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  1. Roxor is an IE fanboy stuck in the past, so this utterly negative review isn't surprising really, edgy for the sake of it while clearly trolling in certain parts (worst Obsidian game BS, "not D&D" options, abysmal writing bollocks), Codexian style more or less. That being said....despite the fact that he sounds like a butthurt grognard who was seemingly expecting BG3 which didn't happen, he is absolutely on point regarding various issues this game currently has...atributes, terrible and most of all boring itemization, stronghold being a shell of what it could/should be, talents, engage
  2. I agree, pathfinding is a major issue to the point where party members appear to be as dumb as bricks on certain occasions, i'm honestly surprised that this hasn't been addressed yet.
  3. More VO (not full, just more then we currently have) in the upcoming expansion or a sequel would be ok, i would genuinely be fine with that and if done right it would add more overall quality to the game while not costing a fortune, but the current game should remain as is, it's fine, there are bigger problems then VO at the moment.
  4. Smoke some good weed in order for the overall feeling of immersion to skyrocket, and reading won't be an issue at all. And seriously, enough with the voice acting already, i'm glad we've even gotten as much as is currently in the game.
  5. Excellent suggestions. However i am hoping that we won't have to wait for an expansion in order to get much needed Stronghold improvements, they should dedicate one of the future patches (1.6 perhaps?) solely to making this feature better. The stronghold needs to reach the level of NWN2 keep which was really, really good in my opinion.
  6. Ranger class in old IE games was far superior to what we currently have here, which is rather disappointing considering that i love said class.
  7. It's a shame that they weren't able to pull this off, it most certainly wouldn't have made the game worse, quite the opposite actually.
  8. Voice acting is good when it's done by professionals with a certain degree of quality, and those aren't cheap, when it's done by amateurs it's just dreadful, so no.
  9. Generally speaking the attribute system in this game needs a complete overhaul, Sawyer went out of his way trying to reinvent the wheel and came up short.
  10. I was kinda hoping that they would change their attribute design, which is bad quite frankly, and remove magical prowess from might. Also no stronghold improvements makes me sad, hopefully in the near future then...
  11. The point is not that there are critiques about objective elements of the game. The point is “game too easy” “game too hard” “can I haz gamez without battlez plz” “I can’t play this game if I can’t walk” “__________ (insert whatever you want here) breaks my IMMERRRRSHUUNNN” Yes, there are always trolls, on every board of every game in existence, especially in the RPG genre. That being said, i don't even go to threads such are the ones you have mentioned since those very titles reek of BS and my troll sensors start beeping immediately.
  12. Critique is good and most welcomed as far as i am concerned. I love this game but quite frankly it's far from perfect in it's current iteration, there are numerous things which can be ironed out, improved, balanced, and features which can be expanded upon since they aren't living up to their potential (stronghold for example is just an empty shell of a feature compared to what it could realistically be), not by any stretch. Also there are obvious issues with the AI, pathfinding, certain mechanics such is stealth for example, the need to constantly run in scout mode with speed turned up
  13. I was actually hoping that a possibility for finding a cure in order to help him would present itself somewhere down the road, a shame if that is not the case.
  14. I agree 100%. Stronghold is a feature with immense potential IMO, and said potential is nowhere near achieved just yet, it needs to be worked on and expanded upon since it would be a real sjame to leave it as is. NWN2 stronghold was really cool for example and it came from the same developers so it would be nice if we had a patch somewhere down the line which focuses solely on improving this.
  15. Why? Because this game's content should not be dictated by the loud and obnoxious twitter wankers with nothing better to do in their lives other then trying to shove their BS down other people's throats. We have an excellent, rich fantasy setting here, dark in tone which adds immensely to the overall quality of this fine RPG, so if they start pleasing the likes of that neo nazi, his "killallmen" buddy, the one who has a problem with killing children in fantasy RPG and the likes, we won't have the same quality game any longer. Little things like these are the reason why Fallout
  16. SJW's can sod off as far as i am concerned, if Obsidian caves to the outcry of twitter lunatics once more and anything else gets removed from this game i am done with it.
  17. If this is indeed true i am utterly disappointed. Censoring something that is not even offensive to begin with just because a handful of internet trolls decided to make a rant about it, is not the way to go. To shaft a 500$ backer who created a poem which was actually funny and fitted perfectly into this game's fantasy setting is mind boggling.
  18. I like the Stronghold considering that it has a lot of potential, quite frankly this feature was superb in NWN2. It just needs to be fleshed out and improved upon from its current incarnation in the upcoming patches and i really hope that will happen, it would be a real shame to leave it the way it is now.
  19. I respectfully disagree, both the spiritshift and spell casting should be powerful and viable options from start to finish, these are the Druids we are talking about after all. This needs fixing ASAP, it is either a bug or someone intentionally made it useless wrongfully thinking it would somehow "balance" things out in the mid/late game. Also the additional spiritshift form are nowhere to be found which is obviously an issue considering the previous developer comments. I'm seriously hoping that this class will be looked at for the upcoming patch release.
  20. I don't have a problem with them in any way, shape or form. Especially not with the absolutely awesome Firedorn Lightbringer, every time i see various internet wankers and SJW's attack this game and Obsidian over it, the Lightbringer's poem gets better and better. I am firmly against censorship especially when it's absolutely uncalled for, such is the case here, and IMO Obsidian shouldn't cave.
  21. Can you be successful with any other pet than a bear? No purely fragile buff pets either. Pretty much this, bear or bust. If nothing else then at least Ranger's pets are in need of some serious dev attention in order to be truly viable options.
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