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  1. Why do you care so much for how powerful they are. It is based on the D20 system but that doesnt mean it's universal. It's not like Revan is gonna be in your little PnP game. It's a damn videogame that still has to appeal to the masses.
  2. Halo online for the PC. Gearbox released a "Custom Edition" Halo so you can play custom maps and whatnot. Yea, Halo 2 looks really good.
  3. There you go. Now, I'm gonna go and play some Halo CE.
  4. They never explained. They left it to your imagination or for other author's to make a story out of.
  5. KOTOR story > Prequels story I don't care for total freedom, as long as there's a good story and has the basic mechanics of a game.
  6. Great You brought back an old thread.
  7. I loved the mysterious box. I was like "wtf" when I used it.
  8. Luke does defeat Vader, either way.
  9. Regardless, religion does cause stupidity. Some religions aren't so bad, but most need to work on their problems. Well, the matter of fact is, people don't simply find other reasons to fight.
  10. KOTOR has some decent mods. Check here for details.
  11. Butt. <_< I should choose my words more precisely.
  12. ? I don't recall saying it didn't need a motive, obstacles, or a resolution. A twist isn't necessary, but there still may be one, minor or grand, as I said.
  13. Hehe. Total freedom in an RPG isn't necessary. I treat certain RPG's like a book. I'll go with the story and see what I can do with it using my imagination. Hades_One expects nothing so he can create something out of it. Go play Morrowind you crazy bastard.
  14. What kind of story doesn't have a twist? Minor or grand, there must be one.
  15. Nah He'd still want to fight to the death.
  16. PC > Any console. This will always be true.
  17. I can't believe most of the retards back then understood what Shakespeare said. Now, it's considered intelligent. Geez.
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