 5 dps or something. Basically the boss mobs they don't keep up cuz estoc is just that good by the raw
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