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  1. While the Steam sale is still going I bought ; Cosmic Star Heroine, Echoes of Aetheria Collector's Edition, both KOTOR 1 and 2, Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition, Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear and Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition 2.
  2. Since a couple games on GMG where currently on VIP sale. I ended up buying FINAL FANTASY IX, Chrono Trigger, the Titan Quest: Atlantis expansion and also Blackguards: Untold Legends (older DLC). Then afterwards just to support the developers who created ATOM RPG. I bought the ATOM RPG - Supporter Pack (new DLC) on Steam today.
  3. I just started a playthrough of Shadowrun Dragonfall - Director's Cut, I'm using a Street Samurai build (I picked ranged combat, rifles, throwing for grenades and lastly charisma). I'm also going to play Shadowrun: Hong Kong - Extended Edition next but that's after I finish up Dragonfall. Grabbed both games from the Steam sale today.
  4. Now that I beat ATOM RPG and am doing a second playthrough, I think I will start playing Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition again. I had put it and Seven: Enhanced Edition both on the back burner to finish ATOM RPG after the new 1.1 Dead City update for it came out. As for Seven: Enhanced Edition, I'll going to try and finish this sooner or later hopefully. The new Enhanced Edition still has a lot of problems that need to be fixed. (Like the game's inventory system still being too hard to use. Plus there are still way too many npc's who are getting stuck in doorways and on things while in the middle of walking.)
  5. Went back to playing Atom RPG, since it just was updated to 1.1. Which includes 20 brand new side quests, along with 20 more locations added to the Dead City. Also new non-player characters. Plus what I was looking forward to most, several new random encounters (man I really do enjoy them). I have been playing this game for almost 131 hours, doing side quests, killing things, leveling my people up, finding new gear to use and I been enjoying ever hour of this. People on Steam have been saying the game's main story-line is pretty short but I don't think so, I can see myself replaying this game a heck of a lot, since I'm having so much fun.
  6. I already own Kingdom Come: Deliverance. So I bought the Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Royal DLC Package. Now I'm pretty happy that I have all 5 of the DLCs, I been waiting for play then for a good while.
  7. Nox. Freelancer. Anachronox. Psychonauts. Divine Divinity. Fallout 1 and 2. Baldur's Gate 1 and 2. Tomb Raider. (1996) Tomb Raider II. (1997) Tomb Raider III. (1998) Septerra Core: Legacy of the Creator. Arcanum: of Steamworks and Magick Obscura. (Above are on the pc, there also the ones I spent most of my time playing.)
  8. Today I bought Final Fantasy XII - The Zodiac Age on Green Man Gaming (from VIP sale). I sadly missed my chance when this was on sale last time, so now this time I grabbed it.
  9. NEW UPDATE: Well I was loving A Plague Tale Innocence but that was right up till the third major boss fight, which had stopped me cold in my tracks, Man I just could not win this fight for the life of me. This boss fight took place in I think it was chapter 15, out of a total of 17 chapters. Ah after my 8 try beat to him I give up and went back to playing RAGE 2 for the time being. I'll get back to finally beating this boss fight sooner or later, or I may just watch the last two chapters in a walk-through on Youtube to found out how the game ends, this is more then likely what I'll do anyway. I also just started a playthrough of Titan Quest Anniversary Edition with the Ragnarok expansion. I'm putting off doing the Atlantis expansion till a few more updates are added on Steam for it.
  10. I bought A Plague Tale Innocence on Green Man Gaming, since it was on VIP sale. At the same time I also bought The Coats of Arms DLC on Steam to go with it (I mainly did this cause I liked one of the outfits and coat of arms pack). After that I grabbed the standard edition of RAGE 2 on Green Man Gaming, since it was also on VIP sale (was given a key to redeem on Bethesda.net). - Currently planning to get the first expansion, Rise of the Ghosts in August and then after that, the second as of yet unknown expansion sometime later down the line.
  11. Right now I been playing A Plague Tale Innocence and also Rage 2, but I have been enjoying A Plague Tale Innocence a lot more (I guess this has a lot to do with where the game takes place and whats going on at the time, France and The Black Death).
  12. I just bought Edge Of Eternity, along with the War Nekaroo DLC skin (it's a giant cat). That way I can support the development of this game a little more. Game's is still in Early Access, but has been constantly getting patched with new updates weekly and sometimes daily.
  13. I'm working on finishing chapter one of Edge Of Eternity (I'm pretty close to it), so I can start chapter two and then wait on chapter 3 to release sometime in the spring of this year (but that's what Midgar Studio has been saying on Steam's forums anyway, spring 2019). Been enjoying the game so far, it's been a blast to play.
  14. I started a new play-through for Grim Dawn. I choose Soldier and Oathkeeper as my two classes (Warlord). As for my build, I went with sword and shield. I'm around level 23 or so, I'm hoping to hit level 30 next. After 4 retries I finally beat The Warden (Boss) in Act One, what a pain in the butt he was. I'm currently playing on normal mode, my next play-through is going to be on veteran mode, then maybe elite after that (if I feel like it that is).
  15. I just bought Grim Dawn's Ashes of Malmouth and Forgotten Gods expansions, plus the Crucible and Loyalist Upgrade DLCs on GOG. (To go with the Grim Dawn base game I already owned.)
  16. Now that the Enhanced Edition is out for Seven: The Days Long Gone, I'm starting a new playthrough. Hoping it's as bug free as they say it will be, since that was what ruined my first playthrough for me.
  17. I just pre-ordered RAGE 2, the deluxe edition on the Microsoft / Xbox One Store. I love RAGE 1, so I can't wait till May 14 for RAGE 2.
  18. Also bought the normal version of Red Dead Redemption 2 for my Xbox One on Amazon.com. Just had to wait patiently for it to finally show up in the mail today.
  19. Just bought DRAGON QUEST XI Echoes of an Elusive Age on Steam, since it was on sale for 50% off. Now I own it on both Xbox One and PC.
  20. I'll be buying the PC version day one as soon as it releases. I'll also planning to get the deluxe edition on Steam, if they give us this option.
  21. Bought Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition on Green Man Gaming since it was still on sale (VIP Area). I now really want to play it after watching a few reviews about it on Youtube.
  22. Also just bought Bound By Flame and The Technomancer, since they were both on sale. From Green Man Gaming's, It's Pay Day Special. I really enjoyed Mars: War Logs, so I can not wait to play The Technomancer, but that's after I beat Resident Evil 2 and Bound By Flame first.
  23. I pre-ordered the normal digital version of Metro Exodus on the Microsoft / Xbox One Store. I'm also planning to get the season pass for Metro Exodus too, but that's after we learn more of about what comes included in it. UPATE: So today I canceled my digital copy of Metro Exodus and am waiting to buy this in the next few months, but I did end up buying Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition on Green Man Gaming to hold me over till then.
  24. I been playing through ATOM RPG, now that it's out of early access. Reached level 13 with a melee focused build. My play time is going on 73 hours and I finally found the dog that can join your party, now I just have to work on quickly leveling him up from well level one to my level, 13 or close to it 8 or so. I'm also pretty happy that I found all 3 pieces of dog body armor for him (his head, neck and torso). This game, ATOM RPG reminds me a lot of Fallout 1 and 2 (but it's set in Russia) and I love Fallout 1 and 2. There is also no energy weapons that I found so far but I'm ok with that.
  25. At the moment I'm starting a new play-through of Rise of the Tomb Raider. Sooner or later I'll get to play SOMA which I got for free on GOG.
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