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  1. I'm hoping Sword Legacy Omen, releases on August 13. (I been looking forward to this pc game for a while.) Game's a whole new take on the King Arthur mythos. https://www.swordlegacy.com/?lang=en https://store.steampowered.com/app/690140/Sword_Legacy_Omen/
  2. Started up The Legend of Heroes - Trails of Cold Steel today, only to find out I had lost my end save (I wanted to use it for Trails of Cold Steel 2). Well it's time for me to start from the beginning again so I can create a new end save, plus this also helps me remember the main storyline, since I forgotten a lot that took place in the first Trails of Cold Steel. [QUICK UPDATE] : So I just finished up day one of Rean's first field study, now I'm starting day two of the field study. Hoping to get student rank A0 or at least close to that for Rean, when I finally complete the first Trails of Cold Steel.
  3. Well War Tech Fighters just left Early Access and was released today. I forgot had I even bought this, I had put it in my backlog of games since I was waiting for a full release of this. So I'm going to be giving WTF a try.
  4. So today I started up The Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel II again. I found everyone who went missing in Class VII now, I only have Jusis left to find yet. - UPDATE: 30 minutes ago I found Jusis, man oh man he was sure not making it easy to do so.. having me run in circles, but Class VII is now finally back together again. UPDATE 2: So I just finished up Act 1 and I'm now starting on Act 2.
  5. Just pre-ordered the Noble Edition of Pathfinder: Kingmaker on Steam. I'm also planning to buy the Season Pass for it but after the game's released.
  6. Pathfinder: Kingmaker looks like it will be enjoyable so I'm planning to pre-order it on Steam sometime in September. More then likely I'll be getting the Noble Edition, since it comes with a complete soundtrack of Kingmaker's in-game music and I always been a sucker for video game soundtracks. (Just not happy with having a time limit for each chapter but I'll get over it.)
  7. Favorite weapons are Duskfall, Watcher's Blade and Modwyr. (I always liked one handled swords.) But out of all 3 swords, when I found Modwyr (soulbound sword) and learned she could talk, I quickly fell in love with her. I been using her as my Watcher's primary weapon.
  8. I have a few figurines still in my inventory I just never remember to use them. I really should have used maybe one or two, since most of my tougher battles I gotten myself into, would of been made a lot easier.
  9. Just preordered Shadows: Awakening on Steam, since they it 15% off there. (With that you also get instant beta access for the game, digital soundtrack, artbook and 3 bonus armor sets for free if you have preordered.) UPDATE: Been thinking and refunded Shadows: Awakening on GOG and bought it then on Steam instead.
  10. I being using both Steam and GOG a lot lately. (That's mainly do to both sites regularly having discounts on games.)
  11. Just started a playthrough of Homefront: The Revolution (Sandy give me a Stream key for this). I been wanting to play this game for a good while, since I loved the first Homefront. It really does not matter to me that this reboot has mixed reviews on Steam, I'm still going to try it and plan to play this and finish it's single player campaign. Weapons I'm mainly using are, - Silenced SMG. - Light Machine Gun. - Bolt Action Rifle. UPDATE: Plan to buy The Wing Skull Pack since I like the skins for the motorbike and your pistol. If the main game's story campaign is any good I think I'll even pick up the expansion pass to go with this. Which has all 3 DLC campaigns included in it. (I mainly want this pass solely for the Beyond the Walls story DLC, but getting the other two DLC's along with it are just a added bonus for that price.) UPDATE 2 AND 3: The Wing Skull Pack has just been bought today. The only issue I had so far, is sometimes the ingame shadows will flicker. This only seems to happen when night-time has come or when I'm in the resistance's subway HQ. From what I saw in one Youtube video, I now know I'm not the only one who is being effected by this bug, since this shadow flickering is showing up in there game also. Other then this the game has been running great for me. Using high graphic settings, with a i5-6600K (3.50 GHz) cpu, GTX 1060 6GB Card, 16GB of Ram and Win 8.1. 64 bit OS.
  12. I preordered Kingdom Come: Deliverance a few days before it's release, played it at launch but then lost interest in it only after just a few days of playing it. I really should give this game another try and start a new playthrough. (Since there is no new games releasing soon to grab my interest and pull me in different directions.)
  13. Like omgFIREBALLS said the talking sword is found in the ruined old city under The Gullet (in the city of Neketaka). I still love Modwyr (talking sword) but sometimes I just wish she will shut up with her laughter while we're in combat.
  14. My top picked places to visit would be Vailian Republics, Ixamitl Plains and or The Living Lands.
  15. I say wait for the Beast of Winter DLC to release, it shouldn't be too long now. (Currently waiting on a third playthrough with my Unbroken Fighter I started.)
  16. I'm hoping they add a few new class abilities and also maybe increase the level cap while there at it.
  17. While they were still on sale I grabbed Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth, Prey and Earthlock (also bought the soundtrack and comic book).
  18. I grabbed Prey while it was still on sale for $15, I just have to now found the time to play it, since I'm in the middle of a second playthrough for The Witcher 3 (third time through I'm going to be doing new game plus mode) and I also have just started The Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel II.
  19. While the Steam Summer Sale was still happening, I just got Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth. Big thank you to Katphood for reminding me of this game since I had forgetting about it.
  20. I can not wait for below games that are coming out in the near future like, • Rage 2 • Greedfall • Wasteland 3 • Deadfire DLC • Call of Cthulhu • Banner Saga 3 • Cyberpunk 2077 • Pathfinder: Kingmaker • Resident Evil 2 Remake • Tales of Vesperia (on pc) • Red Dead Redemption 2 • Assassin's Creed: Odyssey (Wish they would make a Neverwinter Nights 3.)
  21. I'm almost done with act one in The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing Final Cut, so far I been having a blast playing it. I been using a gunslinger build (Picked the Bounty Hunter class at the game's beginning). Quick thank you to ShadySands for giving me this game. UPDATE ONE: I just finished up act 1, now for act 2. UPDATE TWO: Act 2 is done and am starting act 3. Ok just one more act to go, then I'm finished with this game. May take a break for a day or two before I start act 3.
  22. So today I finally bought Prey along with EARTHLOCK Collector’s Edition on Steam. Since I got Eschalon: Book 1 for free on GOG, I then decided to buy Eschalon: Book 2 and 3 on there, that way I would have all 3 together in my GOG library. I think it was a pretty good deal since GOG has this Weekly Sale going on and both Eschalon: Book 2 and 3 were included.
  23. Took a chance and bought Waste Walkers : Prepper's Edition on Steam. (Then grabbed the Survivor Pack, Deliverance and Subsistence DLCs to go along with Waste Walkers).
  24. My main party's made up of, - MC (Unbroken) - Eder (Fighter) - Maia (Scout) - Xoti (Priest) - Aloth (Wizard) Alternative party's made up of, - MC (Unbroken) - Pallegina (Herald) - Maia (Scout) - Xoti (Priest) - Serafen (Cipher)
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