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  1. Thanks for that Casildar, I really like the first portrait. I'm going to use it for a moon godlike bleak walker :D
  2. This is excellent stuff. On my first playthrough I let the dragon go, this time around I'm playing on PoTD+TOI and want to be able to kill it. I'll be going for as much "win-more" as possible, so I'm keen to see your analysis on the other classes.
  3. *slight spoilers* Pillars of Eternity does have a romance. ...Iovara! I totally picked the dialogue options for being in love with her
  4. I wonder how well this would work with Aumaua. You'd get more anti-CC and a Helm slot at the cost of the Moon Godlike heals.
  5. @Voltron: The only reason I omitted him is my first playthrough PC was a Barbarian. I went Orlan for that run (I just liked the flavor of a tiny little angry man demolishing things), but I can see how Fire would be superb. @KDubya and knownastherat: I know my testing method is very early-game centric, but that's kind of what I was going for. Mid to late game any class can do well with the right gear, figurines, scrolls, etc (as was shown by that PoTD solo Paladin video Vs the Sky Dragon). I'm going to take the Monk build and run with it for now, and see how it fares at Gilded Vale and beyond.
  6. Edited first post again, Fire Godlike chanter went 9/1. Tried Fire and Moon Godlike Priests, Wizards, Druids, Ciphers, Paladins and Rogues (with very aggressive stat arrays to try to burn the wolves down, or very defensive arrays to try and outlast them, and compromises between the two) and none did better than about 7/3. Conclusion: For level 1 at least, it seems to be a three horse race between Monk, Fighter and Chanter, with Fire Godlike the dominant race option.
  7. Updated the first post to reflect recent testing. Seems Fire Godlike is the dominant racial option for a naked PoTD solo combat test, with Monk and Fighter coming out on top.
  8. Well, that's embarrasing Thank you, that worked. Irritating how that option somehow persisted through two uninstalls.
  9. I cannot transfer any items from my Stash to my Inventory, across any of my saved games. I can transfer items from my inventory TO my stash, but not the other way around. When trying to transfer the destination slot is shaded red and I get the error "you must camp or return to town to access that slot" (see attached screenshot). I encountered this issue while on patch 1.0.3 on Windows 8 64bit. I updated to patch 1.1.4 to try and fix it, but the patch did nothing. I then uninstalled the game (whilst keeping my saved games), reinstalled, re-patched to 1.1.4 and tried again, and I still encountered the error. I then uninstalled the game again DELETING all my saved games, restarted my PC, reinstalled Pillars of Eternity to a different folder, re-patched and created a new character, and the new character is experiencing the SAME ISSUE. So basically anything I transfer to my Stash is lost forever, on any character I create. Tried goggling the issue but no one else seems to be experiencing this as far as I can see. Please help, as the game is basically unplayable in this state.
  10. To be fair, you are attacking him in a temple dedicated to his goddess, home turf if you will. TBH I'm surprised he doesn't turn and run, kiting you through halls filled with pre-prepared traps and more of those giant minotaur-statue things, flood a few chambers and force Con-checks to hold your breath long enough to find the release lever, and then kill anyone still alive
  11. Hey all, So I finished the game on Hard with a party of the game's narrative characters, during which I steadfastly resisted the urge to delete and re-create my main character over and over trying to get it "perfect". Now I'm going for a solo PoTD run, and fully indulging my character min-max tendencies. I've been testing builds by running them over to the two wolves in the starting area and attempting to solo them while just wearing clothes (no armor) to try and evaluate their performance without gear as a factor. I realize this doesn't take into account a build's future potential at higher levels or with best in slot gear (I imagine wizards past L9 become killing machines, for instance) but I'm having a lot of fun regardless. I've been fighting the two-wolf encounter ten times with each build, to help rule out RNG as a factor. So far the only builds which have won 10/10 times are: Fire Godlike Monk with 18 Mig, 18 Con, 18 Dex, 17 Res Fire Godlike Fighter with 18 Mig, 18 Con, 17 Per, 17 Res One build also managed 9/1 (9 wins in a row with one loss right at the end): Fire Godlike Chanter 3 Mig, 19 Con, 10 Dex, 18 Per, 10 Int, 18 Res The Fire Godlike racial seems dominant with gear removed, providing DR and retaliation the character otherwise lacks. Monk destroys both wolves quickly with dual-fists torment's reach with about 35-40 health lost at the end of the fight, while the fighter takes longer and relies on Fire Godlike DR in combination with Constant Recovery, losing about 60-70 health by the end of the fight. Interestingly the Wild Orlan Chanter max-defenses build failed this test, getting 7 wins and 3 losses Vs the wolves (18 Con, 20 Per and Res, the rest in Int). Even with the highest possible starting deflection the wolves still hit regularly enough to kill the Orlan before he can summon a Phantom unless RNG favors the PC. With Fire Godlike the story changed, the -4 deflection from not going Orlan more than made up for by the DR4. The Fire Godlike build lost on average 36 health per fight, similar to the Monk's performance, but with a lower Endurance pool this build wasn't quite as assured of victory. Also of interest is that Moon Godlike performed worse than Fire in every test. I've run Moon variants of every winning Fire build, and the result is much more health damage taken (to be expected, as we're trading DR for Healing) as well as losing 3-4 battles from every set of 10. Maxing out the Might of the builds to buff Moon Godlike healing helps, but still doesn't provide the same durability as Fire DR.
  12. On Normal? Pretty much anything. Invest in Constitution and/or the "tanky" stats (perception and resolve), equip plate armor and use any figurines you find. This thread has good tips (based around soloing at Path of the Damned difficulty): http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/76328-solo-play-tips-not-exploits-potd/
  13. Which weapon focus talent, if any, would be best for solo play? Or another way of phrasing this would be: are there particular weapons I should be aiming for? Adventurer for Gaun's Share? Knight for Edge of Reason?
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