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  1. I hated taking G0T0 with me. I hated his character and the fact that the only reason he sent bounty hunters after me was to save the republic ... geez
  2. Wow how is it cheating? It's not like everything gets decimated, it actually just made it a bit boring. It felt like I was doing more damage in earlier levels.
  3. Yes it's definitely poinltess. You won't be a god either way.
  4. Wow... you were way too lost. Did you play the first one at all?
  5. How is he not the leader? LORD Nihilis DARTH Sion Lord is higher than Darth. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> um darth = dark lord of the sith
  6. I stopped reading when you made it seem like the only ending in KOTOR 2 was light.
  7. It would've been nice if he spoke english/basic.
  8. Yea, but tolerance is also a factor.
  9. Yea, it''s great that you compare those two pictures. One big pic, the other one small. I know it really isn't Bastila.
  10. Maybe bad things still happen even if you go LS. In ESB, Luke, the protagonist, was a LS person but crap still happened to him and his friends.
  11. Yes, it is the Xbox interface. It doesn't seem to bother people though.
  12. There aren't any penalties for the "saber staff," so it's overpowered.
  13. The "saber staff" (I hate that name) should also have the ability to ignite only one side of the saber.
  14. Yes, we know a darksaber is impossible. Blah blah blah I was merely giving a link to those who want one for KOTOR.
  15. You want to use "darksabers" in KOTOR? Well check this out. Scroll all the way down.
  16. The people who bought the GTA games don't care. I guess they're all stupid.
  17. I never noticed a difference. PC version = XBOX version (Gameplay wise)
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