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  1. No, no, no... If you did some research, you would know that is false. We use our brains completely. You learn this in high school, why don't people know this?
  2. A KOTOR game with the Jade Empire engine would be nice.
  3. Why no Star Forge robes? I mean, you used the same engine, might as well use every item there was from the first.
  4. The exile should come back as the new Nihilus(DS)... or as one of the few remaining Jedi Knights to aid Revan.(LS) He's a wound in the force, he has the potential to kill the force, thus his story should not be over yet. Since he has no real name/gender, he may still be used in future games.
  5. Exactly, cause palpatine calls Darth Vader, Lord Vader on a few occasions. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> There you have it.
  6. Some pics would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Blah I don't exactly remember who said what. Regardless, all darths are lords. Even Jedi Masters would call them lords, because it's their title. Darth and Lord are interchangeable.
  8. Meh It really shows how unimportant playing as the Exile is. An appearance in Kotor 3 wouldn't suffice, because he doesn't have a mask. Can't he at least become the new Nihilus if you played darkside?
  9. How is the exiles story finished? He can bring death upon the force and can become as powerful as Nihilus. (Feeding off the force from entire worlds) Lightside exile doesn't have much future.
  10. Actually Palpatine didnt die... until later... Palpatine <{POST_SNAPBACK}> But that was EU. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> So was KotOR. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I never doubted that. I separate the movies from the books/games/comics and whatnot.
  11. Actually Palpatine didnt die... until later... Palpatine <{POST_SNAPBACK}> But that was EU.
  12. So if I killed her in the end, does that mean I died? This is pretty much the only thing I did not completely understand.
  13. I don't know how it's cheating when there is no gain. I just wanted to try it out. There are no advantages, in fact, it seems like you become weaker. It's just something to try out if you want to spend time so you can get many force powers.
  14. So does everyone else. It's a title, he's a lord. Sion isn't his follower.
  15. Palpy let the rebel hippies blow up his Death Star twice.
  16. He looks cool when darkside. A Maul fan service, but cool looking nonetheless.
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