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  1. Why does everyone hate the lightsaber that Maul had?
  2. I don't see what is wrong with having the ability to ignite one side of the saber. Sith lightsaber > Lightstaff BTW, why are we calling it a staff? It isn't even a staff....
  3. You mean mitochondria? Nothing like cellular respiration!
  4. Yes, I see your point. I am not against gays in anyway, but in today's society, why do we always have to force anything into everything?
  5. Only the black robes looks good. Unless you have the PC version and mod the game so you can have the real Revan robes and mask.
  6. Isn't that guy Asian? Anyway, the bald Asian guy definitely is the most fitting.
  7. I bought the XBOX version because it came out first. Well, obviously, I'm going to get get the PC version now that there aren't any advantages for the inferior version. Hope my 9800 pro works just fine by Feb.
  8. The game isn't "revolutionary," most definitely not, but it is still a kick ass game. I'm starting to think people hate Halo just because it is overly praised.
  9. Halo a sub par, overrated console fps? Err... I strongly disagree. I have the PC version and it is a very good game. Want to know what is overrated? Counter Strike.
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