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  1. I've reported this a while ago. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/77614-bug-infinite-xp-bug/ No one seems to give a ****. I'm guessing they're more interested in more game-breaking things rather than xp or gold exploits (where you basically can ruin the fun for yourself).
  2. I don't think there is a must-have Class. However, if you're not playing Solo, I think Priests (maybe Chanters) are the coolest to party with -yay!-. Lots of buffs, healings, can revive, boost defenses, all kind of debuffs on enemies, traps, decent damage on their own. More so if you have a couple of melee guys. You'll end up loving your priest no doubt! :D
  3. This. People need to sneak more, more and more! You can use the pile of boxes as a wall. They won't see you if you are coming from the east and go straight to pick up what you want. Also, I don't see why you would want Athletics 3 ASAP. You have a very limited amount of spells on the early game. So you'll be likely resting quite a lot, no need to rush on Athletics. Now, on the other hand, there are (glorifying music) Stealth and Mechanics. Stealth will allow you to sneak past lots and lots of maps and gain a very decent amount of xp by exploring maps (Raedric's Hold has lots of them and most of them you can sneak past them). Mechanics will give you lots of XP by lockpicking stuff and disarming traps, not to mention loot on hidden areas (also, on high mechanics, your traps have a ridiculous amount of Accuracy).
  4. I'm guessing you would want that on any build. :D Back on the build, barbarian with retaliation doesn't need further explanation. You just need one stands alone and retaliation. I've finished a PotD solo with a Barbarian and I felt like when you play with relatiation + one stands alone, you turn the game into 'I can win' mode and doesn't really matter what you do afterwards. Accurate carnage won't make any difference so you might as well get any other. Also, Frenzy it's probably the best tanky skill the barbarian has in my opinion!
  5. Oh man, I get frustrated by only reading it! Weird things happen during that fight. If you kill Thalos before the judges (maybe this was already fixed) game will crush after killing the judges. The safe way is always making sure to kill the judges and once they're dead fight Thalos alone. As for swaping Trials of Iron saved games... I don't think that will work. Sorry pal
  6. Have you tried turning steam cloud off for this game? Not saying this will fix it for sure, but I had a similar issue and the cause was the size of the saved games files were taking to long to upload to steam's cloud. To enable/disabled Steam Cloud: Go to Library > Right click Pillars of Eternity -> Properties -> Updates tab -> Steam Cloud
  7. Not a bug. Unfortunately, lots of players seems to be seeing everything as a bug instead of doing further research. There are, if remember well, 4 spirits (or at least 3). You need to talk to all of them, try to open the door and then talk again to the one that is in the northeast. You'll have the option to ask him for the door password.
  8. I did mine with a rogue on easy. High resolve and might. 3 atheltics 9 mechanics and the rest stealh. Act 1: - At the beginning, where you're with calisca and Heodan. Let Heodan get hurt before fightning the guys who took over the caravan. He then will ask you to rest, do so. Calisca will leave the party. This maximise your xp. Do not disarm any of the traps there. Get past the cave, once you find calisca and heodan's bodies, get back in there and disarm all of the traps there for extra xp. - Late for dinner: just 3 kills for xp. - Against the grain: also, you can complete this one without killing anyone. - Cad Nua: you can sneak in the main keep without killing anyone. I haven't find a way to avoid fightning the ghosts inside nor the spiders in the dungeon. Act 2: (i don't remember quests names) - You can complete the quest on the north bridge of defiance bay without killing anyone. - You can complete the quests for the little kid who wants the sword without killing. - You can complete the quest for the lady in copperlane if you team up with the evil wizard. - You can complete the quest for the mother who lost his son. - You can complete Serel's quest by buying her necklace. - Supply and the demand for the brothel, but make sure you go and talk the doemenel lady and do his little quest as well. - Team up with the doemenel, they have the shortest quest which requires the least killing of all three factions. - In the catacambs, you can sneak past most of the map and using stealth pick up the mask from the body in the southeast and then avoid the fight in the temple. - Couldn't avoid much of the fights in Heritage hill + tower, but you ceirtainly can avoid some. - You can also complete the final act if you don't decide to side up with Lumdala. - In dyrford you can complete the ogre quest, you can get to the cave without killing anymonster. Can be tricky but it's totally doable with 5 stealth. You can do the dragon egg as well if you lure the wurms and make them fight the guys protecting the nest. - In Cliaban Rilag, you can go up north to avoid a fight, but once you're there, make sure you take the southeast path, so you kill only the necessary. Don't go back swimming, just get back using the same path. Act 3: - Once you're out from Defiance Bay you can get to Twin Elms without having any fight at all. You can sneak past the group of assassins waiting you where the river was. - You can complete the quest from the guy right next to Hearthsong's inn. - You can complete the bird quest from the guy Oldsong. - You can complete the quest for the guy who wants you to kidnap a baby (!!). Take into account that you need high resolve for this, but if you start with 16, gear + sleep should be enough. - You can complete get to the temple of Hylea by sneaking past every pack, just talk to the dragon and tell her to stay there. You could use a petrified trap or something for bestiary xp if you want. - You can also complete the other god quest. Dunno the name, but it's the one that involves going to the pale elves temple. You can sneak past the entire thing by heading west and using resolve (16 I think) complete the quest without killing anyone. In the same place, you'll find a guy you can realease for a related side quest and get some extra xp. - Once you're in buried isle, go the right, kill the two guys there, use the passage. Once the phantoms engage you, use your Shadowing Beyond to reach the top and avoid fightning them. That should be enough to get you to Thalos killing less than 175 mobs. :D
  9. Hiravias on my first playthrough had 30 level 1 spells per fight. I thought it was some kinda of reward for completing his quests lol.
  10. I only finished an ironman Monk on hard, but I could avoid most of the delemgan types (or hit them early), distract with figurines, etc. - same with crystal spiders. Paralyse isn't as big a deal even if you get hit by it. I did invest in a lot of gear and talents for Will saves, Prone/Stuck bonuses, etc. I imagine it's not as straightforward on POTD. Not really much different. However, they do have higher stats, so you're less likely to interrumpt their spells cast. I've lost a TCS run once I got hit by a 260 pierce damage crit (dayumm) right after being petrified by a crystal spider for 1.6 seconds (or something, I remember it was very little time). It's a matter of choosing your battles wisely. On my TCS I totally avoided battles that included any monster that could petrify me (meaning, I ignored most of the Endless Paths). If you're fightning a pack of monsters with someone that can potentially petrified you, just make sure you path-block them. And if it is an open area involving, lets say, adragans+xaurips (I'm talking to you adra dragon!) well, that's the kinda battle I would just skip.
  11. I loved my glass-cannon wizard on PotD, probably the least gear-dependant character with higher damage output. Obviously, not an option for a solo run but it's really fun to wipe packs of moves with just a few spells :D
  12. Ok, so I've just managed to complete my TCS :D And an useful tip: in the level right before Thaos, you fight two packs formed by a shadow-zombies and one dragon. The second pack, you don't really need to fight it. By the time you get there you probably are in no risk of dying at all, but as it happens on PotD solo, you're always short on accuracy so I may take a while to take the dragon down. I realised that once you hit the soul-thing near the door and things start flying around, you can just go to the door and leave.
  13. I've done this on my solo runs. I'd kill bad visitors whenever I was around the stronghold. No negative impact at all, in fact I got some free coins from loot Sounds buggy, tho.
  14. This happened to me even before the first patch was launched. But I saw the whole thing. They approach saying something like they would kill you. They proceed to kill Serel immediately, once she is dead they proceed to attack me. Furthermore, this had happened in all of my playthroughs where I bought Serel's medalion.
  15. That's why I always make a backup save before I start playing and after a couple hours of gameplay. I know this won't fix anything now, but **** happens, you just gotta be prepared :D
  16. I'm running W7 Home Premium with an R9 290. I usually keep track of how my hardware responses to the things I use and I've noticed that getting into the game and alt+tabing back to my desktop still makes my GPU load to be the same as in game. Needless to say, this shouldn't happen and no other game is doing it. Just fire up the game, even in the main menu, just alt+tab out of the game, you'll see the gpu is still working. Is there any aditional info (logs or whatever) I could provide?
  17. It is a known bug that will hopefully be fixed in the upcoming patch :D https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/74917-bugged-wall-of-force/
  18. I'm close to finishing my TCS, being this one the last one left. What is funny is that when I shift+tab the game to see the Steam screen, I see the last achievement I got and the Backer's one right next to it. Under the backer's achievement it says "So close...". So, I don't think they're any intention on having that changed. Anyways, I don't really mind about that. I find that to be kinda silly, yes. But I don't really care. If I can get through with TCS, I would have beaten every challenge. The one left is just not one of them .
  19. Going back to #1 post. I ended up using Persistence 'cause of the DoT. I had a guy on my party taking benefits from it Also, as rangers can get really high accuracy, I crit'd a lot. And having a dude with 20 endurance left get hit by a blunderbuss was a waste of a time. I've found more productive having a decent bow with high attack speed than having massive damage with really really low frequency.
  20. <sarcasm> It is perfectly tied into the game! Didn't you see the awesome two alternative texts you get at the end? </sarcasm>
  21. If I were to play Rogue solo in PotD, I would totally ignore Riposte. To be honest, felt like a waste of a talent for me. Chances to Riposte are really low in my experience (ignoring the fact it is actually 20% of missed hits). You'll only get a few riposte once you outlevel the monster you're trying to kill, but even then, your riposte damage relies on accuracy vs deflection/reflex/whatever too. So, if you really really make an effort to boost your deflection high enough in orther to boost your riposte chances, you'll end up with low accuracy and probably missing most of them. For instance, shadows have something around 80~90 deflection (I think it was 85). By the time you fight'em, your accuracy will probably never be high enough to be sure that every riposte will hit them. In the end, 20% of missed hits will riposte and 20% of the ripostes will end up in hit on a non-trash monster. That's 0.04% chance of a missed hit to turn into a successful riposte hit and sounds like a waste of a talent to me.
  22. After some testing on my own. I second this. Kind of misleading.
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