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  1. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is a good choice. Then there is EARTHLOCK which is also good, but does has mixed reviews on Steam. I'm going to be picking up Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning (with all DLC), RAGE (with The Scorchers DLC), Prey and also EARTHLOCK (buying the Collector’s Edition Bundle). I'm planning to buy those sometime before the Steam Summer Sales ends.
  2. I also enjoyed playing the first part but never got to play the second or third parts, so when I saw ShadySands was giving away the Final Cut I thought why the heck not and asked for it. (I still love a lot of the games I own, even with there many problems and all.)
  3. Now I'm planning to play The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut sometime tonight. (I was given a Steam key for it from ShadySands.)
  4. Was close to 90 degrees outside today I hate this time of year.. but not the wife, me I been inside the house most of the day with my friend Mister Air Conditioning. Well wife got home from work and dragged my sorry ass onto our front porch so we could spent some quiet time together, ah it was not so bad outside, since we drunk homebrewed ice tea, ate ice cream and cuddled while watching the sunset together, afterwards she went to bed, me I stayed up watching tv and fell asleep on the sofa.
  5. Just picked up Earthlock (Extended Edition) on GOG, I been enjoying this a lot from I played of it so far. I also bought The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II, since I already own the first Trails of Cold Steel and I'm going to start Trails of Cold Steel II after I have finished Earthlock in a couple days.
  6. Epic game giveaway list man. Was going to buy The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut on GOG, but seen your giving away a copy of this game on Steam, I'll take that copy if you still have it please. EDIT: Thank you Sandy for the Steam key you give me. I was busy today but I will be spending some much needed time playing this tomorrow, once I get some sleep and have woken up sometime in the afternoon.
  7. So I just preordered Assassin's Creed Odyssey Ultimate Edition for my Xbox One on the Microsoft Store. I'm also planning to buy Odyssey for my PC to but that's only after the game's system requirements are revealed on the Uplay Store and also Steam. If this only runs on a windows 10 OS, I'll just pass and instead use my Xbox One copy of the game, since I'm still running good old windows 8.1 Pro and will not be upgrading my computer's operating system anytime soon unless I really have to. EDIT: Canceled my physical Xbox copy on Amazon and bought the digital Ultimate Edition on Microsoft Store instead.
  8. So far the games I'm most interested in are, - RAGE 2 - Metro: Exodus - Dying Light 2 - Call of Cthulhu - Dragon Quest XI - Cyberpunk 2077 - Yakuza 0 (PC Port) - Ghost of Tsushima - The Last of Us Part II - Resident Evil 2 Remake - Assassin's Creed: Odyssey - Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Tales of Vesperia: Remaster
  9. I would love to also have the option of picking a white wolf, brown/black bear and or black panther as a animal companion for my ranger.
  10. Yeah I too was looking for the option to hide the news, since the news feed is taking up half my screen at the movement. It seems the hide news option was removed in patch 1.1.
  11. If I really had to pick I would go with the below the 3 of these. All 3 Fallouts at number two I really can not choose between, so I picked them all for that spot. 1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. 2. Fallout 1, 2 and New Vegas. 3. Deus Ex: Human Revolution. (Honorable mentions go to Gothic 1 and 2, Jade Empire and Dragon Age: Origins. All which sadly did not make it on my top 3 list but I still love a lot.)
  12. I never did like visual novels, RTS strategy games or even MMO's. I'm more into the couple few genres below, when it comes to video games I enjoy most. - First Person Shooters. (For shooters I like Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light) - Action RPG's. (Titan Quest, Grim Dawn, Torchlight 2 and The Witcher series) - Party RPG's. (Dragon Age 1 & 3, Baldur's Gate 2 and Pillars of Eternity 1 & 2) - Racing. (Need for Speed Underground 1 & 2, and also 2005's Most Wanted) - Space Sims. (Freelancer, X Series, Rebel Galaxy and Starpoint Gemini 2)
  13. I started playing Sacred 2 Gold, with the Community Patch and Interface Skins Pack installed from Nexus Mods.
  14. I had tried to install Scared 2 Gold through GoG Galaxy and near the end around 98% done I been getting installation failed, so your not alone there. I know this thing was working right, since it had finished updating Deadfire yesterday.
  15. Since Steam was having a big sale on pc games I just thought I would quickly buy a few of them while the sales still on going. So today I picked up Deus Ex: Human Revolution (I did own it on Xbox 360) and also Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (did not have). Plus I got Iesabel, Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition and also Drakensang: The River of Time (with add on) while I was at it. Lastly I bought Exoplanet: First Contact on Green Man Gaming, which was -25% off but is still in Early Access. (It's a pretty fun Space Western themed game for the price I paid at $14.99.)
  16. While I wait patiently for Vampyr to hopefully release on June 5, I'm going to start Deus Ex: Human Revolution and then move on to Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, when I finally finish the first one game.
  17. So I preordered Vampyr on Steam today. I bought this it since I been mood for a good vampire themed game. I also bought Battle Chasers: Nightwar on GOG yesterday, then today I picked up Sacred Gold and Sacred 2 Gold.
  18. Have you played it much? I bought it during a sale a while ago, and the game crashes consistently after the second boss. I've tried everything I could find on the internet to fix it, but none of it worked. No I have not gotten to play Lords of the Fallen yet, instead I got hooked and have been playing Neverwinter Nights 2 for the last couple of days. Anyway I also been meaning to play Driftmoon and Dex, I just completely forgot that I had bought them while GOG was having a sale on May 12.
  19. The last games I bought are Lords of the Fallen (game of the year edition) on Steam. Plus Neverwinter Nights 2 Complete and also Seven: The Days Long Gone on GOG.
  20. Just bought Lords of the Fallen (game of the year edition) on Steam for $4.79, while it's still on sale since I always wanted to try it, this has piqued my interest from what I seen of gameplay videos of it on Youtube. Ah finally time to enjoy myself with this game for a couple of hours (at least hope the main story is somewhat good).
  21. ` Male, Human (Meadow Folk). Fighter (single class), subclassed as Unbroken. ´ Let me introduce Wyatt. Wyatt hails from The Deadfire Archipelago, were he worked as a mercenary. When in battle he fights using a battle axe and or long sword, paired with a shield. He's been known to be benevolent, diplomatic and passionate at times. Secretly Wyatt loves dogs.
  22. Single Class Fighter (subclassed as Unbroken). Main role being tanking. Time to make the enemy come to me.
  23. By far it has to be Ranger, but that's only when it's single classed. I know in a second playthrough, I'm planning to multi-class my Fighter as a Ranger. My dude may turn out to be like Aragorn from the Lords of the Rings, but the only difference being is a pet wolf follows him around.
  24. Heck yeah. I loved the first RAGE, so I'm very happy that there making a second one. This makes me want to revisit RAGE 1 and do a new playthrough, since it's been a few years since I played this last.
  25. I think I'm going to stay with just plan old 'The Defiant' for my first playthrough for my ship. My second playthrough the ship's name going to be changed to something with Caed Nua in it.
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