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  1. First problem is that after I installed 2.0.1 from GOG it still shows I have only patch 2.0 installed even though when I try to install it again it says I already have it and im pretty sure I DO have 2.0.1 but it just doesnt say it on the front screen on the bottom left.. Now the real issue is, ever since the past few patches I have been getting horrible loading times. and everything is much laggier in the game. The screen takes forever to load now..
  2. Maybe not make THIS game online, but have a game within the PoE universe online, with similar style and graphics and everything. Would LOOVE this to happen
  3. awesome help guys, just wondering if Rogues have any AoE attacks whatsoever? or do I not need int at all. or any abilities that would be benefit from having a long duration?
  4. Only reason I want ranged Rogue is because I don't know how to play a mele one properly LOL. Plus it's much easier and takes less effort to use ranged weapons, than having to sneak up on the enemies and probably get killed.
  5. wanna roll a rogue this time, a purely ranged rogue I think. (if possible) Can someone maybe give me a stat build to use? I'm not that great with the stat mechanics of this game.. I have a basic idea of what would work. But a stat build that would be the best would be even better. thanks ;D I'll probably be a Wood Elf.. and OH also what "skills" should I have? Mechanics/Stealth I suppose? anything else? DAMN, i just realized I put a "Y" in Rogue... idk why I did that, oops.
  6. YES exactly, you get me there are bounties in the game?? or are you just suggesting a feature. I haven't gotten too far in the game yet so I don;t know. x) If so, where do i get them and what happens exactly. I get gold for wiping out some mobs in an old area? I was suggesting this happen on another post. But if it's already in the game that's even better lol. OH I didn't even think of this, this would be perfect. Hopefully there is.
  7. Well, I agree with "Monsters would inhabit a forest again" but not with There would be nothing to do if you cleared all of them out. This is not the kind of game you will return an area often and if you do, it is because of the story and you WILL have encounters. PE is totally story-driven so you will busy advancing and there is not reason to return an area you already cleaned. And that's fine, because there are a LOT of new areas ahead, so, don't worry about the areas you left behind. Now, a bit of respawning could be realistic, because the experience point system avoid the farming, so there are no reason to creatures no returning an area. In the other hand, this could be just time consuming without adding anything to the story. you're right actually. It's not like I really wish there was a respawning feature in the game, I know at some point I would get annoyed.. So my complaining about it, it'snt even a true complaint. It's just something I thought would be cool. LOL
  8. I know the game works this way and that's fine, and no guys I don;t want to mindlessly kill enemies over and over. It would just give me some weird enjoyment to know there are always enemies everywhere.. the thought of having a blank save with no monsters left is kind of saddening. I can't test my end game characters on any mobs. But like I can deal with it, I know it's not how the game is lol. I'm having enough fun progressing and doing everything as it is, so I don't have to worry about it anyways. And you're right, I can always start a new game save after.
  9. TBH POTD isnt really fun, its so hard for me LOL. but i will definitely have to beat it at least once. and I usually defeat ALL enemies possible because It's OCD for me.. but on POTD i dont think I would. that;s torture.
  10. The thing about that is.. you WONT be visiting the old areas anyway, because theyre been cleared of all enemies and loot, and interactions. Like all the forests for example. I wouldnt necessarily spend my time randomly killing things, I progress through the story.. but I personally just like the idea of monsters inhabiting an area again, and you clear them out. Maybe over the spam of a few in-game days you recieve note of monsters coming back to an area and have to clear some again, and get like a gold reward? IDK, just something I had to get out. I know a lot of people would hate that, and that's totally fine.
  11. what does it matter, i just like having enemies to fight. Once you clear an area it's so baren and eventually there will be NOTHING to kill in the whole game. Like a world without monsters, it's just crappy imo. The exp system in this game doesnt bother me, just pointlessly killing things would be good enough for me xD... after all, having a ful bestiary and no more beasts to slay is kind of pointless..
  12. Ah thanks guys, and BTW not having respawn is NOT great. It makes the game feel empty after you cleared away the areas.. im not even saying add exp per monster. Even pointless encounters are fun for me. Monsters would inhabit a forest again, so just having no monsters left in the game is pretty dumb. There would be nothing to do if you cleared all of them out.
  13. Do enemies respawn at any place? I would like to see this happen EVEN if they dont give Exp. Just because i love the combat in this game and I hate going back to an old area that's just dried up of all enemies and loot and stuff to do. It's just bare now and no point going back. Eventually everything in the game will be killed and I will have no more to fight .. it kind of sucks.
  14. Because I don't see anything that tells me how many uses I have, or if theyre per rest or not.. same thing with my level 2 wizard spells.
  15. by the way.. i just got Durance the priest in my party. But i noticed his level 2 abilities said (cant be used any more) or something similar. Does that mean they are all per rest, and if i use one I cant use others? (his level 1 spells are still fine) If so is there any place that tells me how many uses I have left.. how does this work?
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