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  1. Ah Darkside won't mean bully anymore... good.
  2. Fundamentalism, Crusades, Palestinians and Israelis, Zionism. Religion causes stupidity. War will always happen. Religion just makes it more frequent.
  3. Religion is not a scapegoat. It is the cause for wars. People fight and kill for beliefs others don't care about.
  4. VII was crap?... ehhh... to each his own I guess. VIII had potential, but the gameplay was very problematic. I didn't like the magic system, they should've left it alone. The story was pretty damn good, but towards the end, it became lacking.
  5. X is good, but the main character was flawed. I couldn't stand being him. The story is ok, I guess. It's just that it wasn't as "epic" as I thought it would be.
  6. Nobou Uematsu sure knows how to raise the atmosphere in a game Yes, yes he does. FFVII was the only Final Fantasy game that I've actually liked in a while. VIII, IX, X, and X-2 were very bad.
  7. Yes, the game strongly implied that it was in Coruscant.
  8. Yea, goggles/masks tend to take up parts of your face so, that's that.
  9. Besides, anyone who frequented the Bioware forums at the time were spoiled by the asses who gave the secret away without warning.
  10. oOo0o0oOo I was being off-topic just a tad bit.
  11. Better orchestrated music for the end battle. Best end fight music in RPG's so far, imo. || || \/ One Winged Angel - FFVII
  12. ...or A Job (Important) Then: Ati Radeon 9800 XT 1000+ DDR Ram 200+ GB HD 21 inch Monitor 3.4 GHZ AMD Athlon KOTOR 1 and KOTOR 2 (soon)
  13. That was already pointed out numerous times.
  14. Well of course you're gonna be able to create you're own character. There most likely would be more character settings, but you'll still be human.
  15. They probably turned it off. You can turn off the flying numbers in KOTOR 1, as well.
  16. That's probably an old vid considering how the sith still have their crappy KOTOR 1 robes. Check these out. Your PC actually hits the enemy. http://www.xblgamers.com/E3/KotOR2/
  17. I have a small brown spider living in my basement. I live in New York though, so I doubt it's a recluse. I leave it alone for the most part, mainly because it catches all those annoying moths in the summer.
  18. I hated how you ended up with so many lightsabers in the end. It devalues the lightsaber.
  19. Christmas... Man, I'll probably get the game by release (PC version), but I may still be too busy playing Halo 2 online.
  20. I always thought the "D" was silent and it was pronounced "soon."
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